Homoerotic Wrestling Fiction

I’ve been catching up on a backlog of scorching hot homoerotic wrestling fiction submitted by a couple of excellent authors for the Sidelineland group.  I’ve been sitting on them a while, unfortunately, due to my diverted attention, but I’ve had time to get a few contributions posted in the past few days, and what a pleasure!

The stars of The Cave 9: Working it Out
Alex has two new chapters up in The Cave series.  If you haven’t read any of The Cave’s 9 chapters, smack yourself in the head and get caught up, because these most recent two matches are barnburners.  The many fans of The Cave know full well, and appreciate, the compelling drama charting the unraveling of the long-time best friendship between Cody and Ryan.  Once invincible sex wrestling stud, Cody, is The Bat to Ryan’s Bane, and big Ryan’s coconspirator, Pete, is more than ready to take Cody’s place as Ryan’s BFF (and sex puppy, and secretary, and life coach, and…).  The Cave 8: Working It Out documents the moment that the supervillainy honeymoon comes to a screeching halt, and Ryan and Pete turn heavyweight pent-up tension into a vicious, ass pounding mat match.

Cody is gorgeously stuck between a rock (Ryan) and a hard place (Ben) in The Cave 9: Three’s Company
Then in Chapter 9: Three’s Company, Alex has pulled together so many strings from the entire Cave series, but particularly chapters 7 and 8, for the sexiest three-way ring match I’ve ever read!  The slow burning grudge and long road to atonement between Cody and Ryan comes to a head with the addition of the incredibly hot catalyst of Cody’s (chapter 7) wrestling conquest/fuck buddy Ben more than holding his own, and indeed holding, squeezing and clawing his way into being an integral component of the high impact, fuck stakes reckoning of the former BFFs.

Big Sexy as Jobberinnyc’s “The Bartender”
The third new story I’ve posted to Sidelineland in the past few days is the sophomore contribution of Jobberinnyc, who’s given us a fantastic erotic wrestling fantasy between the wrestling kinked, 40 year old narrator and an unexpected, full contact, psychologically seductive home invasion of his 20-something hardbodied bartender.  Jobberinnyc told me that the title character was inspired my interview with my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestler, Kid Karisma, and the physical template of aptly named Big Sexy.  Now that’s a mind blowing combination!  And Jobberinnyc absolutely delivers what could easily be considered the manifesto for homoerotic wrestling jobbers everywhere.
The stars of the Producer’s Ring office beatdown Secretarial Pool 8, Nick Youngquest and Andrew Stetson

And one last bonus for you today comes from the pages of my homoerotic wrestling fiction collaborations.  A fan has been lobbying me for a while now to resurrect the career of deposed and humiliated former executive assistant and power hitter in the corporate world of my post-apocalyptic homoerotic wrestling universe, Andrew Stetson.  Andrew was a star in action and behind the scenes of several matches from the Producer’s Ring, and as added incentive to get me back to writing in the Producer’s Ring, and to get my fantasies back on the magic that Canadian model Andrew weaves in my imagination, a generous fan commissioned this graphic from one of Andrew’s most brutal matches.

Artist Guanino’s depiction of Nick Youngquest teaching Andrew Stetson a lesson he’ll never forget
From The Secretarial Pool 8, this is also one of my favorite out-of-the-ring images as well, in which Aussie sexbomb and rugby muscleboy Nick Youngquest locks the door of Andrew’s office to rip ‘n’ strip the upper management hottie and teach him a lesson in failing to exploit Nick’s talents to their fullest.  This match was a collaboration with another collaborator, Swito (still out there, Swito?  Haven’t heard from you in a while), who joined me in letting our imaginations run wild with picturing how homoerotic two hardbodied hunks can get when they’re locked up tight in a corporate office.  I particularly enjoy the creative use of Andrew’s tie, the last remaining item of clothing left to him, by the innovative and sadistic Aussie.  Extremely fine artist Guianino (who you MUST check out his blog and collection of homoerotic art!!!) has captured this moment from the story beautifully!

Indeed, I’m inspired!  I’ve been getting words on the page recently with a couple of Sidelineland projects and a couple of Producer’s Ring matches as well (sign up for access to the full archives if you haven’t already, and send me your works of original fiction to share, too!).  It’s good to be writing again, and it’s even better to enjoy the collective efforts of so many creative artists sharing the joy of homoerotic wrestling.

Catching Up

I had an awfully sweet message come across the Producer’s Ring group, just checking in to make sure that I was okay after about two and a half month’s absence from posting new fictional wrestling matches. It’s nice to be missed! Once I’ve got a crazy-ass major project under control for work, I’ll be thrilled to be back to writing more wrestling fiction. Perhaps more relevant to you, I’ll also be happy to share what I write.

