Leaving Legs

The weather is turning, and my infatuation with legs is suffering from a lack of positive reinforcement as all the hardbodies bundle up. Until the speed skaters arrive in Vancouver with their tree trunk thighs squeezed into skin tight spandex, I’m afraid I won’t be seeing many gorgeous legs on display for a while. Putting to rest this latest infatuation, I thought I’d share just a handful more wonderful images of legs put to wonderful use, squeezing the breath out of an opponent.

Johnny Olson performed in a handful of matches for Can-Am early on. A baby-faced bodybuilder, Johnny cried out for humiliating abuse. When he got his knocks in, though, you could believe that when those muscles were put to good use, his opponents would seriously be in a world of hurt. Here, Johnny squeezes those massive, gorgeously hairy legs tight against a sweetly suffering Corby Banning, being choked by that massive calf muscle crushing his throat.
He didn’t hang around long, but I loved BG East studpuppy Marky Mark Oxner who oozed personality (and buckets of sweat) in his few matches. There are lots of great punishing scissors in his match in Fantasymen 9 (never a more aptly named tape). Marky was cocky, stunning, and made me believe that he believed he was the shit.
Steve Sterling, the classic bodybuilder turned homoerotic wrestler, had seriously huge legs. Look at the vascularity in those thick calves as he laces his ankles together. The arm bar, his chewing on his lower lip in concentration, the classic 80’s stash… a fantastic moment in time!
And finally, another classic moment in time from one of Mitch Colby’s finest wrestling moments (repeated on most of his matches, no less satisfyingly). I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth saying again, the most authentic moments in Mitch’s matches are when he’s got his opponent’s face trapped against his crotch, his legs squeezing the poor guy’s head. Mitch invariably rolls his head back, closes his eyes, and I completely buy the moment of his total, humiliating domination of his chump. Mitch is not an Oscar-ready actor, so I’ve got to believe he really gets off on this moment of scissoring his opponent’s face deep between his legs. Flexed and enthralled, Mitch appears transported, and I, in turn, am transported as well. Love me my Mitch (though he’s still only runner up to the newly crowned champion of my lust/heart: Derek Da Silva).

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