Use Me

Did you see the recent promotional email from BG East for Pros in Private 9? I was surprised and flattered to see it was a shout out to my review of Mac Mathias’ ass! It’s not the first time that this blog has been referenced in promotional materials for homoerotic wrestling products. Whenever it happens, my first thought it always, “Holy hell, somebody’s actually reading me!” My second thought is usually spent contemplating my small part of the engine of wrestling promotion for gay eyes.

Mac admires his best side
One thing I’ve learned in nearly three years of blogging about the business: there are at least as many entrepreneurs as wrestlers in the ring!  I’ve been contacted by quite a few wrestlers (and a few of their managers) to let me know about a new venture they’re starting that might appeal to fans of homoerotic wrestling.  I haven’t always passed these tidbits along for one primary reason: they often don’t materialize. I don’t think it’s for lack of intention. I just think that there are more wrestlers with an entrepreneurial spirit than there are wrestlers who have a business plan that can get them off the ground. Personally, I’d love to see more venues for homoerotic wrestling. I’m also completely supportive of the notion of rewarding hot hunks for their hard work and willingness to let us worship them.

Aryx/Tristan looks beefier than ever!

Like Bruno at Beefcakes of Wrestling, I got a very sweet and enthusiastic heads up from the team behind my former homoerotic wrestler of the month, Aryx Quinn aka Tristan Baldwin (I’m not sure what it means to have a team behind him, but I picture a bunch of nerds [and I’m frequently very turned on by nerds] crouching behind Aryx/Tristan and nudging him toward the camera). Aryx apparently has some big, but as yet ambiguous, plans to produce his own namesake website that will, among other things, feature new homoerotic wrestling.  The new site isn’t up yet, but I’ve got my fingers crossed that this one will materialize. Aryx/Tristan’s promotional pics are looking damn hot!

Aryx/Tristan needs to get those muscles back
in the ring!

I was also recently approached with the proposition that I include an advertisement for one of the wrestling productions that I talk about frequently on this blog. I mulled it over. While the singular aim of my nearly three years of blogging has been promoting more, and more excellent, homoerotic wrestling fare, I’ve also made quite a bit of a show of pointing out that I don’t and won’t take pay for what I push on the pages on this blog.  Someone at a different wrestling company once referred to this blog as their unofficial marketing department. I sort of like that characterization (quite a lot, actually). There’s something about that line between “unofficial” and “official” that gives me pause, though. I like the independence it gives me to say, repeatedly, that this is just a labor of love, and that while I clearly have my favorites, they don’t technically have me, so to speak. So just today, I finally gave a pass on the idea of adding advertisements around here, fervently hoping that I didn’t offend anyone by saying “no.” Thank me later for the shorter download time it’ll take to read neverland without ads embedded.

I’ve been making this up as I go, so having these ideas about what makes me “official” or not, or what gives me a sense of intellectual independence or not is really all just getting pulled out of my ass. It’s all improv, building a narrative, and committing to it with perhaps more conviction than I really feel. And, after all, isn’t that what homoerotic wrestling is, and what delights me so much about it? It’s innovation and improv. It’s storytelling and imagination. It’s eroticism born out of beautiful bodies, committed performances, and an intimate insight into that amorphous concept of wrestling kink. I’ll continue to do my best to vet the wrestling I watch and lift up the very best bits that capture my imagination and turn me on. Any of those enterprising folks planning on contributing something new to the field are always welcome on the pages of this blog, in the form of my hyperbole and over-enthusiasm for some hard, hot, sweaty wrestling gems wherever I find them. You keep clicking through the links I embed and purchasing from the fine producers of homoerotic wrestling that turns you on, and tell them Bard sent you. Together, lets keep these gorgeous athletes and the hardworking people behind the cameras well rewarded for their artistry, their beauty, and their ability to grab hold of gay wrestling kink with both hands and crank us up!

