Family Drama… the Most Brutal Drama of All!

I’ve recently put pen to page for the first time in months, writing new homoerotic wrestling fiction. The break in this long dry spell feels like a fresh spring shower. It’ll probably be a while before I have something in shape to publish, but in the mean time, Alex has written a piece especially for the Producer’s Ring that has me dizzy with delight.  For those who don’t know, the Producer’s Ring is a creation of mine, comprised of a universe in which geopolitical power has been subsumed under the elites of the entertainment-industrial complex.  The most powerful man on earth is Eli Brody, who makes all of the most important decisions in casting the hunks of entertainment by relying on homoerotic wrestling competitions. It’s a quirky universe formed out of my own kinks and fantasies, pitting celebrity muscles against one another in ranging degrees of explicit erotic competition. One of the more explicit venues in the Producer’s Ring is the series of “Focus Group” matches, set in a Seattle bathhouse. With an all-gay, sexed up audience looking on, celebrities desperate to demonstrate that they’ve got what it takes to win fans battle in nothing but a terrycloth towel (though I don’t think anyone has managed to keep their towel on through an entire match). “Winning” is as much about inspiring the sexual fantasies of the Focus Group as it is about coming out on top in the bare naked physical confrontation.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted a new story to Producer’s Ring, but yesterday I had the pleasure of publishing a Focus Group match written by Alex.

Chris Hemworth dripping wet.

Alex has done a fantastic job of capturing the quirks and idiosyncrasies of the Producer’s Ring, and he’s written a stunningly sexy brother-on-brother Focus Group confrontation between Chris and Liam Hemsworth.  As if in reply, the Chris Hemsworth PR machine (in the real-life universe) just allowed Thor to be captured soaking wet and ripped to shreds wrapped in terrycloth at the beach.

Chris makes terrycloth look so good!

Chris made me a believer in packing on the beef for his divinely hot superhero performances. That  body!  6’3″ and stacked like a comic book superhero, this blond bombshell inspires an infinite supply of homoerotic wrestling fantasies in my imagination. But when I heard that Chris has an aspiring actor “little” brother who’s also 6’3″ and a tasty side of beef, my brother-on-brother fetish was absolutely tweaked. “Little” Liam is nowhere near the muscle boy that his big (BIG) brother is, but hell yeah! I’d lick him from head to toe and make him forget Billy Ray’s daughter with an over-the-knee backbreaker blow job any day of the week!

“Little” Liam Hemsworth looks to follow in his brother’s footsteps?

Thor, the Huntsman… Chris is clearly a rising stock in Hollywood. But so is Liam. The little Hemsworth got oiled up and eroticized in his breakout role opposite now-fiance’ Miley, and he’s riding a PR bulldozer in the franchise of Hunger Games. Hollywood could very well be big enough for two sexy-beast Aussie brothers, of course. But in the Producer’s Ring? Highly unlikely!

Liam glows with a sheen of sweat and perky nips.

Alex’ Focus Group match tells a story that my homoerotic wrestling imagination is aching for: Hemsworth v Hemsworth. Terrycloth towels (only briefly) wrapped around their waists… stimulated bathhouse gayboys watching on and working up a wave of passion… big, beautiful muscle on big, beautiful muscle! A backstory of hard feelings that always arise from the bullying of big brothers makes this a fantastic drama and a outrageously sexy combat.

Liam prepares for the mind games of the Producer’s Ring.

Love, love, love this match! Alex has permission to write for Producer’s Ring anytime! As for me, having watched Hunger Games and only read the first book, I just have to scratch my head and wonder what magic Liam is smuggling in his trunks to make his character in Games the leading man choice over gorgeously and adorably nerdilicious hunk with a superhero square jaw, Josh Hutcherson.

I’d kick a Hemsworth to the curb for a shot at this alpha dog!

I smell a grudge match shaping up!

Year in Review – Favorite Moment #2

My second favorite moment in blogging in 2010 has been the rise of the collaborative spirit in my little homoerotic wrestling fiction universe. Late last year I started a sister-site to my homoerotic wrestling fiction collection, the Producer’s Ring. Sidelineland was intended to be a place where writers and readers could share their original fiction, give and receive feedback, and collaborate on projects. I’ve posted several of my non-Producer’s Ring-related fiction there, including some BG East fantasy fiction as well as my stab at a reader-request superhero piece that I’m getting more and more into as I’m starting to write chapter 4.

