Jamming the Gaydar

I like to think that I have a fairly sensitive and accurate gaydar. I realize not everyone believes in gaydar. But I do, and I exercise mine regularly. Some things throw off my gaydar, though. A south Georgia accent, for example, always triggers my gaydar for some reason, despite my certainty that not all men with south Georgia accents can be gay (though I’ve known quite a lot!). Another thing that can mess with my gaydar is the sexually secure straight man.
Fortunately/unfortunately I don’t encounter many sexually secure straight men, so it isn’t often an issue. Most straight men I meet, even the “open-minded” and “affirming” straight men, are powerless to avoid letting their insecurities show. The awkwardly averted gaze, the mention of his girlfriend/wife apropos of nothing, the knee-jerk retreat to sports talk when surrounded by too many women or gay men… straight tells are easy to pick up. But a seriously secure straight man is a novelty that makes me have to check myself, in a good way. Joe at Ringside at Skull Island posted the link to a sweet story about a nationally ranked amateur wrestler, Hudson Taylor, who’s an outspoken advocate for gay rights. And he’s straight. And hot… as… hell, and totally messing with my gaydar.
Australian Rules Footballer and musclegod, Nick Youngquest is also straight (I’m convinced), and explicitly happy to be the object of gay men’s lusts. And lust is exactly what I do when I see these fantastic images of Nick’s hardbody that he displays so openly and proudly in calendars and gay magazines.
Online pal Swito virtually introduced me to the wonders of Nick-worship (thanks, Swito!). Nick tweaks most every kink I’ve got, particularly once he started collecting ink. The cleft chin drives me insane. He has a solid body built for laying the hurt on other thickly muscled men. And he shares his beauty so generously.
Swito and I are working on introducing Nick as a character into the fictional wrestling universe of the Producer’s Ring. With Nick’s natural cockiness, confidence, and ability to straddle the world of fierce footballer and stunning seducer, I predict he’s going to be a big, big star (in any universe).

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