What the Hell?

What the hell is Starz? Oh, wait… I actually have a subscription package that includes that cable channel! Who knew? Now that Superherofan has pointed out for me that there’s a new series on Starz called Spartacus: Blood and Sand, headlining lots of muscleboy gladiator nakedness, I know!
Who the hell is Andy Whitfield? From the looks of things, he’s the man of my dreams (who knew?)! His casting credits are seriously thin, but I’m ready to promise to buy every ticket to every movie he makes from now on (particularly if he shows his beautiful bare ass).

Who knew that the first century Roman slaves had asses as smooth as… well, as smooth as babies’ bottoms?! That is one shapely set of glutes, and the tan line is fantastic. For the love of God, someone has got to reach out and squeeze two handfuls of that for me! I do note that Andy’s Spartacus appears to have a shaggy, nasty head of hair and beard, but otherwise his body hair appears remarkably well-groomed, perhaps even overly so for some tastes.

I haven’t found the channel among the rats nest of unused cable channels that they force me to buy in order to get my Dexter/True Blood/Tudors fixes. But from what
Superherofan reports and what the Starz website promotes, there’s an abundance of hunky male nudity, bondage, fights and sex. Is Spartacus the new fix I need to tide me over until the last season of The Tudor’s hits the air? Who knows?
With stunningly hot Andy Whitfield naked, beaten, bare-assed and bound, I for one am ready to find out!

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