Earning a Shot, continued

Adam400m is back from vacationing in the Mediterranean, and he’s tanned and shredded to pieces. Seriously, I want to be on vacation, sunning on the beach, and see a body like this stroll by.
The last we left Adam, he was gaining the upper hand on his French muscle challenger, Yann.
Yann pounds his fist to the floor again and again, grunting in pain as Adam slowly twists his captured ankle, ripping the tendons in the Frenchman’s ankle and knee. Yann screams in pain at the sound of a sickening snap in his right knee, and Adam releases the ankle and climbs to his feet.
“Looks like you bit off a little more than you can chew, mate,” Adam chuckles, flexing his massive biceps and glancing at SteelMuscleGod, still leaning against a nearby wall observing the action.

Reaching down and grabbing Yann’s injured right leg, Adam pulls it off the floor and swiftly delivers a savage kick to the back of the damaged knee. Yann screams in pain, rolling to his side and yanking his ankle out of his opponent’s grasp. As Adam approaches again, Yann tries to crawl away, limping awkardly on his left knee to protect his damaged right leg.

“Where you squirming to, pencil boy?” Adam taunts. As Adam leans over again, Yann rolls to his right side and swings a precisely placed left foot into his opponent’s groin. Adam gasps, clutching his speedo, and dropping clumsily to his knees.

Despite winding the Englishman, Yann is still in excruciating pain and left with only one working leg. He quickly scoots his back to the nearby wall and presses himself up against the wall until he was standing on his one good leg. “I never bite off more than I can chew,” he spits down at the back of Adam’s head.
Adam climbs to his feet as the Frenchman watches, leaning against the wall. Adam’s face is beet red with fury. “You’ll pay for that low blow, you piece of shit!” he screams, spit flying from his rabid mouth. He jumps to his feet and charges Yann. Just as he reaches him, Yann holds up his hands in fear. “Wait, wait!” he cries.
Adam pauses, his fury burning lower for an instant. Yann’s eyes nervously glance toward SteelMuscleGod across the room. In a whisper, Yann pleads with his opponent. “We’re both winded now. But together we can beat that pretender, and then settle things between us afterward.”

Adam smiles, contemplating the proposal. After a few seconds, he lifts his right arm over his head and crunches his ridiculously shredded obliques, his tongue sticking out absentmindedly. He checks himself out for several seconds, and then looks up at his challenger. “Funny thing is,” he says, “I don’t think I’m all that winded.”

Yann mutters over and over, “No… no… no…” as Adam approaches. Yann attempts a right hook, but Adam easily bobs out of the path of the swinging fist. He yanks Yann off the wall and wraps his arms around the Frenchman’s head, shoving his face into Adam’s powerful chest. Yann’s legs buckle underneath him, and he hangs suspended in his opponent’s crushing embrace. Yann’s face disappears between Adam’s huge pecs, as the Englishman smothers him in the rock hard crevices of his stunning body.

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