Serial Skin

The Dexter season finale shocked and awed this past Sunday. Indicative of any good season finale, I’m desperately anticipating the start of the next season. I’m so easily manipulated.

As I’ve mentioned (frequently), my one criticism of Dexter is the bizarre lack of hunk skin. Other than the corpses, not even a lot of shirtless goes on, which seems odd for a series set in balmy Miami. Worst of all, we’ve seen very little uncovered of Michael C. Hall’s title character. Clearly, Michael’s got the goods. He’s just not sharing his loveliness with the rest of us.
Thank God for superherofan and the find of some hot captures of Michael from the movie Gamer. Didn’t see it; will likely own it now that I learn there are some fight scenes featuring Gerard Butler, Milo Ventimiglia, and the man whose ass could launch a thousand ships: Michael.
I have a fictional wrestling match written featuring Michael that, understandably, digresses into body worship. Of the sparse views of Michael’s body I’ve seen, I’ve never seen an angle that doesn’t turn my crank.
And speaking of angles and crank turning, the glimpse of Michael’s gorgeous round cheeks poking out over the top of his pants here is such a cock-tease. That fantastically shaped ass can’t help but spark the imagination to run wild. My imagination is certainly sparked. I’m predicting Michael will be back in the wrestling ring in my imagination soon.

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