Tuesday Trunk Pulls



I’m late in anointing a new Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month.  I’ll get to it, but in the mean time, let me dedicate this edition of Tuesday Trunk Pulls to the still reigning HWOTM, for the moment, the living legend himself, Brad Rochelle.  Trunk pulls get my juices flowing a little faster, particularly when the pull-ee is a hunk with sculpted muscles, boyish innocence, and a telegraphed unlikeliness to venture into the deep end of homoerotic wrestling, where gear gets stripped entirely.  The trunk pull teases and titillates, tempting with a glimpse or even just a hint of the beauty beneath the trunks, a treasure that possibly no one may get their hands on in the ring, but nevertheless inspires boundless hopes and fantasies.  I think there may be no better ambassador for the power of the trunk pull than epic babyface beauty, Brad Rochelle.  In order of his appearances, here are the trunk pulls (delivered and received) of a storied, inspiring career in homoerotic wrestling…

Mikey Vee delivers a stunning scene of displaying Brad’s power and beauty at the moment of being broken, demonstrating that those trunks do come off, even if not within the view of the camera in Fantasymen 17.
The very next catalog in which Brad appeared displayed another brutal, beautiful muscle heel, Dante Rosetti, prying Brad’s body out of the corner with a gorgeous trunk pull in order to pound him back again in Hunkbash 5.
Brad’s next visit to Hunkbash town (Hunkbash 6) saw his hot, muscled arms trapped in the ropes, giving Joe Mazetti unrestricted access to pound the shit out of Brad’s sculpted abs once more. For better leverage on those blows, Joe yanks on the trunks, stretching the fabric taunt over the contours of Brad’s cock and balls.


When Brad found himself beholden to a patently exploitative employment contract with the Boss, the theme of exploiting Brad’s fantasyman body in endless variations of torture and humiliation led, inevitably, to more violent tugs on his innocent-white gear, such as when Aryx Quinn exposed Brad’s cheeks while tossing him back inside the ring in Contract 3.
Thankfully not content with a rear trunk pull, Aryx lined Brad up nice and square with the camera and yanked hard on the front of the babyface’s trunks, giving us what, as far as I can tell, is the only appearance of Brad’s cock in a wrestling match… to date….
The brutal demands of The Contract began to take a toll on the infinitely earnest beautiful baby face, leading him to lash out with occasionally underhanded and sadistically humiliating moments of his own, such as Brad’s first trunk pull delivered on Cameron Matthews in Contract 5.
At the first sign that Brad was being provoked to lash out against the confines of sportsmanship, The Boss was back in the ring to pound the prettyboy back into submission, exposing Brad’s gorgeous, alabaster cheeks with a nasty, wedgie-inducing trunk pull with a hair pull chaser in Contract 5.

Once Brad turned full on heel in Contract 6, all hell broke loose at BGE the moment that The Boss was out of town. Brad began doling out heaping helpings of the brutality and humiliation he’d suffered for so many years, such as exposing Jed Jamison’s cheeks with a Boss-inspired trunk pull/hair pull combination in Contract 8.
Brad seemingly couldn’t get his fingers dug into the gear of his opponent’s fast enough, next working out his frustrations by nearly ripping Braden’s Charron’s briefs apart with a prostate-tickling trunk pull from behind in Contract 8.
By Contract 9, Brad clearly had a taste for straining the seams of his hapless opponent’s gear. He literally rips a hole in Steven Thomas’ brutalized trunks, paying forward the humiliating, nasty treatment his gorgeous physique (and gear) had sucked up for so long.
In the climactic Contract 10, The Boss took matters into his own hands once again, determined to send the most vaunted jobber in a generation back where he “belongs” while simultaneously demonstrating that Brad’s sweet cheeks never looked sweeter.
Proving just how sweet those cheeks are, Brad shows the truest sign of class by letting the wedgie ride, turning the tables on The Boss, and making Kid Leopard himself plant his submissive lips on Brad’s trunk-pulled ass (oh, please, Br’er Fox, don’t throw me in that briar patch!)

Of course, Brad fans and homoerotic wrestling sleuths discovered long ago that, although Brad has never bared all in the ring… yet…. he was featured as a “real man of the month” in Playgirl where he proved that every inch we’ve never seen was just as pretty as every inch we had.

From Playgirl’s Real Man of the Month to neverland’s Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month, Brad Rochelle demonstrates there’s treasure to be found in a trunk pull!

