Eat Off It

I’m still mulling over the role of a muscled, round ass in the wrestling ring. I remember catching the very short-lived,
Real Pro Wrestling about four years ago. By far, the highlight of that series was Tommy Rowlands eye-popping ass. You could tell from the front that Tommy was a feast for the eyes, with those tree trunk thighs.

But (butt) the view from behind was jaw-dropping. Even Tommy’s opponent, who beat him soundly in the finals, couldn’t resist it. Controlling Tommy’s back, Cormier reached down and planted a completely gratuitous slap across that magnetic derriere. Initially, when photographer Danielle posted her photos of RPW, she permitted viewer comments. The close up of Tommy’s ass, just after he was beaten for the championship, featured comment after comment from men remarking on what they’d like to do with that ridiculously round butt (I particularly liked the “eat off it” comment). Danielle removed all the comments (prude), but thankfully the photos still document the marvel that was Tommy Rowlands ass in lycra.

I’m free associating just a little today, but I also wanted to mention this match posted by matbaskin on YouTube. It’s a fun, short match that features the novelty of an intentionally bare ass in the pro-ring. The Chippen Devil gimmick is pretty cute, though the guy is clearly a little distracted by the choreography and mechanics of the routine. But once he rips off his tear-away sweat pants (did I mention that his name is Chippen Devil?), he actually looks much more comfortable. His low-swinging pouch really sells the novelty, but his thonged ass, as much as the camera lets us see, looks round and luscious.

Completing my free association for the day, speaking of swinging pouches and rounded asses, this guy is just adorable, with his policeman-strip routine (be warned, full on nudity here on gaytube!). I have to say I’m a little anxious as I watch him, fearing he’s going to dislocate something (or put an eye out). But he’s nothing if not sincere and enthusiastic, and that (in addition to the wildly swinging cock and round white ass) is enough to put a smile on my face. Don’t know if he wrestles, but I’d pay money to watch it.

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