On an unrelated note, I thought I’d update you about my hacked email account. I changed all my security settings, but my account was continuing to be used to send spam to my small list of contacts. Worse, my hope that perhaps the spammer was a hot, ripped young punk (picture Johnny Lee Miller via Hackers… I am…) just wanting to stir things up and perhaps grab my attention for an invitation to wrestle, appears to be unfounded (the coward). I’ve killed off that email account in the hopes that a slash and burn approach will kill the invader’s opportunity to annoy my online friends. My email access has migrated, and I feel somewhere in between a full-on resurrection and an enlistment in the witness protection program.

I’ve also noted, as has an eagle-eyed reader, that some of the muses for my homoerotic wrestling fiction has been showing up in the internet spotlight in the past couple of days. Every time there’s a new photo shoot of Andrew Stetson, I get requests to revive his role as a player in the Producer’s Ring secretarial pool. His selection as Socialite Life’s Male Model Monday boy earned him another pitch from a reader wanting to see him in action again. If only Andrew knew the profoundly loyal fans he has among the homoerotic wrestling crowd!

I totally get it. Andrew’s a smoking hot model. I love his ink. I love his eyes. I adore his abs. I’m a little intoxicated with staring at the boa constrictor that appears to be coiled up in the pouch of his underwear.

I’ll have to double check my story line, but I think for there to be any semblance of literary continuity, Andrew will have to be pulled off of duty as Luke’s personal whipping boy in order to find himself front and center, starring in another Producer’s Ring wrestling match. He’s been seriously crushed in body, mind, and spirit, and seeing him again will be nothing short of a resurrection. As is evidenced by my feelings at claiming a new email address, that’s not out of the question. Whether he’s resurrected in the manner of Calvary or more like Pet Sematary, remains to be seen.

I was also pleased to see over at Homotrophy another muse, namely Bernardo Velasco, has momentarily claimed the front page. Bernardo showed up as the model for a fighter in the most recent chapter of my superhero series at Sidelineland. I received a couple of comments adoring his tag team partner in that story, but no one has mentioned being quite as enamored with Bernardo as I am.

And speaking of smuggling astonishing wildlife in the pouch of your underwear… holy shit. Can you develop lower back problems hoisting around that much mass hanging from your crotch? Good lord almighty, if anyone has a pic of Bernardo’s cock, you must send it to me immediately. We’ll negotiate your reward.

In my imagination, Bernardo’s form is transposed onto a character I’ve dubbed “Remote” for his power to manipulate his opponents’ bodies telekinetically. Indeed, he has our protagonist, Nova, in a bad way, beating the living crap out of him from across the arena. He has Nova in a bad way, that is, until Nova remembers that he also has an ability to manipulate his opponents from a distance. In Nova’s case, it’s the ability to ignite his opponent’s libido, and once Nova grabs hold of the initiative, he quickly has Remote gasping defenseless on his knees with precum dripping from the head of his cock “like a leaky faucet.”

If anyone has a picture of Bernardo specifically in that situation, you can pretty much name your price.

In any case, despite my absence from posting new fiction, and despite the death of the email address I’ve had for years, I’m still alive, still obsessed with homoerotic wrestling, and looking forward to more fully engaging my imagination for my (and, by extension, your) entertainment soon.

Year in Review – Favorite Moment #2

My second favorite moment in blogging in 2010 has been the rise of the collaborative spirit in my little homoerotic wrestling fiction universe. Late last year I started a sister-site to my homoerotic wrestling fiction collection, the Producer’s Ring. Sidelineland was intended to be a place where writers and readers could share their original fiction, give and receive feedback, and collaborate on projects. I’ve posted several of my non-Producer’s Ring-related fiction there, including some BG East fantasy fiction as well as my stab at a reader-request superhero piece that I’m getting more and more into as I’m starting to write chapter 4.

I was thrilled to see reader contributions start to come in for Sidelineland in 2010. Nipmuck, Austin, Swito, Bearhugs and Robeboy have all put up some hot wrestling fiction text to share. I find that reading the wrestling fiction of others is a major turn-on. Stepping into the imagination of another wrestling kinkster and being drawn to the details that spark their kink arousal is potent, intimate, arousing stuff, as far a I’m concerned.

