Bodies Over Time – Fast-Forward Edition

This is a bodies-over-time post in fast forward.
Rio Garza (aka Ray Martinez, aka Alan Valdez, aka Alan Arturo) has been quickly making quite a name for himself (well, several names). I first caught a glimpse of him on YouTube preening and flexing and begging for followers about a year ago. His little boy face on top of the body of a sculpted musclegod is hard to tear your eyes away from.

Rio (let’s just call him Rio) is marketing himself from a lot of different angles. I respect that. As he ages, it will undoubtedly be harder and harder work for him to maintain the body of an adonis, so cash in when the work is plentiful and relatively easy. Modeling and competing as Alan Valdez, his rock hard body has been photographed in a state of physical perfection. When his physique is entirely on game, he’s massively muscled, vascular, shredded to bits and completely devoid of body fat.
Battling for BG East as Rio Garza, this beautiful boy is just a half step off of the physical perfection he’s been documented to achieve in some of his modeling shots. Personally, I think his appearances with BGE have been his best wrestling work. I suspect that even the very latest releases starring Rio from BGE may have all been filmed several months ago, because from product to product he appears similarly massively muscled and cut like crystal. He may not have the 0% body fat of some of his modeling work, but he isn’t far off that mark, with his abs ready for some heavy duty laundry. I think BGE has also captured Rio looking confident, despite being owned over and over like the muscle jobber he’s fated to be. His opponents clearly recognize the remarkable physical specimen he is, and they work his muscles like concert pianists, striking every chord to perfection.
Wrestling for Rock Hard Wrestling as Ray Martinez, Rio is noticeably less sharply defined (though no less stunningly gorgeous). He looks decidedly less confident for RHW than BGE, which I suspect may be due to the relative directing skills of the companies. RHW hasn’t yet drawn from Rio the type of performance that truly capitalizes on his muscle jobber potential. The other RHW boys with some legitimate wrestling skills (of various stripes) do some entertaining work making Rio/Ray suffer, but they don’t dabble in the worship side of things like BGE has done. Rio/Ray appears to always be geared up in tight, if expansive, trunks for RHW, whereas BGE has talked him into putting his gorgeous ass on display, wrestling in a jock strap.
Now Rio/Ray/Alan appears to be about to grapple for Can-Am. They just posted some teaser pics with him appearing side-by-side with Aryx Quinn for another installment in their new Arena series. Can-Am is touting Rio as theirs exclusively, which seems a little like closing the corral gate well after the horse has gotten loose. As always, Rio looks like a tasty treat. He’s yet another step down from his competition form, though, both less sharply defined and less developed. The stills are all photo shoot poses (no action shots), but he’s appearing so far in very brief yellow trunks. I think both Aryx and Rio were in better shape when they faced off in BG’s Bad Boys, but so far, the Arena series has been entirely a loser-gets-fucked product, so if they’ve scored Rio in his first fuck scene, this product is going to fly off the shelves.
I must say, though, that Rio/Ray/Alan also looks a little less happy with each bit of salesmanship he stars in. His little boy smile in his early modeling pics are absolutely adorable. BGE captured some happy moments from the coverboy, looking awfully pleased with himself with his devastating body about to be devastated. His appearances for RHW have showcased him looking a little put out, like he’s feeling a little impatient with the workday to be over with. His stills for Can-Am look downright morose. However, if the sour look is a result of developing a new fierceness on the mats, or if it arises from a virginal foray into loser-gets-fucked action, he can pout all he wants: he’ll still be golden with the fans, I’m sure.

Grace and Promise

I had a brief, cordial exchange with Bob at
Rock Hard Wrestling. Responding to some of the low scores I gave them in my review, Bob indicated that the RHW had also seen room for improvement for themselves after shooting their first few matches. He promised me that the hot guys and the excellent video quality would remain the same, but that they would be refining some of the other elements that I thought could be strengthened.

