Fighting Back

The newest BG East releases include another ball-torture-themed product. The first match on Ball Busters 1 features pendulous Jobe Zander and boy-man Reese Wells crushing each other’s testicles and suffering mightily. The second match stars the anxiously awaited return to action of recently unseated contender for my favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy title: Derek da Silva.
I still don’t quite “get” ball abuse products. I own a couple of them, but the specific focus on testicle torture doesn’t quite carry a whole storyline in my mind. And what’s with the indecisive titling? Ball Bash, Crotch Crushers, Ball Busters… these are essentially variations on a theme… without the “variation” bit. Despite my ambivalence about the format, though, I’m helpless when faced with the opportunity to see more of fabulously tattooed, bubble butt extraordinaire, sweat soaked, hairy muscle stud Derek, who seems to show up in these particular products regularly. It’s an added treat to see more of Tyrell Tomsen, though the difference between Tyrell’s competition-ready body and his softer-middle is really remarkable. This match appears to be shot around the same time that Tyrell battled Mitch. I prefer the shredded to the bone Tyrell, but he’s a pleasure regardless.

I haven’t seen the tape yet. I’m saving up for it, though. In the mean time, the text and teaser pics are enough to get my motor running. Derek always does some impressive yoga posing prior to his matches. Tyrell clearly does what I’m always thinking someone should do to Derek when he’s so stunningly, vulnerably on display. He drives his fist into Derek’s crotch just as Derek is in a full bridge.

The look on Tyrell’s face is fantastic here. He’s so pleased with himself! He’s clearly relishing the sight of Derek’s suffering. Get in line, Tyrell. Get in line…

I suspect that Derek’s performance could boost him enough in the standings to give
Rusty Stevens a run for the #1 contender spot. I’ve been watching the unfolding chapters of Can-Am’s Arena 2 match-up between Rusty and Aryx Quinn, and despite Rusty’s continued fantastic verbal and physical dominance, I don’t know if Rusty’s performance will enable him to hold onto his spot in my personal favorites. Rusty continues to bash BGE, and the story is a little flat so far. Depending on how much pleasure comes from Derek’s latest performance in comparison with Rusty’s tussle with Aryx, the #1 contender spot is distinctly in play right now. Mitch is still sitting pretty on top of the heap, but there’s a lively scrap just beneath him.

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