Save Me a Seat

I hate jumping on bandwagons. It makes me feel cheap and used. So when all the
BG East wrestling buzz is about hardbody Rio Garza with a physique that simply has to be seen to be believed, I check myself. Of course I had an immediate, reflexive rush of lust at the sight of Rio in Undergear 15 . But if everyone’s doing it, I resist.

Screw it. I’m hooked. With a babyface and a body of the eternal gods, I’m sold. So, as is my way, I both pull out my credit card, and I start digging. Rio is also pictured (going by “Ray”) in the stable of grapplers for the long-anticipated, starting-to-doubt-its-ever-going-to-happen, Rock Hard Wrestling (November’s nearly gone!).
He has dozens of body worship videos on YouTube from the past few years, documenting his hardening body and his burgeoning public relations juggernaut. Going by the name Alan Valdez (lots of artsy nudes of Alan at David Vance Prints), posted under the username Alan Arturo, the video retrospective of his body development from skinny kid to Mexican muscle god is so sincere it brings a tear to my eye. The amateur camboy videos (must be from before the juggernaut got hold of him) are simply adorable. He pumps so hard he makes himself out of breath, and along with that angelic smile, that’s just hot.
His MySpace page and his Facebook page have a bevy of beautiful photographs to inspire lust. Ironically, on MySpace he makes sure all the gayboys lusting after him know that he loves his wife. Um, does he realize it’s only the sexually insecure guys that need to broadcast that sort of buzz kill? He’s young. I forgive him, and I refuse to speculate further about his sexual security. He grapples nearly naked with other hardbody hotties, which can pardon a thousand sins.
Following the links, we come to what is, purportedly, the official website of the object of our lust, “Ray” (also look here for him as “Mike”). For a reasonable sum of $14.99 per month, you can get access to more material for your “viewing” pleasure, and have the opportunity to offer your encouragement. I’m not sure what sort of encouragement Ray is looking for, but I don’t think he needs any encouragement if his goal is to become most gayboys’ wet dream.
So I’ve succumbed. Now Rio-obsessed, I’ve submitted a fictional match for the Fantasy BGE Wrestling group starring the young musclegod. Move over and make room. I’m climbing on the bandwagon.

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