Mac’s Best Side

Mac Matthias, 6’0″, 202 pounds
I’m enjoying the new release Pros in Private 9 from BG East, in no small part to a new-to-me discovery of Mac Matthias.  His gorgeous blond curls and hot, lightly hairy body have caught my attention before, but I haven’t taken the Mac plunge before now. He’s 6’0, 202 pounds of mischievous, powerful, fully committed pro wrestler that seriously entertained me in his ring face-off with equally (but differently) beautiful Exavier.  I love the premise for this match, that there’s nothing more suspenseful than when two equally matched muscle hunks with nearly identical dirty-playbooks meet one another with egos hanging out in the ring.

Mac’s stunning ass fills the foreground!
I swear I’ve bookmarked it before, but I was completely unprepared for how awestruck I’d be at the sight of Mac’s luscious ass squeezed so improbably inside his at-least-2-sizes-too-small shiny red trunks!  The whole match is a feast for muscle hunk lovers. Exavier bulges in all the right places, and would any night of the week make drool involuntarily escape from my gaping mouth were I to catch sight of him out at a club. However even Exavier’s tall dark and handsome hotness somehow fades into the background whenever the camera pans around to Mac Matthias’ breathtaking backside!

Happily for me,
Mac’s trunks never had a chance of covering those glutes!
I feel like I need to apologize to both Mac and Exavier for how completely distracted I kept getting from their otherwise extremely entertaining pro match. They both work every inch of the ring, as well as floor space in the BG East ring room I don’t ever recall seeing before, with hot, sweaty intensity. They’re both so unselfconscious I almost instantly find myself forgetting that there must have been a cameraman in the ring room with them capturing this hot, hot action. But all Mac had to do was just turn his back to the camera, and I lost track of time just a bit, enthralled and a little light-headed at the sight of those sculpted glutes.
Even Mac’s side-glute makes my jaw drop!

Both Mac and Exavier have a roguish, almost clownishness about them that take me back to very fond memories of over the top personalities climbing into the ring and filling up my imagination as I watched pro wrestling as a kid 30 years ago.  They tell a story. They mug for the camera (oh, right, somebody had to be holding that camera that Mac delights so in monologuing for!). They both sell nearly equal parts of dangerous short cutter and every inch likable muscle jock. They make me laugh, gasp, and wince as the down and dirty action unfolds, and then… I catch sight of those gorgeous globes not nearly contained inside Mac’s trunks. From every angle, this is one astonishingly pleasing ass!

This position seems hard to explain, but then my eyes rest
on Mac’s ass and…

Mac sweats, making the shiny sheen of his trunks blend in with the soaked muscles of his otherwise naked body. I know I’m repeating myself when I say it, but there are always new neverland readers who may not have heard my ode to the eroticism of a hunky, sweaty wrestler. Sweat brings such a tactile experience to the visual stimulation of watching a powerful body like Mac’s flex and strut and pound and preen. And speaking of tactilely arousing, if Mac’s ass cheeks weren’t made for squeezing long and deep, nothing in this world ever was!

Even spread-eagled with a bulging crotch, it’s the base of his ass cheeks
making my heart pound harder.

There’s geography that Mac’s trunks fail to cover that I never saw from my fondest fantasy pro wrestlers from the 80’s. Between the two of them, Exavier and Mac show one another’s bulges off with a generosity of spirit that brings a tear to my eye. But even when Mac’s bulging crotch nearly pokes me in my tear-filled eye, it’s the beauty of even the barest bottom of those butt cheeks that holds me riveted in place.

There’s no reason on God’s green earth that a man can’t
appreciate his own, hot ass, Mac!

Near the end of this fantastically entertaining match, Mac is dripping with sweat; his exquisitely inadequate trunks are wedged high up his hot round cheeks; he’s in sole possession of the mirror, and completely understandably, he nearly breaks his neck posing with his back to the mirror in order to take in the sight that I’ve been so entranced by for the past 20 minutes. “Why can’t a man appreciate his own butt? That’s all I can say,” Mac mutters to himself, proving there is (and should be) no impediment to his appreciating such a fine, fine specimen of manly beauty. Now, I’m feeling a need to rediscover Mac’s back catalog to stare at his backside for many more matches!