A Little Closer

I keep myself at arm’s length from mainstream pro wrestling these days. Too much homophobia; uninteresting stories; plasticized bodies. Mainstream also frequently leaves me with a need to pop in explicitly homoerotic wrestling to write a happy ending to the story. So why waste time with the middle man? The clever minds at BG East understand the potential of cross-promotion, though. They dangle teasers from New Pro Wrestling in the BG East updates to tempt me back to consume some more mainstream pro products. The latest Arena update at BGE nearly gave me whiplash. I scrolled through the teaser pics from New Pro 8 not expecting much to hold my interest. But then I got a look at Flyguy.

Sweet. The sight of this gorgeous bodybuilder absolutely destroying his much smaller boy-next-door babyface opponent immediately puts me at full attention. His tattoo doesn’t hurt his appeal for me, either. His jewelry looks like a serious hazard in the ring… I’m surprised the insurance company would allow something like that.
The description of this match at New Pro doesn’t quite name this as a squash, but I have to believe that’s what this is. Per my comments earlier this week on what works about a squash for me, Flyguy’s work throwing Wildfire around like a child puts me way over the top. From the preview pics and video, it appears that Flyguy has his totally dominating, sadistic way with his plaything.
While I don’t quite buy the end of this match, I give total credit to any man with Flyguy’s physique who can pull this off. In the ropes, suspended upside down, bodyscissors intending to apply maximum pressure on torquing the boy’s back in the wrong direction… it looks like Flyguy commits to this, and I appreciate it. I don’t buy this as the match finisher. The illegality of it makes the submission a little nonsensical. But for showmanship and sell, it makes me smile.
I still feel the need to keep mainstream pro at arm’s length. The Wal-Mart-ization of pro wrestling still leaves me longing for a more regionally based industry, with better skills and more wholehearted performances. New Pro 8 makes me want to pull Flyguy a little closer than arm’s length though. Perhaps trading bearhugs…
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