I’ve been sorely missing a newsboy crush to obsess over ever since Chris Cuomo got booted off of GMA and sent to virtual-Siberia to work on 20/20. I’m still bitter, but I’ve given up on my boycott of Good Morning America. None of the morning news programs are giving me any real eye candy I want to ogle, so I’m surfing them all most mornings, waiting for the breakout hunk destined to make it onto my morning news menu. I still get my daily dose of Carter Evans. His savagely deviated septum, puppy dog eyes, yankable hair and badboy smirk still send tingles in all the right places. For all the above reasons, it’s no wonder that Carter has appeared in more of my homoerotic wrestling fiction than any other character. I’m hot for my newsboy crushes.
Which is why I’ve been so disappointed with the scarcity of hot hunks telling me all about the world as they think I should believe it to be. Imagine my ecstasy, therefore, in stumbling across Matt Gutman of ABC news, most recently reporting regularly on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Say hello to my newest newsboy crush!

Hello, Matt! Breathtakingly gorgeous, Matt makes my heart skip a beat every time I see him. Smooth, sexy, dark curly hair, dimples, angelic little badboy eyes… this is a man destined to appear in a fictional homoerotic wrestling match near you.
Mmmmm… I’m seriously jonesin’ for more Matt. He’s been a utility player for ABC for a while. At appears that they plucked him from the Jerusalem Post and made him their mid-East correspondent. Somehow, they translated that expertise to covering the Gulf of Mexico oil spill (I suppose it’s the “oil” angle).

Whatever act of God brought this handsome stunner into my living room, I’m smitten. If he has half a brain, he’ll surely be skyrocketing in the consumer-based news world. I’ll buy whatever he’s selling.

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