Family Drama… the Most Brutal Drama of All!

I’ve recently put pen to page for the first time in months, writing new homoerotic wrestling fiction. The break in this long dry spell feels like a fresh spring shower. It’ll probably be a while before I have something in shape to publish, but in the mean time, Alex has written a piece especially for the Producer’s Ring that has me dizzy with delight.  For those who don’t know, the Producer’s Ring is a creation of mine, comprised of a universe in which geopolitical power has been subsumed under the elites of the entertainment-industrial complex.  The most powerful man on earth is Eli Brody, who makes all of the most important decisions in casting the hunks of entertainment by relying on homoerotic wrestling competitions. It’s a quirky universe formed out of my own kinks and fantasies, pitting celebrity muscles against one another in ranging degrees of explicit erotic competition. One of the more explicit venues in the Producer’s Ring is the series of “Focus Group” matches, set in a Seattle bathhouse. With an all-gay, sexed up audience looking on, celebrities desperate to demonstrate that they’ve got what it takes to win fans battle in nothing but a terrycloth towel (though I don’t think anyone has managed to keep their towel on through an entire match). “Winning” is as much about inspiring the sexual fantasies of the Focus Group as it is about coming out on top in the bare naked physical confrontation.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted a new story to Producer’s Ring, but yesterday I had the pleasure of publishing a Focus Group match written by Alex.

Chris Hemworth dripping wet.

Alex has done a fantastic job of capturing the quirks and idiosyncrasies of the Producer’s Ring, and he’s written a stunningly sexy brother-on-brother Focus Group confrontation between Chris and Liam Hemsworth.  As if in reply, the Chris Hemsworth PR machine (in the real-life universe) just allowed Thor to be captured soaking wet and ripped to shreds wrapped in terrycloth at the beach.

Chris makes terrycloth look so good!

Chris made me a believer in packing on the beef for his divinely hot superhero performances. That  body!  6’3″ and stacked like a comic book superhero, this blond bombshell inspires an infinite supply of homoerotic wrestling fantasies in my imagination. But when I heard that Chris has an aspiring actor “little” brother who’s also 6’3″ and a tasty side of beef, my brother-on-brother fetish was absolutely tweaked. “Little” Liam is nowhere near the muscle boy that his big (BIG) brother is, but hell yeah! I’d lick him from head to toe and make him forget Billy Ray’s daughter with an over-the-knee backbreaker blow job any day of the week!

“Little” Liam Hemsworth looks to follow in his brother’s footsteps?

Thor, the Huntsman… Chris is clearly a rising stock in Hollywood. But so is Liam. The little Hemsworth got oiled up and eroticized in his breakout role opposite now-fiance’ Miley, and he’s riding a PR bulldozer in the franchise of Hunger Games. Hollywood could very well be big enough for two sexy-beast Aussie brothers, of course. But in the Producer’s Ring? Highly unlikely!

Liam glows with a sheen of sweat and perky nips.

Alex’ Focus Group match tells a story that my homoerotic wrestling imagination is aching for: Hemsworth v Hemsworth. Terrycloth towels (only briefly) wrapped around their waists… stimulated bathhouse gayboys watching on and working up a wave of passion… big, beautiful muscle on big, beautiful muscle! A backstory of hard feelings that always arise from the bullying of big brothers makes this a fantastic drama and a outrageously sexy combat.

Liam prepares for the mind games of the Producer’s Ring.

Love, love, love this match! Alex has permission to write for Producer’s Ring anytime! As for me, having watched Hunger Games and only read the first book, I just have to scratch my head and wonder what magic Liam is smuggling in his trunks to make his character in Games the leading man choice over gorgeously and adorably nerdilicious hunk with a superhero square jaw, Josh Hutcherson.

I’d kick a Hemsworth to the curb for a shot at this alpha dog!

I smell a grudge match shaping up!