Gods and Men

Clearly the PR machine is working overtime to get us all hot and bothered in anticipation of the movie release of Thor.

Mission accomplished. I’ve been skeptical of the casting of doe-eyed Aussie, Chris Hemsworth, as the Norse god of war. First of all, Chris hasn’t really had the physique of a godly superhero. That appears to have changed.

Holy hell. Chris has clearly taken his preparation for this role seriously. I confess that I doubted his potential to bulk up this much and stay ripped. I’m thrilled to be proven wrong. Chris has taken a couple nasty, humiliating beatings in the fictional wrestling matches that play through my imagination. If he steps back into that world, I think he’ll be bringing some impressive new artillery to the game.

The new teasers promoting plenty of Chris’ blond, beautiful bod seem to me to be squarely aimed at those of us looking for burly, aggressive, muscle eye candy. I know of at least one Swede who took exception to the casting of the Aussie for a Norse god, leading to the fictional wrestling match between Alexander Skarsgård and Chris in which Chris is handed his sweet ass and fireman’s-carried out the door. I have to wonder what the children of Odin think about the new teaser, and I can’t help but speculate about what a rematch might look like, with Chris’ new divine physique fully realized. In my imagination, Alexander is a nasty, brutal, take-no-prisoners sadist who hasn’t met an opponent he can’t crush to tears. A rematch with new and improved Chris seems ripe with possibilities to test the Swede like he’s never been tested before.

I predict that hair will come in handy, however it turns out.

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