Joe’s Back(side) caps the scenes that will haunt my dreams from True Blood! 
Get ready. Here comes Joe!
Season 5 of True Blood is shaping up to be all about Joe Manganiello’s superhuman sexy body. Not really, of course. The plot is complex, a little tedious even. Now that I’ve read the entirety of the currently published Sookie Stackhouse series, I’m seeing what story lines they have thankfully changed as well as some key sub plots that they have unfortunately left out. Sexy vampires remain in abundance. They appear to be about ready to pass over yet another superhuman, giant, mouthwatering muscle daddy character from the novels who’s a tiger in the sack, unfortunately. Christopher Meloni’s off the charts sexiness paired with an egomaniacal sex and blood crazed dominator character is a gorgeous improvisation from the original text.  Male stripper fairies are showing up in the background (now THAT’S a plot line that they’re seriously missing out on by neglecting from the novels!). But let’s face it, I sort of forget whatever else is going on in the series when the sight of Joe Manganiello’s undulating, bulging muscle back and lovely naked ass fill the screen!
A rough, physically bruising sex scene is both entirely compatible with the way that werewolves are portrayed in the novels as well as completely consistent with my fondest fantasies of Joe in homoerotic wrestling competition. So, sure, I have to mentally photoshop out the distinguishing characteristics of the woman he’s throwing across the room and pounding into the mattress. I’m completely capable of making that mental adjustment, and the director of this week’s episode largely leaves her in the shadows anyway, so as to highlight the jaw dropping beauty and power of Joe’s 6’5″ of physical perfection (eat your heart out, Olympians!). Those knees in the air with big Joe’s flexing glutes between them could easily belong the hot piece of English ass Joe defeated (and took a shine to) in my homoerotic wrestling fiction when he conquered Russell Tovey to claim the title of the top dog among the werewolf boys.
When Joe next appeared, teaming up with wrestling partner Mehcad Brooks, things went South for this muscle monster.  Some strategic double/triple teaming left Mehcad flat on his stomach with Gerard Butler working off a victory celebration with Mehcad’s bubble butt squeezed in one hand. It also left big, dominant Joe out cold on his back, with Henry Cavill straddling the alpha dog’s waist, worshiping his pecs, and laying down several showers of spunk across Joe’s neck and chin.
Woe be to the poor soul who has to face this brutalized beast in the wrestling ring next! The huge muscleman is ready to reassert his pack dominance by ripping apart some badboy wannabe, obliterating the outclassed hopeful in 3 straight falls, and then flinging the loser across the ring, pouncing on him, shoving his knees apart, and pounding his cock up the loser’s ass for days.  Hunky muscle contenders beware!
Grab hold of something. Things are going to get crazy!

True Beef

True Blood. If you watch it and read this blog, that’s pretty much all I have to say to instantly arouse you, isn’t it? After four and a half seasons of beefier and more beautiful, frequently naked, stunningly gorgeous men, and I’m like Pavlov’s dog. Just the initials TB make me salivate.

Joe Manganiello is sculpture!

Season 5 is working me harder than ever, with the undisputed leader of the pack of muscle hunks being big, and I mean BIG Joe Manganiello. The last couple of episodes have finally featured him shirtless and hinting at the thought of him dropping trou. Even in shadows and half-clothed, the sight of this man makes me swoon like an antebellum Southern Belle.

Joe just has to reach for hit pants and I break out into a sweat!

Big, BIG Joe’s superhuman physique has inspired two appearances in my homoerotic wrestling fiction. He crushed two opponents at once in a 3-way barnburner to start, coming out on top of werewolf also-rans Taylor Lautner and Russell Tovey, and walking away with the undisputed title of Top Dog as well as tasty morsel Russell slung over his gargantuan shoulder. He went down in a shower of shame as tag team partners with fellow TB alum, Mehcad Brooks, unable to handle the offense of Gerard Butler and Henry Cavill (with outside assistance from Sean Maguire). Joe inspires about a dozen different homoerotic wrestling fantasies in me every day, so count on seeing him again, and again, and again…

Alexander has Joe under his control. Now there’s a fantasy!

