Taking Time to Adjust

True Blood Season 3 is rapidly approaching, and I’m already getting a little breathless. This interview of Joe Manganiello is pushing me into “swooning” territory. This is one huge, muscled, gorgeously bearded man discussing tackling people wearing only a sock on his cock. Get out of my way, Anna, because if you aren’t up for taking that hit, I am!!

Excuse me while I pick up my jaw and wipe the drool from my chin (and adjust my pants).
Is Alan Ball out there somewhere reading this blog? If not, I think he clearly should be. He’s so obviously one of us, and I mean that in every way possible.
So let’s just assume that Alan Ball is, in fact, reading this. In which case, I have to make a desperate plea for a rip-n-strip fight scene between Joe and Alexander Skarsgård for loser-gets-fucked/winner-gets-worshiped stakes. A 6’5″ bearded Italian American with slabs of muscle taking on a 6’4″ blond Swede oozing sexuality?
Excuse me, I need to adjust myself again.

One thought on “Taking Time to Adjust

  1. Hey, Bard…Happy New Year! O.K. After having viewed this excellent interview – thank you for posting it, by the way – I'm now OFFICIALLY a newbie "TRUBEE" fan! WOOF! Joe is indeed one HOT, teeteringly-tall, towering sweetheart of a werewolf. What a genuinely warm, seductive personality. He's MUCH more than a "pack " dog. He's an "EIGHT-PACK" wolfman/god whom I'd gladly invite to attack me, pin me down, and to savagely ravage me…to "DOGGIE-DO me" in "DOGGIE-stlye" fashion….ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! (AHH-OOOOOO!)

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