Bodies Over Time

SteelMuscleGod continues to capture my imagination. His latest vid is straight out of my series on Bodies Over Time. SMG briefly documents his transformation from a sexy stud into, well, a Steel Muscle God.

The evolving, maturing body over time continues to fascinate me. This flesh and bone and pulsing blood is such an incredible structure, full of infinite delights and mystery. As SMG illustrates, it can be crafted deliberately, hammered out like steel on an iron, and shaped into a stunning display of strength and will.
Three years bear evidence of serious work molding this hunk’s body. His back, shoulders, biceps and forearms are dramatically larger. I can’t help but imagine his 2008 self encountering his 2005 self and demanding the relatively scrawny muscle-hopeful to fall on his knees.
It’s not only size. His different grooming regimens also fascinate me. His 2008 jock strap pic show’s off his fantastically furry thighs (and shapely ass, and rippled abs, etc.). As for me, I love me some thick, hairy, muscled legs, particularly wrapped around my abdomen and squeezing me dizzy. A year later, though, and SMG has shaved his legs in addition to adding significant mass and incredible definition. He’s one of the genetic freaks who can build thickly draped muscle mass around narrow joints, giving him some superhuman (godlike?) proportions. With his bigger, shaved style, SMG looks like he’s desperate to get someone’s head shoved between those weapons of erotic destruction.
It’s not as if in 2006 he wasn’t worth of my time. That patchy chest hair, the rippled abs, the brooding look… I’d have been happy to toss him around a ring, perhaps tie him into the ropes and wash some laundry across his washboard. But in 2009, his godlike proportions demand some serious attention. My delicates probably couldn’t survive the crystal cut of those shredded abs today, and if he kept tugging at his crotch like that, I’m sure I’d be too distracted to keep up my part of the battle.
Last I imagined, Adam400m had SMG bent over forward with his head squeezed tightly between Adam’s monster quads. Adam was squeezing so hard that SMG was sobbing in pain, uselessly pummeling the slabs of beef that are Adam’s quads. Adam’s taunting of SMG has the musclegod freshly enraged, though, and he’s flushed with a renewed burst of adrenaline. SMG plants his feet wide and hooks his arms around the backs of Adam’s crushing quads. Before Adam realizes what’s happening, SMG has illustrated his superhuman strength by lifting Adam off his feet. Standing fully erect, SMG still feels the crushing vice around his temples, but now Adam is vulnerably stretched down his opponent’s back, hanging on desperately to the musclegod’s head with his legs. Adam is sincerely stunned by the power move, but he remains hopeful as he hangs upside down with his face pressed tightly into SMG’s trunks wedgied high up his crack. Adam wraps his thick arms around the front of SMG’s waist and squeezes. Adam knows he’s vulnerable, but he’s determined to maintain the advantage.

His hopes are crushed when SMG charges backward, slamming his unsuspecting foe hard into the nearest wall. Suddenly, Adam has no air left in his lungs, and his legs and hands momentarily loose their grip. SMG steps away from the wall, and Adam falls limply, just managing to twist his upper body to avoid landing squarely on his head. Instead, he crashes onto his right shoulder, and then his muscled body slumps to the floor as pain lances across his upper body from his shoulder and neck. “You thought you could force a god to worship you?” SMG snarls deeply, looking down at his disoriented opponent with contempt. His chest heaves rapidly as the excess blood slowly drains from his face. He clenches his fists slowly and drops to his knees next to Adam.

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