Antici… pation

So I tried the new Blogger editor yesterday and nearly had a brain aneurysm. I’m back to the “old” editor, and feeling much more the captain of my own ship. In honor of my empowered buzz, I’m lingering on thoughts of my second favorite homoerotic pornboy crush,
Mitch Colby, who’s making a surge on the champion for my heart, Derek da Silva.

I’m working so fucking hard (sorry, I’m feeling emotional) to honor the spirit of the
BG East Arena. Their newest catalogue isn’t available for public consumption yet, so it doesn’t seem right to post the new pics. But holy hell, how can I not discuss the previews for Mitch’s wrestler spotlight tape? I’ve seen the preview pics. I’ve lusted after the preview pics. I’ve pre-ordered my copy. Give me Mitch.

Without jumping the gun, let me just say that Mitch is being paired up with two known quantities and an intriguing unknown face. His first match is with the veteran from way, way back in BG East history,
Patrick Donovan. Patrick’s got the roundest pecs for such a skinny body. He’s a consummate jobber who suffers admirably, ever since winning jobber of the year back in Wrestlefest 2. Patrick and Mitch have sweat pouring off of them in what looks like some nice mat action.

Mitch next shows up against porn-pornboy Peter Stallion (who goes by tons of other names elsewhere). Peter does not do it for me in the BG East format. I need to just put that out there. I have no idea why, but I don’t find myself all revved up. In his
Wrestle Worship match against Rafe Sanchez, he was mostly furniture to me (true, I find it difficult tearing my eyes away from Rafe). Frankly, he doesn’t seem to be all revved up, so maybe that’s that. Still, Mitch and Peter look like they do some nice squeezing, topped off by some making out. I’ll buy that (literally).

The mystery man is named Marc Rion. I don’t recognize him, but I’m ready to get to know him much, much better. He’s got a handsome face, a couple tats, a shaved head, and… oh, did I mention that 90% of the preview pics posted so far are of mutually naked action? There are implications of very pleasing mutual body worship, and this looks like as much love as war. As long as they don’t short-change the war, I’m happy to see where the man-to-man combat takes them.

As soon as this tape is available, I’m sure I’ll return to considering it in more detail with you. Talk amongst yourselves.

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