I was thrilled to see reader contributions start to come in for Sidelineland in 2010. Nipmuck, Austin, Swito, Bearhugs and Robeboy have all put up some hot wrestling fiction text to share. I find that reading the wrestling fiction of others is a major turn-on. Stepping into the imagination of another wrestling kinkster and being drawn to the details that spark their kink arousal is potent, intimate, arousing stuff, as far a I’m concerned.

Another sweet turn-on has been collaborating on stories with other authors. I can be a little bit of a control freak, so I wasn’t sure how this would turn out. When Swito first proposed a joint project, I was eager but cautious. He was keen to get his hands into the plotline of the Secretarial Pool in the Producer’s Ring, just as I was loosing some steam with that plot. Swito’s got a soft spot for Andrew Stetson, and he’s got something understandably hard for Andrew taking a beating. So Andrew’s surprise beatdown and fall from grace at the hands of Aussie Rugby centerfold Nick Youngquest emerged from Swito’s first authorship and my filling in some details here and there. Part 2 of that story was also a joint effort, with me picking up the primary text as Nick handed Andrew over to Ashton for a full squash reckoning of Andrew’s overdrawn accounts.

A third collaboration with Swito last Spring was 95% his concepts and text, with me just tinkering at the margins. He wrote the fantastic scenario of Chris Hemsworth getting a reality check on his way to collect the fame and fortune that’s just about to cash in from playing the Norse god/superhero Thor. My #1 vampire crush, Alexander Skarsgård, was one Swede none to happy that Hollywood passed over true Norsemen to hand the legendary role to an upstart Aussie.

This autumn I was approached by Bearhugs who wanted to suggest a match for me to write, but I cleverly turned the tables on him and made him co-author the piece with me. The story of a closet-case conservative political operative who gets worked over physically, sexually, and psychologically by a hot sado/wrestling kinked “threesome” (also the title of the match) was very much a joint effort.

To follow up, Bearhugs recently sent me a pro-wrestling match of his own (now posted at Sidelineland as “Shane’s Big Break,”) cleverly turning the tables back on me with a cocky little challenge for me to write “part 2” of Shane’s Big Break, as the action continues in the locker room. Never one to back down from a challenge (and, not surprisingly, turned on by it), I’m already  working on a draft of how things turn from bad to worse for poor Shane who was just hoping for a square shot at pro-wrestling stardom.

The final collaboration that I’m celebrating this year developed from an email request from Metellus. He’s been hands-on every step of the way as we’re working to bring his BG East fantasy match to life, soon to be posted at Sidelineland. Metellus has supplied the protagonist (breakout blond South African sixpack model, Cobus Jonker), and together we’ve selected for his debut bout one of the most merciless masked musclehunks that BGE has to offer, The Enforcer. At first glance, it seems like Cobus finds his way into the ring with BGE’s resident beast-of-few-words out of sheer chance, but he turns out to be no doe-eyed rookie being led like a lamb to slaughter. Enforcer has his big, strong hands quite full, and the boys of BGE can’t help but be impressed with Cobus’ bid to set up shop as their new resident babyface heel.

Damn, I love this! Even my massively endowed imagination (if I do say so myself) couldn’t have thought up all of these fantastically hot scenarios on my own. The give and take, the ins and outs of homoerotic wrestling fiction collaborations have been thoroughly delightful, inspiring, and absolutely arousing. As I toast to a year of working together, I’m also hoping to read more from the imaginations of more wrestling kinksters in the new year, and looking forward to continued successful collaborations to come!

Gods and Men

Clearly the PR machine is working overtime to get us all hot and bothered in anticipation of the movie release of Thor.

Mission accomplished. I’ve been skeptical of the casting of doe-eyed Aussie, Chris Hemsworth, as the Norse god of war. First of all, Chris hasn’t really had the physique of a godly superhero. That appears to have changed.

Holy hell. Chris has clearly taken his preparation for this role seriously. I confess that I doubted his potential to bulk up this much and stay ripped. I’m thrilled to be proven wrong. Chris has taken a couple nasty, humiliating beatings in the fictional wrestling matches that play through my imagination. If he steps back into that world, I think he’ll be bringing some impressive new artillery to the game.