Seriously, is that a gracious way to take a review, or what? Frankly, I was a little nervous that he’d think I was too harsh on RHW. It seems like there’s a classy operation behind the new kids on the homoerotic wrestling block. So I was more than happy to give their third product a try.
Things are looking up for RHW, as far as I’m concerned. The new video is a double header. Cameron, who obviously had skills as evidenced by his first match manhandling Ray, is up against Tommy. Cameron and Tommy do some great work tossing one another around for eight and a half minutes. They both clearly have some grappling background (the website promotes Tommy as a competitive MMA fighter). They’re sincerely working on one another in nice back and forth, sweaty, barefoot action. This bit qualifies as homoerotic solely for the kink I bring to it. Tommy and Cameron are straight up grapplers without much attitude, swagger, or implied carnal joy in their body-on-body battle. For fans of more groping or dominating ownership, this match may not do it for you. There’s not much talk, but mix sweat, a couple barefoot studs, some grunting and grinding, and I’m fairly satisfied.
The second half of the double header is Brody taking on Ray for seven and a half minutes. Ray, bless his heart, is once again in over his head. He’s selling some swagger a little better than his first match, and Brody keeps the pace interesting. Just as Brody had to wipe the cocky sneer off of Zack’s face in his first match, he (literally) tackles much bigger and stronger Ray with gusto. Brody’s presence is once again the highlight of the match, and he does an even better job selling the tough little bruiser routine this time around. For the story that they’re trying to tell, they’d benefit from some more lingering, gloating victory from the giant killer. Still, Brody’s massive bicep popping up out of nowhere (seriously, where does he hide those ceps on that skinny body!?), in his now “signature” victory pose, is quite the turn on for me.
A scrapper with presence, salesmanship, and readiness to do some more edgy homoerotic themes like ball bashing, Brody Hancock (aka Reese Wells) could be some company’s bread and butter someday if he keeps it up. Once again, RHW’s production quality if superior to most anything else I’ve seen. As promised, the boys are drop-dead gorgeous. Cameron and Tommy’s match is satisfying competition, if not particularly great character development. Brody and Ray tell a decent story, if still the wrestling is a little weak (not as much as Ray’s last match, though). RHW still has my attention, and I look forward to seeing what a fresh wave of filming offers after their initial pilots.

Save Me a Seat

I hate jumping on bandwagons. It makes me feel cheap and used. So when all the
BG East wrestling buzz is about hardbody Rio Garza with a physique that simply has to be seen to be believed, I check myself. Of course I had an immediate, reflexive rush of lust at the sight of Rio in Undergear 15 . But if everyone’s doing it, I resist.

Screw it. I’m hooked. With a babyface and a body of the eternal gods, I’m sold. So, as is my way, I both pull out my credit card, and I start digging. Rio is also pictured (going by “Ray”) in the stable of grapplers for the long-anticipated, starting-to-doubt-its-ever-going-to-happen, Rock Hard Wrestling (November’s nearly gone!).
He has dozens of body worship videos on YouTube from the past few years, documenting his hardening body and his burgeoning public relations juggernaut. Going by the name Alan Valdez (lots of artsy nudes of Alan at David Vance Prints), posted under the username Alan Arturo, the video retrospective of his body development from skinny kid to Mexican muscle god is so sincere it brings a tear to my eye. The amateur camboy videos (must be from before the juggernaut got hold of him) are simply adorable. He pumps so hard he makes himself out of breath, and along with that angelic smile, that’s just hot.
His MySpace page and his Facebook page have a bevy of beautiful photographs to inspire lust. Ironically, on MySpace he makes sure all the gayboys lusting after him know that he loves his wife. Um, does he realize it’s only the sexually insecure guys that need to broadcast that sort of buzz kill? He’s young. I forgive him, and I refuse to speculate further about his sexual security. He grapples nearly naked with other hardbody hotties, which can pardon a thousand sins.
Following the links, we come to what is, purportedly, the official website of the object of our lust, “Ray” (also look here for him as “Mike”). For a reasonable sum of $14.99 per month, you can get access to more material for your “viewing” pleasure, and have the opportunity to offer your encouragement. I’m not sure what sort of encouragement Ray is looking for, but I don’t think he needs any encouragement if his goal is to become most gayboys’ wet dream.
So I’ve succumbed. Now Rio-obsessed, I’ve submitted a fictional match for the Fantasy BGE Wrestling group starring the young musclegod. Move over and make room. I’m climbing on the bandwagon.