I’m going to discuss the current season now, so if you’re going to go into a tizzy because I might spoil it for you, stop reading. Enough said. You’re big boys, so let me just say that seeing Alexander Skarsgård’s character “glamour” big, hunky, shirtless Joe in this week’s episode set off all sorts of explosions in my mind (and pants). Alexander has appeared in a couple of homoerotic wrestling matches in Producer’s Ring as well, but unlike Joe, Alex has climbed his way to the top both times. If I had to guess, I’d say that these two will show up in the ring together before too long, either in opposite corners or as another tag team. I don’t know which, yet.

Ryan Kwanten looks ready to rumble.
I know I’m not alone in picturing Ryan Kwanten as a homoerotic wrestling god either. Just check Sunday’s interview with homoerotic wrestler of the month, Cage Thunder, in which he names Ryan as the one piece of meat he’d put at the front of the line to get the full Cage Thunder ring welcome!
Even Ryan can’t keep his hands off his hot, naked ass!

I’ve pictured Ryan’s sweet ass in private matches three times in my homoerotic wrestling fiction. The first time, he couldn’t control his cock when faced with the mouthwatering muscle of Jamie Bamber (and really, who could blame him?). His second match saw him fare little better, getting jacked off into a damp pool of loser-hood by the powerful thighs of Shemar Moore. But although it may take him a little while, Ryan learns his lesson and takes down a big boy when he faces Justin Bruening.

Christopher Meloni is a beast in my homoerotic wrestling imagination!
But if there’s been a sexy hunk of beef who’s haunted my homoerotic wrestling fiction more than any other, it has to be season 5 TB newbie, Christopher Meloni. Sweet god almighty, they simply had to have sewn him into the blue polo shirt he wore in this past episode. His bulging shoulders and back look like their about to split the fabric every time he moves. In TB, he’s a sadistic, power-hungry, psychologically domineering and physically dominating force of nature. In other words, he’s exactly like I picture him in the ring!
I’ve got plans for those luscious pecs!
And here’s another spoiler. His abrupt exit from the show made me throw stuff at my television. Getting staked by an ugly, skinny super villain transported me back to watching pro wrestling as a kid. I used to get so turned on by the physically dominant, gorgeous muscle boys in the ring, and then find myself provoked nearly to tears to watch the clearly physically inferior heel lie, cheat, and steal his way to crushing my muscleman hero. Classic. And as bitter as I feel about seeing big Christopher shrivel up into a pile of ashes, there’s something beautiful and nostalgic about being taken back to that place right at the root of my homoerotic wrestling kink.  Happily, Christopher lives on in my homoerotic wrestling fiction, due to make a record setting 5th appearance in the Producer’s Ring, flexing those guns and bringing the pretty boys to their knees. Damn, TB works me so hard!

Year in Review – 5th Favorite Moment of 2011

My opportunities to write for fun were few and far between in 2011. As I look back, that makes what modest productivity I did have that much more of a highlight for me.

Joe Manganiello inspired so many erotic imaginations this year!

The hot and inspired imagination of collaborator Metellus kept me on task when I had the time to write homoerotic fiction. Together, we sketched out even more matches than I managed to complete. But I’m quite proud of the work we did complete together this year, including a tag team match in the Producer’s Ring between the team of Gerard Butler and Henry Cavill facing the monsters of True Blood represented by Mechad Brooks and phenom Joe Manganiello. Joe is nearly worthy of being a highlight of 2011 all his own, but it’s the image of him flat on his back, conquered, with Henry Cavill working out a victory load over top of big Joe’s mountainous pecs that stands out in particular for me.

My choice to pound Taylor into the mat?
Hugh Jackman

That tag team match was a follow up to Joe’s debut in the Producer’s Ring, appearing at the very end of 2010 in the Werewolf Rumble, a three-way free-for-all in which he came out victorious over both Taylor Lautner and Russell Tovey. There was groundswell of reader demand to also see Taylor get his 1-on-1 initiation in the Producer’s Ring after that. It took me months and months of pecking away at it in spare moments, but I finally pieced together a Focus Group loser-gets-fucked match with returning fantasy man, Hugh Jackman.  I was awfully pleased, both just to complete the project and with the particular manner in which Hugh “welcomes” hot piece of ass, Taylor, to the big leagues.

Mateus Verdelho is ready for some back alley action.