The new teasers promoting plenty of Chris’ blond, beautiful bod seem to me to be squarely aimed at those of us looking for burly, aggressive, muscle eye candy. I know of at least one Swede who took exception to the casting of the Aussie for a Norse god, leading to the fictional wrestling match between Alexander Skarsgård and Chris in which Chris is handed his sweet ass and fireman’s-carried out the door. I have to wonder what the children of Odin think about the new teaser, and I can’t help but speculate about what a rematch might look like, with Chris’ new divine physique fully realized. In my imagination, Alexander is a nasty, brutal, take-no-prisoners sadist who hasn’t met an opponent he can’t crush to tears. A rematch with new and improved Chris seems ripe with possibilities to test the Swede like he’s never been tested before.

I predict that hair will come in handy, however it turns out.

Novel Ideas

My last post concerning superheroes and “masculine behaviors” brought to mind for me a reader request. It’s been about a year since a reader of my homoerotic wrestling fiction put out a request for a superhero wrestling story. I’ve taken several starts at this task, and I find it daunting. I put in some serious time in on a superhero angle this spring. I even shopped it around to a collaborator, but I set it aside when I found it still lacking some motivation.
What is there to be done with superheroes that hasn’t already been done and isn’t currently under way? Superheroes are paradigmatically graphic comic based, and that homoerotic angle is handled much more effectively over at Rants Roids n Rasslin than I ever could with primarily text-based fiction. Projecting major heartthrob Hollywood hunks (as populates the Producer’s Ring) with superhero alter-egos seems downright redundant with the steady stream of beautiful men hitting the big and small screens as classic superheroes.
So I’ve been in search of an angle. I’ve been aiming for something along the lines of a Gregory Maquire treatment of a classic fairy tale. Just provoking a reader’s imagination with text, what sort of warped, engaging reality might be crafted that can strike a different angle on superheroes? And in particular, how might a superhero angle in text-form center on wrestling kink, which is really what I’m primarily about?
I think I have some renewed energy and inspiration to dust off the match I’d begun many months ago. It’s certainly a sideline, so I’ll be dropping it into the Sidelineland wrestling fiction group (which is also wanting for some contributions from others). I’m sure there will be some familiar themes that regular readers will recognize from other works of mine, including power and the erotic, high stakes competition, and beautiful men wrestling for fortune and glory. Hopefully there will be something novel as well, and hopefully there’s still an audience interested in my take on superheroes.

Wish me luck. Share your ideas. Keep reading, writing, and imagining.

Down (Under) with Padding

I literally have my hands full today, so this will have to be short and, hopefully sweet. Here’s apparently the first still from the upcoming movie, Thor.

I’m not sure if I’d have chosen this particular picture as the first teaser. Chris Hemsworth looks about 20 years older than he is from this angle. And the suit is… underwhelming me so far. I know that comic-heads get radically agitated about which costumes and styles are authentic to what artist and rendition of comic book heroes. But as for me, my criteria are simple. Show me the Norse god in muscle-hugging tights and bare, superhumanly muscled arms or don’t bother.
You know and I know (and I know you know) that I’ll be watching this flick. But compared to the teaser stills of Prince of Persia, Thor is looking a little doubtful to me so far. No wonder that in my fantasy world where all casting decisions rely on homoerotic wrestling competitions, Chris Hemsworth had to be severely punished and humiliated by Alexander Skarsgård, who he beat out for this part. If Chris is all hair extensions and padded suits, the scandic children of Thor should be majorly offended.

I Need a Hero

In a world full of politicians who check the polls before they decide whether to take a piss, where people who sell coffee are legally required to give written notice to customers that their hot beverage may be hot, where a televised same-sex kiss in prime-time still merits a parental advisory… I need a hero. I need to imagine that someone out there is courageous, selfless, and duty-bound to use his dominating power in defense of the powerless.
Oh, and this guy really has to be gorgeous with the body of a Greek god. So just to recap, Ryan Reynolds will be starring as Green Lantern in an upcoming production that I will be desperate to see. Ryan Reynolds in a skin tight superhero outfit… that image has been blatantly plagiarized from my erotic imagination. Well, not really, considering Ryan already played an anti-hero in Wolverine.
Ryan plays the smart ass comic so well, I’ll be interested to see if he can pull off the larger than life, inherently melodramatic portrayal of a defender of the universe. In my imagination, of course, he had to win this role by literally beating out both Bradley Cooper and Justin Timberlake at the same time, which he succeeded in doing in a all-naked double choke-out (how else?).
Also previously announced, Australian hot commodity, Chris Hemsworth will be starring soon in the movie adaptation of the Norse god turned comic book hero, Thor. I was seriously doubtful about this casting, but I’m getting more convinced with each new shot of Chris I see. He’s clearly putting on slabs of muscle.