Another sweet turn-on has been collaborating on stories with other authors. I can be a little bit of a control freak, so I wasn’t sure how this would turn out. When Swito first proposed a joint project, I was eager but cautious. He was keen to get his hands into the plotline of the Secretarial Pool in the Producer’s Ring, just as I was loosing some steam with that plot. Swito’s got a soft spot for Andrew Stetson, and he’s got something understandably hard for Andrew taking a beating. So Andrew’s surprise beatdown and fall from grace at the hands of Aussie Rugby centerfold Nick Youngquest emerged from Swito’s first authorship and my filling in some details here and there. Part 2 of that story was also a joint effort, with me picking up the primary text as Nick handed Andrew over to Ashton for a full squash reckoning of Andrew’s overdrawn accounts.

A third collaboration with Swito last Spring was 95% his concepts and text, with me just tinkering at the margins. He wrote the fantastic scenario of Chris Hemsworth getting a reality check on his way to collect the fame and fortune that’s just about to cash in from playing the Norse god/superhero Thor. My #1 vampire crush, Alexander Skarsgård, was one Swede none to happy that Hollywood passed over true Norsemen to hand the legendary role to an upstart Aussie.

This autumn I was approached by Bearhugs who wanted to suggest a match for me to write, but I cleverly turned the tables on him and made him co-author the piece with me. The story of a closet-case conservative political operative who gets worked over physically, sexually, and psychologically by a hot sado/wrestling kinked “threesome” (also the title of the match) was very much a joint effort.

To follow up, Bearhugs recently sent me a pro-wrestling match of his own (now posted at Sidelineland as “Shane’s Big Break,”) cleverly turning the tables back on me with a cocky little challenge for me to write “part 2” of Shane’s Big Break, as the action continues in the locker room. Never one to back down from a challenge (and, not surprisingly, turned on by it), I’m already  working on a draft of how things turn from bad to worse for poor Shane who was just hoping for a square shot at pro-wrestling stardom.

The final collaboration that I’m celebrating this year developed from an email request from Metellus. He’s been hands-on every step of the way as we’re working to bring his BG East fantasy match to life, soon to be posted at Sidelineland. Metellus has supplied the protagonist (breakout blond South African sixpack model, Cobus Jonker), and together we’ve selected for his debut bout one of the most merciless masked musclehunks that BGE has to offer, The Enforcer. At first glance, it seems like Cobus finds his way into the ring with BGE’s resident beast-of-few-words out of sheer chance, but he turns out to be no doe-eyed rookie being led like a lamb to slaughter. Enforcer has his big, strong hands quite full, and the boys of BGE can’t help but be impressed with Cobus’ bid to set up shop as their new resident babyface heel.

Damn, I love this! Even my massively endowed imagination (if I do say so myself) couldn’t have thought up all of these fantastically hot scenarios on my own. The give and take, the ins and outs of homoerotic wrestling fiction collaborations have been thoroughly delightful, inspiring, and absolutely arousing. As I toast to a year of working together, I’m also hoping to read more from the imaginations of more wrestling kinksters in the new year, and looking forward to continued successful collaborations to come!

Taking Nominations

The clouds are beginning to break, and I’m anticipating some time opening up in the next few days to get back to one of my favorite past-times: writing
homoerotic wrestling fiction for fun. My mind is always drifting into imagining the sights, sounds, and smells (tastes… feels…) of two (sometimes more) beautiful men in sweaty, body-on-body competition. Brutes, beasts and babyfaces all make regular appearances in my imagined wrestling bouts, but I have a soft spot for the sight of pretty boys in an ugly battle.

My frequent co-conspirator Swito lets me know that he shares a lot of my kinks and tastes, including a taste for the picture of a male model in a fierce fight. In my wrestling fantasy world, the Producer’s Ring, male models populate the ranks of the bureaucrats of the entertainment-industrial complex. Sometimes the “secretarial pool” battles with the actors, disciplining the out-of-control egos of the headliner talents who frequently forget their place. Occasionally, they secretarial pool has broken out into intramural bouts as the pretty boys do battle with one another.
It appears that there’s a new position opening up in Brody Productions, and a new executive assistant will be hired soon to join the ranks of the secretarial pool. The qualifications are, as always, a pretty face, a body made for battle, a healthy dose of near-overconfidence, and a readiness to step into character in the Producer’s Ring. A few of the current executive assistants have been based on talents such as Ben Godfre, Andrew Stetson, Luke Guldan, Miro Moreira, and Wendell Lissimore.
As with every significant decision in the world of the Producer’s Ring, the decision as to who will join the ranks of the secretarial pool will come down to a wrestling tournament. Eight extremely eager male models will be given a shot at earning a seat at the producer’s table. Now the only question is who will be the boys with the balls to show up for what will surely be a brutal battle of pretty faces.
Swito has nominated babyface Ellis McCreadie for an invitation to the tournament. As always, Swito’s taste is impeccable. Now we’re looking for seven more body-beautifuls to put their asses on the line for a shot at a job. Fitness models, fashion models… hell, hand models could all be considered, but whoever shows up better be ready for a nasty competition that will leave most, if not all competitors, a little less pretty. As you can probably guess, tats are always a plus, but not required. Any nominations from the floor?

