Battle of the Gods, continued

I’m sure it’s just me, but once again I notice that just days after SteelMuscleGod posts a muscle worship video, Adam400m puts one up. They probably don’t realize it, but they’re engaged in some fierce body-on-body competition in my imagination, and the tide may be turning once more.
SteelMuscleGod has posted a bald-face appeal for worshippers to bid on a private show somewhere in Europe. Snarling his pitch, SMG strips off his body-hugging top and gives a brief preview of what could be yours (to lease) in person. With his stunning upper body, the last time I had pictured it, I imagined SMG barely enduring a long, tortuous body scissor from Adam400m, relying on those rippled abs to prevent him from suffering serious internal injuries. Then SMG clamped on a dizzying headlock, followed by a bearhug, before finally wearing Adam down to his knees and commanding the Brit to worship him.

Taking a look at Adam400m’s post of a leg workout and posing session (complete with unabashed body worship by the cameraman), has made me reconsider if these two warriors are, in fact, done with their battle. I’m imagining that just as Adam is tracing his tongue across SMG’s washboard abs in seeming surrender, his eyes flicker open, finally catching his breath and coming back to his senses. Continuing to worship SMG into his own distracted reverie, Adam licks his way up to the crevice between SMG’s thunderous pecs. Just as SMG’s deep, husky voice fades into indistinct moans of pleasure, Adam knees him in the crotch, doubling his opponent forward.

With SMG clutching his assaulted balls, Adam shoves his opponent’s head between his gargantuan quads and squeezes. His legs flash hard and striated, the veins rising to the surface, as SMG’s screams of anguish are muffled between Adam’s upper legs, each one as thick as SMG’s waist. SMG’s body is shaking and convulsing in muffled sobs as he slowly drops to his knees, frantically trying to pull his opponent’s legs apart enough to pop free his head.
Adam slowly grinds his hips in tight rotations, his abdominals constricting in waves like a python. The irrepresible, cocky confidence of the SteelMuscleGod is reduced to sobs of pain as he tries punching his fists into the slabs of beef crushing his skull. The punches have no effect other than to bruise SMG’s knuckles. “When gods are brought to their knees, it’s time for them to do some worshipping,” Adam says, a light chuckle in his voice.
Again, I’m just saying…

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