Battle of the Gods, finale

Despite what you may have heard, I’m not delusional. It’s not just a figment of my imagination that Adam400m and SteelMuscleGod are engaged in mouthwatering muscle competition. After both bodybeautifuls have been absent new posts for many weeks, on Monday SMG posts a fantastic new, snarling, flexing, bouncing, shirt ripping, open challenge to all comers to measure up or shut up and worship him like the god he is.

Then, less than a day later, Adam400m shows up out of nowhere to show off the freakishly superhuman vascularity in his forearm. It’s as if he just couldn’t stand letting SMG have the most recent video out, so he tossed a 15 second bone to remind everyone that he’s worship worthy and ready to be sized up.
In late December, the same scenario played out, with Adam400m posting just two days after SMG. Three weeks earlier, SMG posted a cum worthy display of cockiness, followed less than a day later by Adam400m showing a new clip of his monster quad workout. It’s not just my imagination. These muscleboys are in a battle of the gods, vying for worshippers and snapping and snarling at one another implicitly.
Speaking of my imagination, last I filled in the story of this battle of the gods, SMG had managed an astonishing reversal. Crushing Adam into the wall, SMG was leaning over and verbally humiliating his dazed rival slumped defenseless on the floor.
“You’re a big boy, but you’re no god,” SMG spits. Dragging Adam up to a seated position by a handful of hair, SMG wraps his right arm around Adam’s head and slowly curls Adam’s face tighter and tighter against his flexing pec. “Look at that muscle…” SMG growls, clearly in lust with his own physique. “Look at it!” he suddenly shouts, commanding Adam to open his eyes. Adam’s eyes flash open obediently, finding his nose being crushed against the rock hard slab of muscle of SMG’s right pec. The scent of SMG’s sweat, testosterone and adrenaline fill Adam’s nostrils. SMG pumps his right arm, grinding Adam’s face deeper into his smothering chest. “I think you’re ready,” SMG says after Adam passively suffers his humiliation without protest for a full minute. ” Grabbing the back of Adam’s head in both hands, SMG position’s Adam’s mouth directly on top of his right nipple. “Suck the tit of your new god, mortal!” SMG barks. “Lick it, now!”

Adam no longer realizes where or when he is. He’s disoriented and exhausted. Without conscious will on his own part, he finds himself automatically obeying his opponent. He plants his lips around the perimeter of SMG’s nipple and traces its circumference with his tongue. Adam savors the salty flesh in his mouth, beginning to suck, massaging the tip of his god’s nipple with his eager tongue. Adoringly, he wraps his arms around SMG’s waist and presses his face harder against SMG’s chest, abandoning his claim to believe himself a worthy rival any longer.

A low, animal-like groan come deep in SMG’s throat. He smiles down at his obedient worshipper, before his eyes wander adoringly across the mounds of muscle of his own body.

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