A Couple of Updates on Favorites

I’ve just been revisiting some of my favorite online obsessions. I can’t get enough of former kids-wrestling show star Levi James playing bass for his band, Irreverents, in Vancouver, BC. Levi is one beautiful, muscly, sweaty bass player. Check out the MySpace page for cuts of their music (listen to “Rubber World”). He clearly sells his performances with the same abandon that he camped it up in Los Luchadores. I’m dying to get a clearer look at the tats down his ribcage. Fantastic!
Also, a day after I posted that Rock Hard Wrestling’s MySpace page indicated that they would be launching in August, it was updated to indicate a launch “later this year.” Nothing else new to report that I can find, but I thought I’d point out that blondboy Tommy Clark is pictured barefoot, which will immediately make him my favorite, if they ever breath life into that link.

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