Intimate Impact

Pro-style wrestling, when done well, is all about pacing. I love me some long-held torturous holds where a poor battler has the life squeezed out of him inch by inch. Still, sometimes I’m in the mood to seem someone slammed to the ground… hard. While I enjoy watching a man scream in pain while his joints are slowly ripped apart, today I’m more in the mood to watch a cocky musclehead get shut up by a body slam. I can think of a few people who deserve a silencing pounding from six feet off the ground. I think of the body slam like the exclamation point at the end of the sentence, “Fuck you!” That’s the sentiment I’m going for today (not necessarily you personally… unless you deserve it…).

The body slam is fast and blunt, when it satisfies. Today I’m hot for a stud snatched off his feet and immediately driven into the mat hard. Brad Rochelle is 100% golden when he’s suffering, but note his superhuman body awareness. In the split second before his ass is pounded to the mat, Brad’s hand darts out and clutches at Jed Jamison’s crotch dangling tantalizingly in front of Brad’s face…. a master at work….
This amazingly muscled hardbody in jeans slamming the bruiser in trunks (via Wrestling Arsenal) is exactly working for me on so many levels. The street-clothed stud ripping off his shirt and diving under the ropes to take on the wrestler in his natural habitat tweaks several of my kinks. His fierce hold on the dude’s trunks, looking like he’s about to rip them off his helpless projectile, tells a nice story of ferocity and presence. Blue jeans-boy is intent on controlling his victim and delivering precisely the dose of pain that he has coming to him. Whatever he did, I instantly believe that trunks-boy deserved it in spades.
Jaxx O’Doul setting up the stunningly skilled BG East babyface jobber, Cameron Matthews, connects the dots between impact and intimacy. First of all, have you SEEN Cameron’s ass? I frankly can’t quite understand how his opponent’s can restrain themselves from commenting on it all the time (or at least staring for a good long time). In this pic, Jaxx has somewhat demurely cupped Cameron’s ample left cheek in his hand, suggesting that he’s self-consciously avoiding really digging in his fingertips for a good solid grip. His carefully avoiding sinking his claws into Cameron’s glute only goes to show that Jaxx is just as keenly aware of Cameron’s #1 asset as I am. Going out his way to avoid a serious grab of that booty is Jaxx’s tell that he’s absolutely taken note of the booty-in-question. Cameron, for his part, is selling like an Amway Double Diamond, looking awed, frightened, and already in the throes of anticipatory suffering. Cameron’s all business, so I doubt that he’s intending to dig his pinky underneath Jaxx’s trunks, directly overtop of his cock, but nevertheless, that’s exactly what ends up happening. Regardless what Jaxx and Cameron’s intentions are, they illustrate that a body slam just can’t help be both brutal and intimate.
When bodybuilder Ted Shipp scooped up sadist Beau Hopkins in Canadian Musclehunk Wrestling 6, he had one thing in mind. Look at his eyes, and you can just tell. Ted has just a little bit of a crazed ecstasy in his eyes as he swings Beau’s hips high over his shoulder in preparation for driving him to the canvas. Ted is clearly feeling the kink that I’m all about today. Turn that cocky muscleboy into your plaything, Ted! Dangle him helplessly in the air with your rocking body tensed and gorgeous. Sure, let him plant his left hand across your rock hard quad. Indulge him for that split second. Because once you’ve pounded his ass to ground, you’ll have a few moments of peace and quiet from that bastard’s constant, cocky banter. Shut him up hard and commandingly!
Clearly I’m working out some of my own frustrations with my lustful read of the wrestling body slam. There are some overconfident ass holes I know who are crying out for a silencing pounding. But of course in between the lines of every lustful desire for a delivery of pain is the profound intimacy of that moment. The exchange of power and powerlessness, anticipation and consummation, and fear and agony is 100% sexual domination, as least as I read the text. Denny Cartier’s line of sight and right hand here are writing the story. Being owned by the giant-boy Joe Robbins has got to be a helpless, frightening, agonizing experience. Giving up over a half a foot and 80 pounds (!!!), Denny is caught in that instant of dreading the shock of being driven to his back from 6 feet off the ground. He’s captured and helpless, and Denny (a swiftly rising stock in my estimation) can’t help himself but be fixated, biting his lower lip in concentration, and instinctively reaching toward Joe’s package.

Brutality and intimacy. Brutality as intimacy. Fear and agony as the flip side of the lustful ecstasy coin. That’s the currency I’m looking for today. Ready to pay up?