Year in Review – Favorite Moment #2

Los Luchadores teen idol-like star, Levi James, morphed into a rock star bassist is my second favorite moment in blogging in 2009. It really wasn’t so long ago that young Levi was playing an even younger character, Turbine, the youthful ward of the fictional masked Mexican wrestling star, Lobo Fuerte. By day, the dynamic duo pro-wrestled as the improbable combination of squeaky clean, good guy boy scouts who completely dominated in the ring. By night, they battled over-the-top supervillains, making Union City safe for its citizens.

As a 20 year old playing a 16 year old, Levi was gorgeous sucked inside skin tight lycra tights and shiny black leather pants. Paired with muscle model, Maximo Morrone, Levi was the heart and energy of this Saturday morning live-action, low-budget production. He was the typical hyperactive kid, worshiping his bodybeautiful, testosterone-hyped mentor. The whole thing was saccharine, sloppy and silly, and I felt just a twinge of shame for being a full-grown man tuning in to it in the hope of catching the rare wrestling scene.
I hadn’t really given young Levi another thought since Los Luchadores disappeared after one short season. For some reason, I found myself digging around for him this year, and I was thrilled to discover that he’s now the bassist for the Vancouver band, Irrevents. I was flush with excitement to discover that he’s continued to mature into handsome, hardbody, “Levi the Hulk.”
And I had a massive (if I do say so myself) redirection of blood flow when I discovered that rock star Levi seems to frequently get so hot and sweaty that he performs shirtless. He could play a washboard (speaking of, check out the abs), and I’d pony up to support him. But Irreverents actually put together some nice sounds and pounding beats that are, honestly, right up my alley. The sweet convergence of wrestling, a gorgeous man, and sweaty rock star making music I like is a highlight of my year in blogging.
Hot, young Levi is keeping all his irons in the fire, modeling, acting, playing bass and managing his band. Personally, I’m rooting for Hollywood to come to its senses and discover the mouthwatering talent he brings to the screen. So as we approach 2010, I’m toasting Levi’s on camera future: may this be a year filled with much, much more sweaty, shirtless bass playing topped off with a breakout role that shows off that beautiful bod he’s clearly worked so hard for! Ching-ching!

A Couple of Updates on Favorites

I’ve just been revisiting some of my favorite online obsessions. I can’t get enough of former kids-wrestling show star Levi James playing bass for his band, Irreverents, in Vancouver, BC. Levi is one beautiful, muscly, sweaty bass player. Check out the MySpace page for cuts of their music (listen to “Rubber World”). He clearly sells his performances with the same abandon that he camped it up in Los Luchadores. I’m dying to get a clearer look at the tats down his ribcage. Fantastic!
Also, a day after I posted that Rock Hard Wrestling’s MySpace page indicated that they would be launching in August, it was updated to indicate a launch “later this year.” Nothing else new to report that I can find, but I thought I’d point out that blondboy Tommy Clark is pictured barefoot, which will immediately make him my favorite, if they ever breath life into that link.

The Body Block and the Bassist

Is it wrong for a gay man to get turned on by a television program targeted at children? No, I’m not talking about my lustful appreciation of
Sportacus from Lazytown, or the nerdy, yet oddly hot brothers from Kratts’ Creatures (though I could be). I’m actually thinking of the very short-lived Saturday morning live-action wrestling-themed program, Los Luchadores. It should come as no surprise that in 2001 my alarm clock was set for 7:30 Saturday mornings to see this fantastically tragic, sexy, dorky trainwreck. It was a supercamp, superhero wrestling story. Think Batman/Robin meet the WWF, with a script written by a Power Ranger. The Argentine slab of meat, Maximo Morrone first caught my eye as Lobo Fuerte, a tag-team professional wrestler by day, and a superhero crime fighter the rest of the time.

I was initially uncertain whether I could, with a clear conscience, lust after Lobo Fuerte’s youthful ward and tag team partner, Turbine. Played by Levi James, I believe he was supposed to be an impetuous, overenthusiastic, somewhat clumsy and naive adolescent. I was SO relieved to discover that James was 22 when the series came out, so checking out is hot little bod in wrestling tights seemed okay at the point. When the series ended, I was sorely disappointed, but not surprised. James carried the show as the every-boy, hero-worshipping, superhero in training, over-the-top cheese-factory. But Morrone was all body, no chemistry, and the scripts really were stolen from the most inane Power Ranger’s episodes.

Now, I think I’m connecting the dots correctly, when I say what a fun thrill it was to stumble across Levi James playing bass and managing his rock band, Irreverents, in his hometown of Vancouver, BC. I think he’s about 30 years old now, and my…. oh…. my, he grew up nice. He’s making a go of his band, pimping himself out for modeling jobs, and keeping a toe in the acting world all at the same time. He’s made some guest appearances on a few series, but hasn’t gotten a hold of anything big. But I am officially beginning my campaign to get this man more exposure. Look at the guns on him!
Holy hell. His shirtless pics on stage are insurance that I will ceaselessly track down the Irreverents every time I’m in Vancouver, from now on (oh, yeah, they’ve got a great sound!). Casting directors take note: hire this man now. I will personally make sure that every gay man on the west coast will pay money to see him, preferably shirtless. Perhaps he won’t be doing anymore wrestling. In fact, I suspect if he were ever to make it big, Jay Leno would interview him and play a clip from Los Luchadores to embarrass him (that asshole, Leno). But as for me, I became a hardcore fan of whatever he does from that first moment I saw him in his red tights get whipped into the ring ropes and fly through the air for a crossbody block. Rock on, Levi!