In the Mean Time

I have a major project due today, and it’s sucking up all my creative juices (which sounds much hotter than it really is). Never one to want to leave you hanging, I’ve pulled together some pics of a model crush,
Andrew Stetson.

A reader drew my attention to Andrew, based on my going on and on about hot bodies with tattoos. Andrew has both, and I was instantly smitten with him. The sight of Andrew toweling off, bare-assed in the bathtub, can get me up and eager any morning.
He’s quickly become the basis for a fictional character in my wrestling world. I’ve written him as smart, smooth, and cunning with a penchant for both inflicting humiliating suffering and getting the shit kicked out of him, depending on the context.
Of the many things I like about Andrew, the repeated pics of him tugging at his underwear is certainly one of them. The clear outline of his cock underneath his tighty whities doesn’t leave much to the imagination, which frees me to deploy my imagination elsewhere, such as devising scenes of Andrew helpless in someone’s over-the-knee backbreakers, his underwear hooked underneath his balls and that handful of pleasure squeezed tight in his opponent’s fist, just for humiliating kicks. Andrew stripped bare, beaten senseless, and splayed out vulnerably on the floor is quite an inspiring image for a wrestling kinkster like me.
Andrew is one of the most frequent characters to show up in my wrestling fiction fantasies to date, and he’s part of a story line that includes at least two more scenes to come pitting his tattooed gorgeousness against two other hardbody hunks. Once my current project is put to bed, I’ll enjoy an opportunity to finish up some matches I’ve been toiling away on for a couple of weeks now. Wish me luck! If all goes well, Andrew and his stunning blue eyes will have my full attention once again.

One thought on “In the Mean Time

  1. Thanks for the post! There's really something about him that sets him apart from alot of the fashion models out there. Maybe it's the tatts, the body, the face, the voice. Can never get enough of him!And I can't say enough about how much I've enjoyed your wrestling fictions. They are great! You have close to 70 amazing matches posted on your group and I can't wait to read more, especially your current project!

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