Corporate Intrigue

A discussion broke out several weeks ago on the BG East HQ group about Aryx Quinn’s appearance in a new Can-Am production. Was Aryx disloyal for working across companies? Is it all water under the bridge?

I just saw the opening clip of Can-Am’s newest pre-release with Aryx battling muscle god Rusty Stevens in Arena 2. As in Arena 1, Rusty pretty much destroys Aryx in the opening salvo of playground taunts. Rusty has a sharp wit, and when he displays for Aryx what it will look like when Rusty has him beaten to a pulp and getting fucked from behind, it’s pure poetry. Rusty swings his hips and mimes slapping Aryx ass like a rodeo rider. It’s hilarious, humiliating, and, frankly, hot.
There’s a bizarre cut in the middle of the taunting. Clearly the boys were getting some coaching about where to go with their trash talk. As the camera’s zoom in on each fighter, Rusty brings up BG East by name. Aryx, who’s simply not nearly as quick on his feet, awkwardly works in a slam on BG East. “I’m standing on the ruins of BG East!” he boasts. Rusty finally gets tired of trash talking circles around Aryx, and he growls and pumps his stunning body like a charging bull.
One of the most recent appearances Aryx made in BG East featured him humiliated at the hands of massive muscle boy Eddy Rey and the BG East boss himself, Kid Leopard. It makes a nice story to tell of Aryx getting run out of town by BG East and then showing up at Can-Am as if he’d wiped his hands of his former masters. Between you and me, Aryx isn’t one of my favorite fighters to follow. Rusty, on the other hand, is rising stock in my personal homoerotic wrestling pornboy competition in my mind. I’d pony up my credit card to own Rusty snapping and snarling at champion Mitch Colby, but frankly I’d prefer a BG East-style production here to a Can-Am piece.
I don’t know if the trash talk in Arena 2 is a serious attempt by Can-Am to take a dig at BG East. Like I said yesterday, I think they offer two distinctly different types of products, and Can-Am poaching Aryx does not blur the lines of the differing styles of the two companies. When I’m looking for some domination porn with a wrestling appetizer, I’ll probably keep turning to Can-Am. When I’m looking for some homoerotic wrestling kink with a porn chaser, I like BG East. At this point, I’m just keeping my fingers crossed for a Rusty/Mitch throw down in Boston…

5 thoughts on “Corporate Intrigue

  1. Rusty's the man. I'll drink, sweat, and shoot to that. I figure if Rusty slams BGE, it's probably just funny–but Aryx's slamming the company that gave him whatever name he's got (and a real Scrabble-winner it is!) strikes me as kinda low, even nutless, but then I guess I'd have to hear the details of this soap opera to have a real opinion about it.

  2. OK, I get the sense of loyalty thing in gay wrestling. But my take on Aryx working Can-Am is, more power to him. He's certainly done a lot of BGE videos, most of which seem to have sold well. So even if he "slams" BGE in a match for Can-Am, any sort of harm he does (and I don't think there's much) pales in comparison to what they've gotten from him. More importantly, there's no rule saying he can't make videos for BGE as well. In fact, I think it could make for some particularly appealing fall out matches for BGE in the future.

  3. I'm not too put out by it all. If one of my real favorites at BG East pulled this, I'd probably get sucked into the drama. I just think someone is trying hard to script up Aryx as spitting on his roots as he trades up to Can-Am. Having seen a little of his non-wrestling work, it may very well be that he fits better in the Can-Am genre. Unfortunately, the dramatic turn/turncoat story is a little weak because Aryx is having some trouble pulling it off. He just comes across as less quick-witted than Rusty. Here's the transcript, just for the record:R: So what’s up now Dorothy? Where’s those little heels at? You can’t just click’em and take yourself to safety.A: Well I don’t know where the heels are, but I know where the tornado is. And it’s going to take you. It’s going take the house. And it’s going to take little Toto. And you’re all goin’ somewhere else.R: Nice fucking trunks. Where you from? Jamaica? What’s this: Cool Runnings? Is that what we’ve got going on over here? You gonna hop on a bobsled? Yeah. Look at those little booty shorts on you. You gonna go walk the boulevard in those things?A: I tell you what. It’s five bucks to look and ten bucks to touch. For you, I’ll cut you a deal. I’ll give you both for $12.50.R: Well, when I’m unconscious I’ll make sure to make a tally of how many times I’ve tapped that ass.A: (laughs) I’ll tell you what… that.. uh…R: [pumps his pelvis and mimes slapping Aryx ass while making popping noises]A: … at… at $12.50… you know, given how much you make a night as a… a dancer… you know, you should probably… nothing… it should probably take you a year and a half to see this.R: What’s up with that stutter? You still got someone’s dick in your throat?…[camera cut] What you representing with that green and yellow? BG East? What the hell does that stand for? Big Gay… what?A: You know what this… you know what I’m standing on? I’m standing on the remnants of BG East, and I’m standing on a pillar out here at Can-Am. Before I ever step into the ring versus you, all I have to do is, uh, drift and sashay in yesterday and just dust through what you left, and I think I made a pretty good example of what I can do to anyone in this federation…. This is the genuine article right here. I don’t have to do stuff and I don’t have to, uh, stick things in myself in order to become a real man.R: Please. You're just like the Zohan. It’s all bush, no helmut [grabbing his crotch].The dialogue continues just a little while longer, but this covers the key part that caught my attention, and it illustrates Aryx having trouble with his delivery.

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