Art and Legibility

A very generous reader recently commented that he enjoyed my poetry. I think that the last time that I self-consciously composed a poem was when my third grade English teacher assigned me the task. So I assume that the reference is a nod to my writing here. At times, I think what I write here is nearly unintelligible when I look back and pick through the typos. Perhaps that might lend it an air of artistry to some. Perhaps it’s nearly so unintelligible as to be mistaken for art.

In any case, I’m flattered because I’m a complete sucker for a compliment (take note, in case you ever need to ask me for anything). That said, I have a massive task of writing prose today that makes me have to cut short my daily composition here. Sadly, my writing task for the day has nothing to do with the joys of beautiful men or wrestling.
So I’m simply posting some pics of model Josh Wald, whose gorgeously tattooed body speaks volumes all on its own. Enjoy, and talk amongst yourselves.

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