Another Metellus collaboration resulted in the first of what I hope will be a series of stories in the Producer’s Ring under the title Global Cooperation. It’s a bar fight, really, but in the homoerotic wrestling universe in my imagination, every contention is settled by hot, sweaty, hard wrestling. In this case, the Secretarial Pool is introduced to some of the executive assistants from corporate competitors in the cut throat world of the entertainment industrial complex.  Refined David Gandy and hunky Noah  Mills let off some after-work steam all over the hot, raw bodies of Mateus Verdelho and Tyler McPeak. There are stories yet to be written, hopefully soon, to see more of all four of these hot, hot hunks!

Spike makes his second appearance in the ring in
Brothers in Arms Chapter 5

I managed to get out 2 new chapters in the superhero series “Brothers in Arms” over in Sidelineland. That’s another reader request from way back that has taken on a life of its own and made me very happy with the way the series is unfolding. Both original characters, brothers Hank and Brett, are finally enjoying both success in competition and a satisfying sex life. I have a few more chapters sketched out that I hope to see hit the page before 2012 is over with.

The Former Champ, Mickey:
Shane’s new partner?

In 2011 I received a rather hot and provocative proposal from a reader who sent me the first half of a match he’d written, challenging me to write the second half and climax. I love the novelty of this particular form of a collaboration so much that I managed a third installment for Sidelineland, which itself is still waiting for a part 2 to be written. Poor hunky Shane got in way over his head from the moment he hatched his plan to break into the world of local professional wrestling by calling in a favor from his old high school “buddy.” Hot, savvy little hardbody Mikey gives Shane his first taste of victory in the ring, but it’s the High Rollers club confrontation to come, in which wealthy fans pay to see the action up close and much more intimate, that’s still to be written.

Ripped model Cobus Jonker has a secret fantasy:
becoming a homoerotic wrestling heel!

Metellus also was the brains of the operation in getting word and picture to paper for a BG East fantasy match for Sidelineland in which rookie heel hopeful Cobus nearly manages to upend and unmask the infamous stud heel extraordinaire, Enforcer. Things don’t quite go Cobus’ way, but his debut was enough to raise some eyebrows from the powers-that-be. Could another Cobus match see the light of day in 2012?

Allusions to Slater

My final match of 2011 was one of those that consumes me. The concept for Cock of the Walk grew like a seed in my mind, quickly sprouting, taking root, and growing out of control until I dropped it fully formed in Sidelineland. The idea was an homage to Naked Kombat (RIP), featuring pornboy muscle hunks in submission ring wrestling. The first hot, hung hunk to give up is forced to endure not only the jeering of the crowd, but a post-match sexual humiliation at the hands of both his victor and the victorious manager. As so often happens in my imagination, maturity and grit conquer youthful cockiness, as Latino hunk Paolo beats the odds and fucks senseless the young, black muscle freak Slater.

New readers may not realize that my writing homoerotic wrestling fiction actually pre-dates neverland, and in many ways its at the heart of what draws me to keep this little blog engine chugging along. While I didn’t get to write as much this year, as I look back, many of my favorite moments have come from getting back to basics, letting my wrestling kink imagination fly, and sharing what turns me on. For everywhere my imagination takes me and all the countless hours of erotic stimulation in provides, I’m happy to celebrate some fine, satisfying moments in fiction this year. Cheers!

Naked Inspiration

With so much personal news to share lately, I’ve neglected reflecting on much of the notable eye candy floating in the atmosphere this summer. I thought we’d hit the jackpot in True Blood’s episode 4 of the current season, when both Joe Manganiello and Alexander Skarsgård appeared in modestly videographed nudity.
Joe’s striptease alone required a change of underwear! And speaking of underwear, notice that Alcide doesn’t wear any? Of course you did. Sweet Jesus, this man, in this moment of physical fitness, is perfection. The ever so brief hint of pubic hair as he tugged down his jeans was such a delicious morsel of eroticism for a man already dripping with over the top sexuality.
Joe’s torso shot in the next scene of episode 4 was ripped from the cover of a fitness magazine. How can a thousand homoerotic fantasies fail to be launched at the sight of this 6’5″ specimen of divinity? As is my way, this is the body that appeared first in my homoerotic wrestling imagination in the Werewolf Rumble, facing-off in a 3-way pro wrestling dog fight against Russell Tovey and Taylor Lautner. Taylor ended up screaming a submission with his crotch crushed against a ringpost, and Russell ended up being hoisted over Joe’s shoulder and carried back into the locker room for a victory fuck. That’s what I call a win-win-win scenario!
The briefest glimpse of Joe’s muscled butt crack as Alexander Skarsgård crawls out of the water bending over in front of him made my heart skip a beat. I feared that this season of True Blood may have peaked early in it’s inevitable cresting of homoeroticism.
However, I was wrong. Am I the only one who watches the parental warnings at the beginning of each episode with baited breath? Last week’s episode indicated only “Brief Nudity” was to be seen, and typically a nod to titty-shots of the women. But out of nowhere, two-thirds of the way through the episode, Alcide creeps into his bedroom and quietly peels out of his clothes, trying not to wake his girlfriend. There’s just enough light on the darkened set to make Joe’s expansive upper back and gorgeously round glutes appear in stark relief against the shadowy background. Brightening the pic just a bit (as I’ve done with these pics) probably impinges a bit on the drama, but there’s nothing more compelling than Joe Manganiello’s naked ass!

