The Substance of Wrestling

I’m not sure of what sick puppy thought of oil wrestling… but I like his thinking. Of course there’s the Turkish Oil wrestling that suddenly appeared everywhere on the internet a few years back. I still have no idea what the cultural meaning is behind these boys coating themselves in olive oil and shoving their hands down each other’s pants, but I’ve been assured that it’s not sexual. I am willing to concede that it very well may not be sexual at all… to them.
The more explicitly homoerotic version of oil wrestling, or its spawn, lube wrestling, is everywhere. Most of the time its a novelty grope-fest, so it doesn’t satisfy a fetish for hot, aggressive pounding. But it certainly has its own charm. Brit go-go boy Chris Geary has been filming himself and his go-go boy friends wrestling for years now, including several oil matches.
BG East did a few early “filmed on location” oil tapes at a gay club called Paradise. Some of my favorite classic boys show up, including the prototypical bodybuilder-jobber, Wade Cutler. BG East didn’t do much else in the medium until recently having Rafe Sanchez and Sebastian Rios oil each other down (mmmm…. Rafe….).

Can-Am has done over 100 matches taking place, at least in part, in oil. Their recurring script for almost every match used to be: 1) studs wrestle in gear in a ring, 2) studs wrestle in gear in oil pit, 3) studs wrestle naked in oil. I haven’t sampled all the goods, but in case anyone’s looking for recommendations, my first Can-Am purchase ever was Canadian Musclehunk Oil Wrestling 3, with the incomparable ass of Jimmy Royce. Another classic I recently discovered is Can-Am’s early workhorse “Flex” squeezing a totally dominating headlock while erect and nude and straddling the legs of twisted-like-a-pretzel Tom MacKenzie in Hard Nude Oil Wrestling 2. Sometimes it’s nice to see muscleboys get owned… sometimes it’s nice to see them do the owning.
Newer company Naked Kombat has done a few matches in oil (and water, and mud). I like the shiny bodies in Tyler Saint vs. Patrick Rouge, and the audience adds a nice voyeur-performance aspect. But one of my very favorite all-time homoerotic wrestling vids is from BG Wrestling. They’re online store appears to be down, but you can find a lot of their titles at the Can-Am Store. Fantasty Oil Wrestling 4, with Rocky and Talvin Demachio is a prized possession. When Demachio wraps up Rocky in a tight little package and strokes himself at the same time… it brings a little tear to my eye.
Seriously, oil doesn’t make for hard-fought dominating action (unless you’re a Turk), but the tactile look and sounds of muscled bodies slapping and sliding make for an entirely enjoyable sub-genre.

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