The Title Changes Hands

BG East Catalog 80 has been posted, and I’ve had my first look at Mitch Colby’s Wrestler Spotlight and Fantasymen 32. I’m blown away by new fantasyman Lon Dumont: gorgeous body, fantastic ring presence, and captivating persona that tells me this guy is no rookie. But the performances I’ve been most anticipating come from the newly re-crowned homoerotic wrestling pornboy champion: Mitch Colby.
Yes, Mitch has narrowly unseated Derek da Silva for my “affections.” It was not Mitch’s match with pornboy-pornboy Peter Stallion that made him recapture my loyalties. That match was, as I was concerned it might be, a little disappointing. It’s primarily a series of leg scissors and preening schoolboy pins. Mitch ups the heat with some nice ass grabs and some decent intensity, but Peter lacks ferocity. I think the director realizes that this just isn’t quite selling, because the match is over very quickly.
Mitch’s match with newcomer Marc Rion definitely did contribute to Mitch’s successful challenge of Derek da Silva for the title of my favorite homoerotic wrestler. BG East’s description of this product is right on the money. Marc looks star struck and gives every impression that he’s just stunned by his luck in having a chance to worship Mitch. I feel like I’ve been peeping in the window, catching Mitch bringing a date home. Marc shows up ready to worship, but Mitch demands some mat action first. The wrestling only fires up these boys more, with stolen kisses and stroked cocks showing up from go. The wrestling isn’t much more creative than Mitch’s match with Peter Stallion, frankly, but unlike Peter, Marc is intensely present and committed to adoring Mitch’s body. Marc and Mitch and Mitch on Marc are pleasing.
But honestly, it’s Mitch’s match with BG East veteran, Patrick Donovan, that forced me to remove the crown from Derek’s head and replace it atop Mitch’s 6’2″ frame. Patrick is clearly in league with Satan, since he does not age. He sells himself and Mitch throughout this match. He suffers. He snarls with contempt. The boys sell this match as a closely fought competition: competition of bodies, competition of wrestling, competition of bearhugs. Sweat pours off both of them in streams, and the longer the competition goes, the fiercer and nastier they get. This match offers even portions of the homoerotic and the wrestling, and I’m thrilled with that recipe.
Derek remains the top contender for another chance at the crown that goes to my favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy. But it needs to be said, Lon Dumont could get a title shot very early in his career if he’s ready to take that humiliating domination a little more to the homo side of things.

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