Holy shit. I’ve said it many times before, and I hope to God to feel the need to say it again: True Blood has the hottest cast ever, and Alan Ball’s obvious delight in stripping them naked for us is nothing short of genius. Joe, in particular, is in such a state of physical perfection that I’m astonished to say that he even blurs my memory a bit of the naked ass shots of such notable beauties as Alexander Skarsgård and Ryan Kwanten. In my homoerotic wrestling imagination, Joe’s first foray into the pro wrestling ring didn’t turn out as well as his first. His tag team with Mechad Brooks suffered from some outside interference and a lot of lustful heart-and-soul from Gerard Butler and the standout, explosive performance of Henry Cavill. I’m thinking that Joe may be done with tag team wrestling, but there’s no way in hell that he’s not going to star in another homoerotic wrestling match in my imagination.

Who do you think Joe ought to wrestle next?

Diverse Tastes – Guest Contributor Bruno

Bruno, the connoisseur of Beefcakes of Wrestling, has quite an eye for wrestling muscles. I check is blog daily, because I rely on folks like Bruno and Joe at Ringside at Skull Island to draw my gaze to the best of the crop of eyecandy professional wrestlers that I’m missing as a result of swearing off straight-up wrestling some time ago. The beefcake that Bruno features works for my wrestling kink about 75% of the time. But honestly, it’s the 25% of the time that fascinates me the most. That 25% of Bruno’s picks that leave me thinking, “Now he’s just not quite doing it for me,” those send me scurrying into the corners of my own tastes and imagination, self-reflecting on the nature of desire, arousal, and personal tastes. Bruno is a gentleman and a gem, and I’m very honored that he’s bringing us this latest in neverland’s summer series of guests posts on the topic of “Diverse Tastes,” in which he provokes and inspires the most essential element in a healthy wrestling kink (or sexual fantasy of any sort, really): the imagination.
Can You Imagine?
by Bruno
One of the things I enjoy most on Neverland is Bard’s homoerotic wrestling fiction featuring TV/movie actors, newscasters, and the hunky carpenters of HGTV. We’ll probably never see studs like Joe Mangianello or Chris Evans step into a ring to wrestle in tight briefs, so creating fictional scenarios where they do is the next best thing.
Joe Manganiello & Chris Evans:
Bruno foreshadows a possible future bout in the Producer’s Ring?
Bard has already featured dozens of sexy non-wrestlers from the worlds of show business, broadcast journalism, and sports and I’d like to contribute a couple of new faces to his roster. 
I’m a pretty private guy and as followers of my blog “Beefcakes Of Wrestling” can attest, I don’t often talk about myself. But I’m going to make an exception for Bard and tell you a little bit about what I do for a living. I’m a voice actor who dubs soap operas from Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina from their original Spanish language to English. 
Now if you haven’t watched a “telenovela” yet, you’re missing out on a lot of hot Latin beefcake. The gorgeous actors from these countries are tanned, buff and not shy about showing off their gym-toned bodies. There are two actors I have supplied the voices for whom I think would be perfect for Neverland’s roster of homoerotic wrestlers.
William Levy
First off is the reigning hunk of Mexican soap operas, William Levy. Blonde, ripped and impossibly good-looking, Levy always plays the romantic lead who is both tough and sensitive.
In a wrestling match, he’s the ideal babyface/rookie/jobber — a pretty boy with a lean, athletic build that demands to be punished in hold after excruciating hold. 
Pablo Martin
And who would be the prefect opponent to do that to Levy? Of all the villains I played, the one who most fits the bill as a vicious wrestling heel is  Pablo Martin.
His thick, muscular build and dark good looks remind me of those heels in BG East’s Big-N-Beefy series. Whatsmore, Martin knows how to be nasty; in the soap opera where I supplied his English-sepaking voice, he was despicable as the dastardly, conniving bad guy who tormented the female lead (and who wore speedos 80% of the time!). 

