Where You Going, Big Boy?

Jimmy “Shaggy” Reilly (l) versus Kevin Harris (r)

I mentioned recently that my cue of wrestling matches to watch is extremely long, but I am throwing myself enthusiastically into sucking down each and every one of them. Some of them, mind you, slow the project up because I keep pushing pause, rewind, replay. Over at Movimus, that’s my problem with every camera angle that I see that includes 6’2″, 200 pound, 25  year old Kevin Harris.

Jimmy Reilly tries to make muscle hunk Kevin Harris a little less pretty. He doesn’t succeed.

I haven’t seen the first time they met, but when I came across the rematch between Kevin and “Shaggy” Jimmy Reilly recently, I was hypnotized by Kevin’s phenomenal thighs and incredibly hot ass. His very brief navy blue speedo is fit so snugly it looks like it’s painted on.  When he stretches pre-match, and especially when he flexes those meaty quads during the scrap, it’s breathtaking!

Hot hunk Jimmy is repeatedly swarmed by Kevin’s commanding offense and massive muscles.

I mean, literally breathtaking.  I’ve written before how much Shaggy here turns me on, but completing the scene with him panicked and pained, trying to decide if Kevin’s scissors will do permanent internal damage (or fucking cut him right in half!) drips with pathos.

Get used to this, Shaggy.

When Kevin snaps those knees around Shaggy’s head, pinning the boy to his back and burying his entire face deep between the smothering, thick cuts of meat that are his upper thighs, I’m reduced to tears. This fratboy monster should surely be able to retire early if he just charges what it would be worth for homoerotic wrestling fans to take that ride! He leans forward, resting the weight of his upper body, his forehead pressing painfully into Shaggy’s hot core as his trapped prey grunts desperately, struggling with the humiliation and pain. Especially the humiliation.

Kevin reads my mind. Jimmy makes me intensely jealous.

Then as if reading my mind, Kevin slips open his knees just enough to slide Jimmy’s head higher up between his thighs, locking his ankles together as he rolls to the side and forces Shaggy to take a long, hard, close-up view at the epic ass.  When Shaggy squirms, the panic starting to rise, Kevin seals the deal for me by taunting him.  “Where you going big boy? Where you going?”

“Where you going, big boy?”

Joe has reviewed this match already, so consult his fine words for a more timely assessment of the anatomy, anatomies and allures of this Movimus rematch. Now that I’m binge watching through my wrestling cue, though, I just wanted to say that if you weren’t convinced by my colleague’s encouragement to check out the trailer for this match, I’m piling on to say that Kevin Harris’ supremely confident attitude, his outmuscling of Shaggy, his juicy taunts, and most of all those outrageously sexy thighs and glutes deserve your consideration.  Now let’s get this sexy brute into a wrestling ring with a pro who can teach him lessons he’s sure he doesn’t need to learn!

Not yet, you gotta try a little harder


Clearly there’s something in the air, because I was sitting back and soaking in Movimus’ match between Brock Hammer and Jimmy Reilly moments before I saw Joe at Ringside at Skull Island AND SP at Inner Jobber review this match.  Both Joe and SP cover the bases beautifully. Typically, Joe and I have nearly identical takes on most of the matches we discuss, but this time around I’m  with SP in being decisively on a different page with Joe on one count, at least: whereas Joe finds “a talker and a taunter on the mats” not his favorite traits, I, on the other hand, am wildly turned on by it!


The talker and taunter in question is humungous, hairy, beary beauty Brock Hammer. 6’2″ and 215 pounds may be accurate, but it hardly begins to describe the presence that this mass of beef brings with him to the mats.  He largely owns lovely, hard as granite Jimmy Reilly in this nonetheless highly competitive match, but it’s HOW he owns the bodybuilding beauty that’s so provocative. “Not yet, you gotta try a little harder!” big Brock coos, almost seductively even as he’s crushing Jimmy’s upper torso between his incredibly sexy, hairy, massive thighs. It’s taunting, no question, about it.  It’s cocky and condescending, and that’s definitely some of my favorite traits on the mats.  But there’s something subtle underneath the trash talk and taunts that’s beautifully intimate and comes across as “real.” Brock doesn’t want Jimmy to submit too soon.  He wants him to put up a fight, to stave off panic, to endure the suffering in order to make a play for counter.  Brock wants to be tested.  He wants his own adrenaline pump that comes from having a 195 pound rock hard bodybuilder turn the tables and put some hurt on the mountain of beautiful that Brock is.


Jimmy is, as Joe points out, a vision of gorgeous, athletic, incredibly conditioned beauty.  The unruly mop of hair and wispy goatee give the powerful kid something of a D’Artagnan feel about him, like you’d see this intense, focused hunk swinging a rapier and monologuing about loyalty and justice. But there’s nothing below the neck that brings to mind “delicate” on Jimmy Reilly.  The stud is incredibly built. Check out Joe’s apt admiration of lovely Jimmy in body and spirit for the prose that do him justice. For my part, let me just say that watching his alabaster bulges flush dark red with an intense pump of blood adrenaline-fueled by a  what-the-fuck-have-I-gotten-myself-into panic as massive Brock crushes and tames him, is incredibly hot.


Highlights from this mat match for me include watching Brock hoist all 195 pounds of bodybuilder Jimmy off this feet, cradling the rock hard muscleman as if he were a child.  When he flips the shaggy headed hunk upside down and holds him there, suspended in mid-air, Jimmy’s face staring at nothing but the huge, floral package in front of him, I’m entirely sold on this drama.


One of my other favorite moments is watching Brock strain, his olive complexion turning a beet red as he grits his teeth and endures Jimmy’s bodybuilder thighs crushing his kidneys.  Stunningly, Brock locks his hands around Jimmy’s little waist and rises up off his knees, lifting Jimmy (gasping in shock) off the mat, spinning around, and then slamming the shit out of that broad, bulging, beautiful bodybuilder back.


Finally, as much as I love beefy, cocky, gorgeous Brock toying and taunting his prey, Jimmy’s one go at milking a submission out of the stud puts me way, way over the top.  They’ve traded head scissors back and forth, wailing and fighting their way free back and forth, both hot bodies writhing and flexing and struggling.  But when Jimmy locks on those headscissors and then slowly, beautifully straightens his knees and laces his ankles together, there’s an intense moment where I think for just a second that big Brock’s head just might pop right off his neck.  Jimmy making the massive beast suffer and, astonishingly, tap out, it fantastic.


Big Brock leaves with the decisive match victory, but not before physique stud Jimmy shuts up that trash talking mouth long enough to make the beast submit.  A little humbling does a cocky stud like Brock good, I think, and makes the stakes even higher when he steps onto the mat again and starts taunting his next opponent.  As for Jimmy, get this kid a little more coaching and then step back, because that concentrated power and intense tenacity could be brutally dangerous!