Novel Ideas

My last post concerning superheroes and “masculine behaviors” brought to mind for me a reader request. It’s been about a year since a reader of my homoerotic wrestling fiction put out a request for a superhero wrestling story. I’ve taken several starts at this task, and I find it daunting. I put in some serious time in on a superhero angle this spring. I even shopped it around to a collaborator, but I set it aside when I found it still lacking some motivation.
What is there to be done with superheroes that hasn’t already been done and isn’t currently under way? Superheroes are paradigmatically graphic comic based, and that homoerotic angle is handled much more effectively over at Rants Roids n Rasslin than I ever could with primarily text-based fiction. Projecting major heartthrob Hollywood hunks (as populates the Producer’s Ring) with superhero alter-egos seems downright redundant with the steady stream of beautiful men hitting the big and small screens as classic superheroes.
So I’ve been in search of an angle. I’ve been aiming for something along the lines of a Gregory Maquire treatment of a classic fairy tale. Just provoking a reader’s imagination with text, what sort of warped, engaging reality might be crafted that can strike a different angle on superheroes? And in particular, how might a superhero angle in text-form center on wrestling kink, which is really what I’m primarily about?
I think I have some renewed energy and inspiration to dust off the match I’d begun many months ago. It’s certainly a sideline, so I’ll be dropping it into the Sidelineland wrestling fiction group (which is also wanting for some contributions from others). I’m sure there will be some familiar themes that regular readers will recognize from other works of mine, including power and the erotic, high stakes competition, and beautiful men wrestling for fortune and glory. Hopefully there will be something novel as well, and hopefully there’s still an audience interested in my take on superheroes.

Wish me luck. Share your ideas. Keep reading, writing, and imagining.

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