Can you imagine a match between these two Titans of The Telenovela? I’ll leave it to Bard to fill out the rest of the details (should he wish to). Now it’s back to the recording studio for me. Thanks for the opportunity to contribute to your blog, Bard!
Truly my pleasure and honor, Bruno! And this is exactly what I’m talking about. I might never have known about the profoundly inspiring treasures of William Levy and Pablo Martin if it weren’t for Bruno. I believe that all of our fantasies diverge and converge around the worlds in which we live and let our imaginations run free. It takes no more encouragement at all for me to put a William Levy vs. Pablo Martin match on my docket for the Producer’s Ring. And I’m predicting that William is in for a world of hurt and humiliation. Thanks for opening up my wrestling kink imagination that much farther!

Truely Hot

The True Blood season premieres tonight, and I can’t think of a better way to cap off a Pride Day celebration (at least where I am). StayPuft helpfully commented to my recent mention of Joe Manganiello hotness that the True Blood werewolf is not only in GQ, but also in the coverboy for Muscle and Fitness (my very first pre-porn).

The video clip of Joe’s “celebrity workout” is hot. I don’t typically find it so hot to watch even hot guys putting in their time at the gym.  If they’re serious about their workout, it has all the sexual energy of watching someone do their taxes, as far as I’m concerned. But then again, I’m pretty confident that watching Joe do his taxes (like watching him workout) would be sufficient to top me off.

You can also catch a video of his covershoot for the pre-porn rag that launched my muscle fitness fantasies as a boy. This is one huge, incredibly fit specimen. I predict he’ll be making his third appearance in a homoerotic wrestling fantasy match before the summer is out.

And in the man-meat blitz that is the True Blood season 4 publicity campaign, there are also these very tasty shots from Men’s Health of Joe’s co-star, Stephen Moyer, looking harder than I’ve ever seen him in True Blood. Perhaps the superhuman physique of Joe’s season 3 debut has lit a fire under the smoldering Brit hottie.

A scenario I tend to be fond of in my homoerotic wrestling fiction is that of rival costars who have to sort out who’s packing more in a fiercely bitter wrestling match. These scenarios most often result in one cocky hunk hammered down to size and tagged and collared by the victor. Having sorted out who’s on top, they get on with a productive “working”(daddy-cub) relationship.

All I can say is that Stephen Moyer better damn well live at the gym and survive on protein shakes and supplements if he dares decide to take umbrage at the carnal appeal inspiring so many of us to boy down and worship at the feet of Mr. Manganiello.
Bring on the True Blood!

Art-Inspiring Life

From the roster of gorgeous guys who should mix it up in homoerotic wrestling (and who do, in my imagination at least), comes some sweet mainstream shots that inspire a fresh wave of celebrity wrestling fantasies in me.
Perhaps most noteworthy is the GQ spread featuring muscle god extraordinaire and always my number #1 werewolf, Joe Manganiello, showing off his bod and generating buzz for this weekend’s debut of season 4 of True Blood. A fellow wrestling kinkster made sure that I’d seen these shots of Joe yesterday, because I’m nothing if not transparent in my carnal lust for the mind-blowing hot muscle body of this massive hunk. This much muscle, this defined, on a 6’5″ body is simply inhumanly hot. 
Squeezing Joe into shirts and sweaters a size too small does nothing if not make my imagination fire double-time picturing him in a rip-n-strip scenario.

I’m fascinated by the littering of topless women in this GQ spread, almost entirely facing away from the camera, little more than architectural framing for the out of this world gorgeousness of Joe’s towering, incredible physique. There’s something almost more homoerotic about the vaguely disinterested and impersonal portrayal of the female body, juxtaposed against the riveting visual of Joe’s fantastic form. Sexualized portrayals of women in my hunk eye candy tend to make things go limp for me, but the composition in these GQ shots leave me completely engaged and aroused by Joe’s rippling abs and massive pecs.

