At His Age

This post could qualify for any number of my regular themed series… Bodies Over Time; What Turned Me Gay (again, not really); Guys I Want to Lick. Okay, that last one isn’t actually a series I’ve posted… but we all know it easily could be, don’t we?

Anyhow… I was getting my daily allowance of beautiful men on the net when I ran across a post at Groopii (a new obsession). Groopii has posted some recent caps of Don Diamont from the soap opera, The Bold and the Beautiful. Gorgeous Don meets both requirements for this show: bold… beautiful.
What strikes me, though, is Groopii’s assessment that Don, here, looks hot and his body is amazing “at his age.” I’m bad at math, but from Don’s bio at IMDB, it appears to me that he is 47 years old. So… let me see, where do I start? … Okay, so, what do we expect a 47 year old television hunk to look like? Is someone (particularly a television personality) who is 47 years old somehow surprising if he has a fit, hard body that turns us on? 47 years old? Really?
In the interest of full disclosure, I should say that I’m getting closer to 40 than to 30. Hell, I’m getting closer to 40 than I am to 35. So perhaps my reaction here is a bit defensive. But I don’t think so. I think that Don’s body today is one that I’d have jumped on and rode hard at pretty much any point in my adult life (and earlier). Strap on some sparring gloves and let me watch this hunk of a man work up a sweat on that punching bag, and “for his age” is not a phrase that comes to mind as I wipe the drool from the corner of my mouth.
I am old enough to remember lusting after Don back in the dark ages, when he was not yet bold and beautiful, but merely “Young and Restless.” I can remember some fevered moments of adolescence finding myself irresistibly compelled to work myself into a frenzy with the image of his lean, muscular body imprinted on my brain. Yes, indeed, Don has to get a little credit for turning me gay.
And it’s obvious that his body has changed in the past 25 years. He isn’t as lean as he was when I was first firing warning shots over the bow, my eyes shut tightly, picturing his gorgeous form. But at 47 he has a rocking, gorgeous body that isn’t just hot “for his age.” It’s just hot. The “for his age” bit says much more about those of us judging him than it says about him. I think I prefer, and find it much more accurate, to say that he was stunning 25 years ago, and he’s absolutely a worship-worthy muscle stud today. And he will be appearing in an erotic fantasy of mine soon, and I don’t mind telling you that he’ll be showing up beefy, sweat soaked, with sparring gloves and that messed up evil villain, overly-cropped, facial hair.
“At his age,” indeed….

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