All Comers

Last week, Mitch Colby posted this provocative message on
his MySpace page:

XXX Scouting for wrestlers- sexy muscle boys for new vids for – who wants to make a little cash and wrestle with me! send me a message!

Sadly, the link is dead, but the concept is making my head spin with possibilities. Mitch as a homoerotic wrestling scout is a fantastic concept. Personally, I’d be the one paying the cash for a chance to wrestle Mitch. I can’t believe it would be worth my money, though. Seconds after Mitch wraps his legs around me, I’d shoot my load uncontrollably and be reduced to begging to worship him. I’m far too enamored with Mitch to have any staying power on the mat with him. He’s looking for competition, it sounds like, and I’d just be putty in his gorgeous, big hands. I’m sure I can dream up some better competition for him, though.
So I’m lining up surrogate scrappers for tryouts in my imagination. I’ve already started a wrestling fiction match between Mitch and James Dawson Martin. The way I see it, poor muscle god, James, fell on hard times after getting spanked in the spokesmodel competition. Hard up for alternative ways to turn the marble sculpture that is his body into rent money, James needs to answer Mitch’s call. 6’3″ muscle god versus 6’3″ homoerotic wrestling champion (of my heart). Truly, that would be a match made in heaven. I say an “undagear” style match on the mats.
Ben Godfre should throw his hat (or jock strap) in the ring as well. The backstory I’m writing for Ben is that he has a secret need to be dominated. He dangles that stunningly crafted body with those grade A tattoos in front of the world, longing for some muscle daddy to demand to conquer him. Ben would make Mitch work for it… hard. With goods like Ben is packing, he’d have to demand only the very best daddy to work him over and own him in body and soul. I think Mitch would be up for it. 6’0″ babyface Ben getting thoroughly owned by 6’3″ sweat soaked Mitch is golden. I promise. Trust me, Ben. You want a jockstrap match with Mitch in the Florida bungalow.
My final recruit for a wrestling audition with Mitch (for today) is fitness model extraordinaire, Greg Plitt. I can attest to the delight of working over pretty boy Greg (in or out of my imagination, it’s up to you to decide). Greg appears to have martial arts training, which makes a homoerotic wrestling set up tough to script. But my backstory for Greg is that he’s a glutton for pain, dishing and devouring. He’d be more than a handful for Mitch, but I think Mitch’s skills have evolved enough that a strategic capture of Greg racked across Mitch’s shoulders would spell a simultaneous three-way orgasm (counting me). 6’1″ Greg cock to cock with 6’3″ Mitch would burnout servers with the demand for downloads. Seriously, we can make this worth your effort, Greg. Start out in pro-style trunks in the wrestling ring, so we can see what it looks like to work over a muscle god like you in the ropes.

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