The Gift that Keeps on Giving

I’m so pleased with a couple of President’s Day presents I got this year. What, you don’t exchange presents on President’s Day? How sad for you. You should consider it next year. It’s fun.

The first present I received was a nice, hot piece of wrestling fiction giving us a glimpse of what Bode Miller’s future might look like if he ever accepts an invitation to meet with Vince McMahon. Bode won bronze just a couple of days ago at the Olympics. He also gave an interview with Matt Lauer that made me think that Bode’s still a little dickish. Matt had to spoon feed Bode some lines to get Bode to say something warm and fuzzy about his baby.
Bode still has a naughty fratboy air about him that I continue to think would serve him well in pro-wrestling. This new piece of fiction now posted at the Sidelineland wrestling fiction group paints a picture of Bode’s up-close introduction Chris Master’s granite pecs.
Then, totally coincidentally, another reader dropped still another fictional wrestling match in my inbox to share with the Sidelineland wrestling fiction group. Sweet! From an entirely different angle, this second original piece of hot creativity paints us the picture of what it would look like for the boys of the 80’s TV show CHiPs to finally prove who’s in charge. I seriously love me some of Jon’s blond farmboy look, and frankly I was ready to put money on him cracking Ponch like a hazelnut across his knee. But don’t count out the Latin heartthrob.
I was so inspired with the spirit of giving, I put my nose to the grindstone and finished off a fictional match I’ve been working on for a while. Ripped from the headlines, my twisted imagination wondered what might it look like for fitness model muscle god, James Dawson Martin to answer Mitch Colby’s MySpace ad looking for some musclehead to wrestle. Mitch, the reigning title holder of my favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy, has his hands full with the massive muscles of ambitious young James. The production team gets sucked into the action in this BG East fantasy fight, as muscleboys learn, once again, the importance of reading the fine print before you sign your contract.

For anyone interested in reading and, hopefully, contributing some original wrestling fiction, you can find these hot and sweaty tales of hardbodies at the Sidelineland wrestling fiction group.

Seriously, this was my favorite President’s Day ever. By far. Hands down.

2 thoughts on “The Gift that Keeps on Giving

  1. Bard,Glad you enjoyed my "CHIPS" submission.The match between Mitch and James was intense. If young James makes it out of this contract alive, he'll be lucky. And Bode better enjoy his Bronze while he can. I hate to think of what wily old Vince McMahon has planned next for the poor guy.Keep up the good work with 'Sidelineland', it's a great wrestling fiction site.

  2. The CHIP match is fantastic! I have no idea what the show about but it has motivated me to find out!And the Mitch/James match is fantastic as well! I have always tried to picture a scenario like that and it was perfectly written here!Seems like Bode is doing quite well with another medal. But after watching that Dale BeggSmith person from Canadian-Aussie stone faced on the podium winning the silver at Alpine, makes Bode looks like a saint.

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