And continuing the theme of rippling abs, massive pecs, and my homoerotic wrestling imagination, GQ also has a Chris Evans spread that revives my lusts for this captain, my captain. Chris is due out next month as Captain America, with some fresh new meat on those already sculpted, sexy bones of his. I pictured Chris as testing his homoerotic wrestling mettle against the similar career trajectory of funny man hot bod Ryan Reynolds, with Chris pulling off a surprising last minute upset that, let’s face it, really would upset no one at all.

Chris in bed and spread eagled is a winning photo in my book any day. Chris as an alpha dog only exponentiates the sex that he can’t help but ooze all over everything he comes into contact with.

And finally, from that homoerotic wrestling roster in my mind, comes these new preview caps of Henry Cavill’s astonishingly tasty looking pecs in Immortals, due out in theaters in November. Henry has found himself embroiled in an ongoing series of homoerotic wrestling stories in my imagination, first getting conquered and tamed by his co-star hottie, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, then getting “stolen” from daddy Jonathan by the amorous twosome of Sean Maguire and Gerard Butler, and most recently tagging with Gerard against the intimidating duo of aforementioned giant musclestud, Joe Manganiello along with costar Mehcad Brooks. Daddy Sean plays a pivotal role from ringside, but it’s Henry who proves he is most definitely not the weakest link in this battle of muscle and wits, capping off the cum from behind victory with a post-match eruption that coats Joe’s face and torso with the surprising passion of the English phenom.

Life and the homoerotic wrestling arts are constantly entwined, at least in my imagination. And, truth be told, with the generous skin and skyrocketing careers of made-for-gay hunks like Joe, Chris and Henry, I strongly suspect that the overlap of life and homoeroticism is increasing by the moment.

In Love and War

For quite a while now, I’ve been nursing a fantasy of a wrestling tag team comprised of hot hunk lovers who get sexed up harder and harder for each other the more they dominate their opponents. The seed for this concept was planted by Tag Team Torture 2, in which both tag teams in match #2 signal that they’re partners in more than just the competitive sense of the word. Adorable Liam Ryan and daddy bruiser Brian Powers are as into each other as they climb into the ring as they are cockily confident in the outcome of the match. Brooklyn Bodywrecker climbs into the ring with his cub, Shane McCall, having tamed and claimed young Shane in leather dog-collared body and soul in Dark Knights 5. Both sets of teammates seem to grow hotter for each other the longer they hold the advantage in the match, culminating in BBW and Shane passionately making out in the center of the ring with Brian tied helplessly in the corner and Liam on his back as BBW force-feeds him Shane’s cock. Damn, I’d love to see more of this concept.
In the mean time, I’m left to my imagination, which inevitably turns to writing up my homoerotic wrestling fantasies in the form of fiction. Over the weekend, I posted a new team match in the Producer’s Ring, which continues the story of British beauty Sean Maguire as daddy-in-charge over his cub pack comprised of Scottish hunk Gerard Butler and Henry Cavill.
To my reckoning, Sean bit and clawed his way (mostly bit) on top of Gerard in a 1-on-1 match earlier. The big Scotsman had no idea when he entered the bathhouse arena that he’d be leaving not only conquered, but the willing (dare I say eager?) pup to the wiley English funnyman. The two showed up again in a team match against co-stars Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Henry Cavill (who’d also worked out their own daddy discipline arrangement earlier). Turns out, Sean and Gerard had their eyes on stealing young Henry away from Jonathan from the beginning, which indeed, they do. For his part, Henry seems to need little convincing to join Sean’s pack once he’s been put in his place.

The most recent chapter I posted this weekend has Gerard and Henry in a command team screen test against up and coming True Blood hunks, Joe Manganiello and Mehcad Brooks. This is Mehcad’s debut in the Producer’s Ring, but regular readers will remember that Joe not long ago competed in a three-way bout against Russell Tovey and Taylor Lautner to determine who is top dog among the werewolf actors. Joe made a big impression on the the entertainment industry power hitters (not to mention Russell Tovey), and he could be in line for much bigger and better things, depending on how his screen test with partner Mehcad sorts itself out.

I don’t picture Joe and Mehcad to be lovers. I do picture them both buying into the hype surrounding their worship-worthy physiques, however. They’re both determined to not only defeat their opponents, to not only impress the talent scouts watching, but to claim what is rightfully theirs: the awestruck worship of their massively muscled physiques.

