Earning a Shot, continued

I see that
Joe11NJ has taken the challenge directly to SteelMuscleGod himself, suggesting that French YouTube bodybuilder, Yann S., might have what it takes to turn the god into a jobberboy. Hopefully, SMG won’t smite Joe11NJ for his impertinence. Or, perhaps, Joe11NJ might like a good smiting. Hell, I wouldn’t mind a smiting from SMG, particularly if it involved my face smashed against his pec as he punishes me severely in a brutal side headlock.

Speaking of brutality, Yann S. poses a seriously brutal challenge to SMG’s #1 contender, Adam. It has to be said, though, that Adam has a distinct PR advantage over Yann, considering Adam continues to post new, updated evidence of his beautiful body regularly, and he’s growing seriously huge! Last we checked in with the three YouTube posers, Adam laid down the gauntlet, displaying is gargantuan thighs and taunting the Frenchman by calling his shanks “chicken legs.” Yann delivered the message loud and clear that this bout would be about more than just sheer muscle mass, though, with a savage kick to Adam’s face that dropped the English muscleboy to one knee.
Adam is dazed, his eyes blinking rapidly as he cradles his throbbing jaw in his hands. Before the room has stopped spinning for him, Yann has pivoted once more, lifting his left knee and driving it cracking loudly into Adam’s right cheek. The English bodybuilder drops to his side on the floor, wincing in pain and groaning. Leaning against a wall on the opposite side of the room, SMG watches, his arms folded, his face impassive.
Yann is all about headhunting. As Adam slowly pulls himself up to his hands and knees, Yann is dancing on the balls of his feet, calculating carefully. At just the right moment, as Adam lifts his head still perched on all fours, Yann plants his left foot and soccer-kicks the Englishmen in the chin. Adam’s head whips backward violently, as he’s lifted off his hands and thrown flat on his back. “We have a word for what you are,” Yann says, strutting and preening as he slowly circles Adam. “We call you an hors d’oeuvre.”
Yann glances at SMG, flexing and posing proudly for the champion. “You,” Yann says, finally relaxing and squaring his shoulders toward the SMG, “will be my entree.” Yann winks at SMG before turning his back to face his opponent. Adam remains flat on his back, his right hand lifted to his face, rubbing his eyes. “Now, we need to deal with those legs that you are so proud of,” Yann says, dropping to his knees and grabbing Adam’s ankles.
In one smooth motion, Yann falls to his ass while lacing his legs round Adam’s legs. Bending Adam’s left leg at 90 degrees, he places Adam’s left ankle over top of his right knee. Locking his own legs on top of Adam’s, Yann leans back on his elbows and looks down the length of his long, muscled body, proudly examining the secure figure-four leg lock. With a sudden surge, Yann flexes his legs, causing Adam’s right knee to hyperextend dangerously. Adam’s shoulders levitate off the floor as a panicked cry comes from his mouth. “Oh god, no!” Adam shouts, pleading with his opponent.
“That’s right,” Yann replies with a broad smile. “From now on, I’ll be your new god for you to worship, beg, and service.” Yann looks over his shoulder at SMG and winks at the champion, even as Adam continues to cry out in pain.

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