Eulogy for Eggs

I feel the need to reflect on the season 2 finale of
True Blood, so if you didn’t see it and prefer not to know more about it, you should skip this post.

There was just too much male hotness in that cast. I’m not surprised that they needed to off someone, because frankly, that show has a massive cast and very complicated, multiple plots. One of the recurring hunks was bound to die (it is a vampire story, after all), and I’m sure the writers needed to make room for new characters to be introduced next season.

Moreover, I think they’re having a tough time managing the mind-boggling gorgeousness of their hunky cast. Seriously, there’s been hot male nakedness in at least three out of every four episodes from the start, but the season finale last night gave us little more than Mehcad Brooks and Sam Trammel shirtless.
We saw no more of Ryan Kwanten than the skin-tight sleeveless-t and painted on jeans that he always wears. Alexander Skarsgård was woefully underused. Seeing him thrown to the floor and mounted (plus, plus!), was neutralized by the fact that he was fully clothed and the mounter was a woman (minus, minus…). Stephen Moyer, the weakest link in my opinion, was overdressed throughout the episode. We got a glimpse of Nelsan Ellis, but I’m totally turned off by the “tragic gay” character they’ve written for him so far.
So someone had to die. With Moyer’s weak acting and news that Trammell’s got a new gig, I was so sad to see that it was Mehcad voted of the island. And essentially the ONLY scene in which Mehcad and Ryan Kwanten co-starred was the three seconds it took for Kwanten to off him!? I have a whole different scene in mind starring the two of them, including speedos, lots of sweat, and someone getting tied up in the ropes of a wrestling ring.
It looks like we won’t get to see any more of Eggs in Bon Temps (though, thank God, we got to see everything but full-frontal before he was killed off). My eulogy for him is simple: My sincere prayer is that he’s reincarnated into another HBO series with lot’s of nudity and ass grabbing set in another humid and sweaty climate. The End.

2 thoughts on “Eulogy for Eggs

  1. ***Warning: Shit Full of Spoilers***I too deeply mourn the passing of Eggs. (What a man, what a man, what a mighty fine man.) And his departure seemed way too sudden and trumped-up (as if conceding to some moral code that killers–even ones possessed by maenads–have to be punished).I hated seeing MaryAnn go too. I love the bad asses–and wish Ball and HBO would spin off a series about the further adventures of MaryAnn and last season's Rene Lenier (hawt!) in Hell.Come to think of it, the series has been a virtual graveyard of its most intriguing characters–Karl, Luke McDonald, Amy Burley, Miss Jeanette, and (of course) Eddie!–often as portrayed by its best actors.Trammell is a very likable presence on the show, as are Kwanten (esp. his ass), Skarsgaard, Jim Parrack, Rutina Wesley, Deborah Ann Woll, Carrie Preston, and (too rarely) Kristin Bauer as Pam. I think Moyer and Paquin are burdened by characters drawn a little too archly–Bill's conflicted brooding and Sookie's peevish neediness are wearing on my nerves. I'm not sure that even more talented actors could do much more with those roles, as they are written. The weakest parts of the series are the scenes of the two of them together–and considering the actors playing them are real-life lovers, they generate surprisingly little heat on the screen.My True Blood hours are spent in anxious anticipation of any glimpse of Eric and Pam–and anything that requires Jason to strip, sweat, and thrust–and I gotta love those evangelical sleezeballs, the Newlins, too.

  2. YES to everything, though my jury is still out on Moyer… you may very well be right that it's the character/writing and not the acting. I think a lot of the great tension that built throughout the season collapsed way too easily (e.g. Jason charging in and immediately rolling over… Andy seemingly immune to Mary Ann's charms, then flipping in a moment…). Obviously, I'm still hooked, though.

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