And let’s face it, Gerard and Henry are undeniably outmuscled. Gerard is a big, hard boy, but he hasn’t been in 300 shape lately. Henry is just now filling his physique out, renovating a fashion model body into an action hero body. Both of them are damn, damn hot in my book, but when it comes to raw power, they’re simply outgunned by their opponents. However, they have two things on their side that their opponents don’t, and it’s those two crucial elements that will determine which team saddles up onto their sleepered-out opponents to pump out some side-by-side victory explosions: the cub pack is fighting as only passionate intimate partners can, and they’ve got daddy Sean coaching them ringside.

Good luck, Joe and Mehcad. You’ll need it.

Holiday Spirit

Is it the holiday spirit? Whatever it is, suddenly I have an abundance of wrestling fiction to post. This past week Bearhugs and I finished off a short story over at Sidelineland featuring four hunks, a playroom, and plenty of morally questionable wrestling-sex play. In light of my comments on simulated rape in gay porn last Friday, this particular piece of fiction may seem a little… inconsistent. The less charitable among us might even call it hypocritical. I remind you of a point I’ve made consistently and repeatedly throughout the year and a half that I’ve been building neverland: I see no moral virtue in consistency, and I happily and regretlessly permit myself to contradict myself at will… and I copyright the word “regretlessly.”

Next up, from out of the blue, robeboy dropped in my lap his write up of a sweetly sexy boxing match between pro-football heart throbs, Brady Quinn and Tim Tebow. I mentioned over at the discussion list for Sidelineland that this story takes me by surprise. I don’t follow football, and boxing seems somehow… demure to me. Yet, robeboy’s set up and description of the fight are a complete turn on for me. This is another reminder that reading other people’s fight/wrestling fiction is invariably a major turn on for me. I’m hoping for more generosity from the imaginations over at Sidelineland.

Yesterday, I managed to post, at long last, the Werewolf Rumble. I started working on that project forever ago. I received a lot of encouragement, prodding, and poking to get it done. Most of the anticipation seemed to come from those looking to see Taylor Lautner’s debut in the Producer’s Ring. Coming in a close second in the pre-match hype, Joe Manganiello’s Producer’s Ring debut also had several readers holding their breaths. As I mentioned on the Producer’s Ring discussion list, I actually find beautiful Britboy Russell Tovey probably the most motivating character for me in this threesome. With so many competing interests, I suspect that the match was doomed to disappoint many from the start (since one can never please everyone). Still, finally wrapping up the match and polishing it off, the Werewolf Rumble managed to sort itself (and me) out just fine for my own tastes. Two submissions and one decisive victor claiming the spoils of battle equals a happy Bard.

So I’m already halfway through another collaboration in the BGE Fantasy genre, and as soon as I’m done with that piece, I think I’ve got the missing piece of the plot that’s been holding up my chapter 3 in the superheroes saga over at Sidelineland. I also finally found my visual inspiration for a key character I want to write up for chapter 3, modeled on the stunning beauty of Jay Byars. Lot’s of juices are flowing, including the creative ones, and I for one am eagerly anticipating a happily erotic SolsticeChristmasKwanzaHappyNewYear! Here’s hoping the same for you!

DListed seems seriously pissed at the news that Ryan Reynolds has been selected as this year’s Sexiest Man Alive. He’s at least in my top 10 or 20, so I’m willing to give People a little more slack than DListed is. That said, I completely agree that the photo that they chose for their sexiest coverboy is ridiculously lame, and oddly airbrushed.  This is evidence of being the sexiest man alive?

Now THIS could be evidence for a claim on the title of sexiest man alive:

In my imagination, of course, he came in a very, very close second in a balls out wrestling contest with Chris Evans, who I think is glaringly absent from People’s list. I do, on the other hand, strongly approve of Joe Manganiello (yes, I promise, I’m still pecking away at his debut in the Producer’s Ring).

And Glee’s Matthew Morrison is grabbing me by the balls and holding my attention in the past few days (metaphorically). His People pic, again, looks oddly photoshopped yet hot. I’m not into absolutely every guy’s underarms, but I could definitely be into his.

His Details spread, though, is propelling him quickly into the cue for a wrestling match in my mind.
But who might initiate Matthew into the Producer’s Ring?