In the Mean Time

I have a major project due today, and it’s sucking up all my creative juices (which sounds much hotter than it really is). Never one to want to leave you hanging, I’ve pulled together some pics of a model crush,
Andrew Stetson.

A reader drew my attention to Andrew, based on my going on and on about hot bodies with tattoos. Andrew has both, and I was instantly smitten with him. The sight of Andrew toweling off, bare-assed in the bathtub, can get me up and eager any morning.
He’s quickly become the basis for a fictional character in my wrestling world. I’ve written him as smart, smooth, and cunning with a penchant for both inflicting humiliating suffering and getting the shit kicked out of him, depending on the context.
Of the many things I like about Andrew, the repeated pics of him tugging at his underwear is certainly one of them. The clear outline of his cock underneath his tighty whities doesn’t leave much to the imagination, which frees me to deploy my imagination elsewhere, such as devising scenes of Andrew helpless in someone’s over-the-knee backbreakers, his underwear hooked underneath his balls and that handful of pleasure squeezed tight in his opponent’s fist, just for humiliating kicks. Andrew stripped bare, beaten senseless, and splayed out vulnerably on the floor is quite an inspiring image for a wrestling kinkster like me.
Andrew is one of the most frequent characters to show up in my wrestling fiction fantasies to date, and he’s part of a story line that includes at least two more scenes to come pitting his tattooed gorgeousness against two other hardbody hunks. Once my current project is put to bed, I’ll enjoy an opportunity to finish up some matches I’ve been toiling away on for a couple of weeks now. Wish me luck! If all goes well, Andrew and his stunning blue eyes will have my full attention once again.

A Dish Best Served Cold

Imagine, if you will, a world in which male models are inexplicably, innately, supremely talented in managing and manipulating people. Then imagine a bodybuilder turned fitness model challenging a fashion model and a fashion-model-turned-actor-turned-fashion-model to a 2 on 1 grappling contest. The fitness model does better than one might expect with two vicious competitors coming at him from all angles at once. But in the end, he’s tagged, bagged, and mounted (so to speak).

I posted pretty much that story line in my celebrity wrestling fiction group about three weeks ago. Hopefully it was a little more graceful and engaging than the cliff notes. To my genuine surprise, although the match received some kind compliments, there were several opinions voiced calling for a rematch. Reading between the lines, some readers expressed their confidence that given another shot, hot hardbody Luke could dismantle and humiliate Andrew and Ashton in devastating fashion.
As for me, I sincerely wasn’t sure that Luke was up for it. But okay, I let him take a shot. I posted yesterday the follow up to Luke’s humiliating defeat. I hate teasers that give too much away, but I realize that I’m no Agatha Christie. So here’s a decisive moment to give you an idea of what I’m talking about:

In a flash, Luke went from rubbing Ashton’s hair affectionately to grabbing a handful of the hair in his fist. With his left hand, Luke grabbed the waistband of Ashton’s underwear and yanked upward. Twisting his powerful torso, Luke jerked Ashton forward, sending the top of his head crashing hard into the nearby wall. The sickening dull thud of Ashton’s skull impacting against the wall echoed around the room. Ashton bounced away from the wall and fell to his ass, his eyes rolling into the top of his head as his torso swayed from side to side. Andrew threw himself off the wall and charged over. “That’s just about enough of that, mother fucker!”

Luke turned and faced Andrew squarely. He pounded his massive pecs with his fists fiercely and snarled, “We’re just getting started!” Andrew stopped in his tracks, suddenly realizing that Luke had planned this confrontation all along. Luke’s muscles were pumped. His body was shining with a layer of sweat. And he looked like he could rip a fire hydrant out of the sidewalk.

“Oh fuck,” Andrew said, suddenly reversing course and taking two quick steps backward. It was too late, though, as Luke launched himself diving across the distance between them. Spearing Andrew’s midsection with his right shoulder, Luke lifted him off his feet and threw him hard to his back.

If text-based wrestling captures your interest, you can check out this wonderful world filled with hot, hard hunks pounding on one another for their bread and butter. Comments are always welcome, including gentle critiques. Story ideas are even better. And the best of all is the fan cocky enough to rip off his shirt and throw himself into the action (as in, submit some wrestling fiction of your own to share)!