Stunning Salesmanship

I’ve decided that I’m not particularly a fan of the serial wrestling match. Can-Am dribbles out 6 minute segments of some of their upcoming releases, sometimes leaving me frustrated a week or so at a time between clips. When it’s a match featuring the rising stock of 6’1″ beast, Rusty Stevens, the delayed gratification can seem cruel.
Speaking of cruel, though, I’m transfixed by the second movement in this symphony of pain, when Rusty recovers from some initial suffering to put his foot on the gas pedal and treat 5’9″ Aryx Quinn like a defenseless rag doll. Rusty is selling fierce better and better in each match I see him. He’s using the extra pounds of muscle mass he’s been packing on to string together absolutely relentless and impressive power moves, punctuated by some feral growling and snarling. He crushes Aryx in bearhugs that go on for days, keeping the smaller man off his feet convincingly. Rusty slams him repeatedly, spitting out his humiliating banter that assures Aryx that his ass is destined to be owned. But it’s Rusty and Aryx’ selling of repeated over-the-knee backbreakers that truly transports me.

I have always been in awe of the repeated OTK backbreaker, as one man drives his opponent’s back across his thigh, tortures him there for a while, then scoops him up again to start the cycle of devastation over and over again. The size differential between these two boys comes in handy, here, I’m certain. Rusty looks like he’s beating up on some cocky adolescent here, bending Aryx backward with convincing brutality. Rusty’s massive chest is flexed and stunning, and as he throws his battered boy to the ground, his taunting is savage and completely demoralizing.
I have to say, Rusty is mounting a stunning run in my imagination to overcome Mitch Colby as my favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy. Depending on how Rusty polishes off Aryx, I think this could spell an upset in the rankings. As Mitch doesn’t have a current release out, he’s left watching this drama unfold, his fate entirely in Rusty’s hands (just like Aryx’ ass).
For those who still want to exercise their right to vote in choosing the boys who will do battle to join the secretarial pool in the fictional wrestling-obsessed world of the Producer’s Ring, I’ll be keeping voting (top margin to the right of this page) open for another day. So far, Nick Auger, Jared Prudoff, Kerry Degman, Rafael Verga, and Sean Sullivan appear to be poised to claim their spots in the upcoming elimination tournament. The remaining two spots look like they’re up for grabs.

2 thoughts on “Stunning Salesmanship

  1. jeez, from the typing of it, looks like you will need to wait a week to see how this all ends, though judging from the Can Am narrative for the DVD, things don't look so good for Aryx, (though from my perspective this looks very good). I have delayed my purchase of the DVD due to my perception that Aryx’s "sell" of getting fucked will be lacking. Ever since seeing Aryx’s BG debut I have been thinking what it would be like to see him get some anal action, I didn’t even care if he was giving or receiving, though if the truth be told seeing him get fucked by the likes of Rusty Stevens has the potential for making this one of the all time great DVD releases.However, Aryn can fuck up a 2 car funeral (as was a popular saying where I grew up) when it comes to delivering convincing wrestling product. He certainly has the physical potential, great body, decent face, perfect bubble butt, though I have always found his wrestling talent lacking. He can do the moves but just seems to lack the required aggression. I imagine he puts dollars in BG’s and other production companies pockets just be virtue of his looks. God knows I have purchased several of his DVD releases thinking this time will be the different, only to be disappointed and see the DVD relegated to a seldom visited place on the shelf. The potential that he may just lay there while Rusty splits him in two is likely. I have seen him top as Tristian Baldwin and was not compelled to add those DVD’s to my collection.I tell you what, if Rusty can bring something out in Aryx that to date no one else has then Mitch Colby should have something to worry about.So if you are inclined to update when you see the next segment, Can Am may or my not receive revenue from me. Wishing in San Antonio that Aryx will take it Naked Kombat style with lots of pain and suffering.

  2. I'm with you, topher. I'm hopeful, though. I think Aryx is selling some suffering a little more convincingly than I've seen in the past, which could bode well for the climax of this match (well, at least Rusty's climax). I'll let you know what I think once the whole thing unfolds… unless I've died of old age by then.

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