Chris and his brother,
Liam, were recently photographed in a fight (well, sort of…), outside a bar in Hollywood. The snarling look on both Hemsworth boys’ faces has inspired me to start thinking about a brothers team tournament in the Producer’s Ring. Indicative of his skyrocketing Hollywood career, Chris has already shown up twice in the Producer’s Ring, both times getting seriously (and satisfyingly) worked over.

The most recent casting announcement to tickle my fantasy is Chris Evans as Captain America. Chris has the body of a gay pornboy, and any movie with him fully clothed is blatant disregard for his true calling. His hairy torso is just about the most sexual thing I’ve seen on the big screen. His body was almost too distracting in his previous foray into superherodom, as Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four.

Like Ryan, I think Chris has an extra burden of toning down his natural comedic skills to play it straight, particularly for Captain America. Of course, he’s already the stuff of my wrestling fantasies, appearing against Ryan in an early match in the Producer’s Ring. In that match, both boys had to battle their inner class clowns to stay focused on hammering the smirk off of each other’s faces. Chris took a particularly savage turn in that bout, surprising even himself with the depths he would plumb to conquer his hardbody opponent.
Reynolds, Hemsworth and Evans are excellent answers to my need for a hero these days. I’m fully supportive of more superheroes in my life. So squeeze into that spandex, pump up the pecs, and take on evil with that cocky self-assurance that, in the end, whether you start the fight or not, you’ll be man enough to finish it.

Gay Wrestling Fiction

I finally had time (and recovered enough from my cold) to do some more writing this weekend. I managed to crank out two wrestling matches, for those interested in gay wrestling fiction. The first match I posted to my celebrity wrestling fiction group, the
Producer’s Ring, pitting an ever more massive Christian Bale against an untested Chris Hemsworth. The match-up emerged from a reader recommendation, and I enjoyed the notion of the grappling veteran picking out promising talent to test both himself and the new crop of contenders. Here’s a quick moment from the action…

“Chris held the torture rack for a half a minute, but Christian continued to chuckle and taunt him. “Make me hurt, boy!” Christian said through gritted teeth. Chris slowly began walking in a tight circle in the middle of the mats, his knees wobbling with each step before locking out. With each stride, Christian grunted in pain, but he never stopped chuckling. Frustrated, Chris came to a halt in the center of the room. Releasing his grasp, he dropped Christian, who fell hard from the 6’3” frame upon which he’d been captured. Christian crashed to the mats directly behind Chris. Chris doubled forward, gasping, placing his hands on his knees, catching his breath. After a moment to recover, he turned around. Looking down at Christian, who lay on the mat on his back, Chris leaned down to scoop him up again. Before he laid a finger on him, Christian’s right fist shot between Chris’ legs and crunched upward into his balls.”

Since posting a fictional match pitting my long time obsessions, Brad Rochelle and Mitch Colby, against one another, I fielded a few requests for another match set in the BG East universe. With the writing bug upon me, I also polished off a new match, giving Brad a shot at another one of the new cocky body-beautifuls who’ve been hot in BG East (and in my imagination) in recent months: Tyrell Tomsen. After enjoying Tyrell’s pounding on Braden Charron, I was inspired by the notion that Tyrell is collecting his opponents’ clothing. So in this match, Tyrell shows up already wearing Brad’s boots, and the battle is waged over who’ll walk out of the ring in possession of the boots.

“I said…” Tyrell began, driving the heel of his right boot into the side of Brad’s head. Brad dropped to his side, his hands instinctively rising to protect his head. “I said…” Tyrell continued, “that these boots don’t have your name on them, mother fucker!” Again, Tyrell stomped the heel of his right boot, this time driving into Brad’s hip. Brad’s back arched away from the blow, and he rolled over to his stomach. Tyrell positioned himself next to his opponent once again, then hopped into the air before driving the heel of his boot into the small of Brad’s back. “So keep your fucking hands off!”

Check out the BG East match at the FantasyBGEwrestling Yahoo group (not my group, just where I’ve posted a couple matches), or read more of my celebrity wrestling fiction in the Producer’s Ring (my google group… don’t be afraid of the sign-up. I’m just trying to screen out the haters). If you’re interested in sharing some original short stories, let me know. I’m always interested in getting feedback, and I’m happy to offer it to others as well.