Taking Nominations

The clouds are beginning to break, and I’m anticipating some time opening up in the next few days to get back to one of my favorite past-times: writing
homoerotic wrestling fiction for fun. My mind is always drifting into imagining the sights, sounds, and smells (tastes… feels…) of two (sometimes more) beautiful men in sweaty, body-on-body competition. Brutes, beasts and babyfaces all make regular appearances in my imagined wrestling bouts, but I have a soft spot for the sight of pretty boys in an ugly battle.

My frequent co-conspirator Swito lets me know that he shares a lot of my kinks and tastes, including a taste for the picture of a male model in a fierce fight. In my wrestling fantasy world, the Producer’s Ring, male models populate the ranks of the bureaucrats of the entertainment-industrial complex. Sometimes the “secretarial pool” battles with the actors, disciplining the out-of-control egos of the headliner talents who frequently forget their place. Occasionally, they secretarial pool has broken out into intramural bouts as the pretty boys do battle with one another.
It appears that there’s a new position opening up in Brody Productions, and a new executive assistant will be hired soon to join the ranks of the secretarial pool. The qualifications are, as always, a pretty face, a body made for battle, a healthy dose of near-overconfidence, and a readiness to step into character in the Producer’s Ring. A few of the current executive assistants have been based on talents such as Ben Godfre, Andrew Stetson, Luke Guldan, Miro Moreira, and Wendell Lissimore.
As with every significant decision in the world of the Producer’s Ring, the decision as to who will join the ranks of the secretarial pool will come down to a wrestling tournament. Eight extremely eager male models will be given a shot at earning a seat at the producer’s table. Now the only question is who will be the boys with the balls to show up for what will surely be a brutal battle of pretty faces.
Swito has nominated babyface Ellis McCreadie for an invitation to the tournament. As always, Swito’s taste is impeccable. Now we’re looking for seven more body-beautifuls to put their asses on the line for a shot at a job. Fitness models, fashion models… hell, hand models could all be considered, but whoever shows up better be ready for a nasty competition that will leave most, if not all competitors, a little less pretty. As you can probably guess, tats are always a plus, but not required. Any nominations from the floor?

Wrestling Ink

Beautiful tattoos are, of course, in the eye of the beholder. As for me, I enjoy a beautiful, colorful, well-placed tattoo on a gorgeous body. Brazilian model Miro Moreira is a perfect example of a stunning man made even more beautiful by a fantastic (and fantastically placed) tattoo. How can you resist just yanking down his trunks to get a better look at that amazing ink on that beautiful round ass? Wrestling tats are also an entirely subjective matter. Some inked wrestlers, like Can-Am’s Kevin from Muscle Wrestling 1, bring ink to the mat that tells a whole story in and of itself. Wrestling naked with the word “SLAVE” tattooed just above one’s crotch is, undeniably, quite a bit more revealing that nakedness alone would be. Some inked wrestlers, like BG East’s “German stud-god” Wolf Schmidt from Motel Madness U.K. 4, seem to have amazing bodies that get lost behind a bit too much ink. David Taylor, from several recent Can-Am and Jet Set productions, looks absolutely stunning in his very colorful ink. As he grapples, his ink flexes and stretches in an incredibly sexy fashion without hiding anything. Like Moreira, Taylor’s ink is artfully beautiful, provocative, and utterly lickable. Not all tattoos look good on all people, under all circumstances. But when it works, it’s so hot!