Joe’s Back(side) caps the scenes that will haunt my dreams from True Blood! 
Get ready. Here comes Joe!
Season 5 of True Blood is shaping up to be all about Joe Manganiello’s superhuman sexy body. Not really, of course. The plot is complex, a little tedious even. Now that I’ve read the entirety of the currently published Sookie Stackhouse series, I’m seeing what story lines they have thankfully changed as well as some key sub plots that they have unfortunately left out. Sexy vampires remain in abundance. They appear to be about ready to pass over yet another superhuman, giant, mouthwatering muscle daddy character from the novels who’s a tiger in the sack, unfortunately. Christopher Meloni’s off the charts sexiness paired with an egomaniacal sex and blood crazed dominator character is a gorgeous improvisation from the original text.  Male stripper fairies are showing up in the background (now THAT’S a plot line that they’re seriously missing out on by neglecting from the novels!). But let’s face it, I sort of forget whatever else is going on in the series when the sight of Joe Manganiello’s undulating, bulging muscle back and lovely naked ass fill the screen!
A rough, physically bruising sex scene is both entirely compatible with the way that werewolves are portrayed in the novels as well as completely consistent with my fondest fantasies of Joe in homoerotic wrestling competition. So, sure, I have to mentally photoshop out the distinguishing characteristics of the woman he’s throwing across the room and pounding into the mattress. I’m completely capable of making that mental adjustment, and the director of this week’s episode largely leaves her in the shadows anyway, so as to highlight the jaw dropping beauty and power of Joe’s 6’5″ of physical perfection (eat your heart out, Olympians!). Those knees in the air with big Joe’s flexing glutes between them could easily belong the hot piece of English ass Joe defeated (and took a shine to) in my homoerotic wrestling fiction when he conquered Russell Tovey to claim the title of the top dog among the werewolf boys.
When Joe next appeared, teaming up with wrestling partner Mehcad Brooks, things went South for this muscle monster.  Some strategic double/triple teaming left Mehcad flat on his stomach with Gerard Butler working off a victory celebration with Mehcad’s bubble butt squeezed in one hand. It also left big, dominant Joe out cold on his back, with Henry Cavill straddling the alpha dog’s waist, worshiping his pecs, and laying down several showers of spunk across Joe’s neck and chin.
Woe be to the poor soul who has to face this brutalized beast in the wrestling ring next! The huge muscleman is ready to reassert his pack dominance by ripping apart some badboy wannabe, obliterating the outclassed hopeful in 3 straight falls, and then flinging the loser across the ring, pouncing on him, shoving his knees apart, and pounding his cock up the loser’s ass for days.  Hunky muscle contenders beware!
Grab hold of something. Things are going to get crazy!

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