It’s the Pits

I have friends who are as fanatical about armpits as I am about a screaming body scissors (I’m a little fixated lately, I know). Personally, I find armpits about as erotic as the rest of the body, which means I find them very erotic. But they don’t typically stand out for me. On the other hand, the fashion model pose with hands behind head, camera’s gaze centered on the armpit, is absolutely everywhere, so clearly male beauty and armpits are closely linked for a lot of folks.
I know some guys who are into nothing but hairy pits. They scoff and roll their eyes at the sight of shaved pits and make derogatory comments about the man’s gender and masculinity. As for me, sure, I’m all for hairy armpits. Take newest member of my wrestling fiction pantheon, Jared Prudoff.
On second thought, you can’t take him. He’s mine. Instead, take fitness model Hendrik Snyman and his hairy-if-coiffed pits. There’s just nothing wrong with either of these sets armpits, as far as I’m concerned.
I do pose the caveat that I’m not a fan of deodorant caked into hairy armpits. I’m just fine to do some armpit worship as long as everything is tidy and clean, or during and after a wrestling match, as long as there’s nothing but the musky sweet of hard earned sweat. Portuguese bodybeautiful Rodriogo Guilherme, for example, who I posted unattributed a few days ago (shame on me) may be water-soaked or sweat-soaked, but his pits are primed and ready for some worship.
I do have a couple of friends who are exclusively fans of shaved armpits. They turn their nose up at anything more than a 5 o’clock shadow under the arms. As for me, I’m entirely a fan of shaved pits, particularly on well-muscled physiques adorned only in wrestling gear. Take one-named Russian model Anatoli (who I also posted uncited a couple of days ago). With muscles like that, a nice shave does nothing but accentuate the shape and size of those gorgeous pecs and arms.

And speaking of wrestling armpits, wrestlers, like the fashion model boys, frequently appear in stills proudly displaying their pits. Whatever is most comfortable for the battleboys in question is exactly what I’m a fan of. When cleft-chin fratboy extrordinaire Brad Rochelle wrestled with some carefully coiffed pit hair, I was ecstatic. I’d schoolboy that hunk, pin his arm over his head, and lick every inch of him within reach of my tongue morning, noon and night.

Same hunk a few years later wrestling entirely shaved, and nothing at all has changed as far as I’m concerned. Schoolboy…arm pinned overhead… severe tongue lashing… absolute gratification.

I’m a major fan of the post-victory flex-pose of Reese Wells, in no small part because of the remarkable display he offers of his physique, including the pits. I swear he’s a magician. He gives every impression of being a barely-legal, skinny white boy. But when he’s posing with his arms over his head, his shaved armpits stretching up into remarkably defined and solidly massive biceps and triceps are just astounding. There’s just something about Reese that just screams out for him to get dropped gut first across my knee for a severe spanking, followed up immediately by getting dropped back-first across my knee for a screaming OTK backbreaker with a ball-claw chaser. Not sure what it is that makes him seem to me to demand such treatment, but there it is.

So for beautiful model boys and wrestlers alike, and especially for beautiful model boys who wrestle (in real life, or in my imagination) I may not always mention it, but I’m entirely a fan of the pits. The eroticized, objectified male physique seems to be unable to be examined without a close up, centered gaze on the armpits. I’m all for it, whatever grooming regimen you ascribe to (as long as you ascribe to one).