Year in Review – 5th Favorite Moment of 2011

My opportunities to write for fun were few and far between in 2011. As I look back, that makes what modest productivity I did have that much more of a highlight for me.

Joe Manganiello inspired so many erotic imaginations this year!

The hot and inspired imagination of collaborator Metellus kept me on task when I had the time to write homoerotic fiction. Together, we sketched out even more matches than I managed to complete. But I’m quite proud of the work we did complete together this year, including a tag team match in the Producer’s Ring between the team of Gerard Butler and Henry Cavill facing the monsters of True Blood represented by Mechad Brooks and phenom Joe Manganiello. Joe is nearly worthy of being a highlight of 2011 all his own, but it’s the image of him flat on his back, conquered, with Henry Cavill working out a victory load over top of big Joe’s mountainous pecs that stands out in particular for me.

My choice to pound Taylor into the mat?
Hugh Jackman

That tag team match was a follow up to Joe’s debut in the Producer’s Ring, appearing at the very end of 2010 in the Werewolf Rumble, a three-way free-for-all in which he came out victorious over both Taylor Lautner and Russell Tovey. There was groundswell of reader demand to also see Taylor get his 1-on-1 initiation in the Producer’s Ring after that. It took me months and months of pecking away at it in spare moments, but I finally pieced together a Focus Group loser-gets-fucked match with returning fantasy man, Hugh Jackman.  I was awfully pleased, both just to complete the project and with the particular manner in which Hugh “welcomes” hot piece of ass, Taylor, to the big leagues.

Mateus Verdelho is ready for some back alley action.

Another Metellus collaboration resulted in the first of what I hope will be a series of stories in the Producer’s Ring under the title Global Cooperation. It’s a bar fight, really, but in the homoerotic wrestling universe in my imagination, every contention is settled by hot, sweaty, hard wrestling. In this case, the Secretarial Pool is introduced to some of the executive assistants from corporate competitors in the cut throat world of the entertainment industrial complex.  Refined David Gandy and hunky Noah  Mills let off some after-work steam all over the hot, raw bodies of Mateus Verdelho and Tyler McPeak. There are stories yet to be written, hopefully soon, to see more of all four of these hot, hot hunks!

Spike makes his second appearance in the ring in
Brothers in Arms Chapter 5

I managed to get out 2 new chapters in the superhero series “Brothers in Arms” over in Sidelineland. That’s another reader request from way back that has taken on a life of its own and made me very happy with the way the series is unfolding. Both original characters, brothers Hank and Brett, are finally enjoying both success in competition and a satisfying sex life. I have a few more chapters sketched out that I hope to see hit the page before 2012 is over with.

The Former Champ, Mickey:
Shane’s new partner?

In 2011 I received a rather hot and provocative proposal from a reader who sent me the first half of a match he’d written, challenging me to write the second half and climax. I love the novelty of this particular form of a collaboration so much that I managed a third installment for Sidelineland, which itself is still waiting for a part 2 to be written. Poor hunky Shane got in way over his head from the moment he hatched his plan to break into the world of local professional wrestling by calling in a favor from his old high school “buddy.” Hot, savvy little hardbody Mikey gives Shane his first taste of victory in the ring, but it’s the High Rollers club confrontation to come, in which wealthy fans pay to see the action up close and much more intimate, that’s still to be written.

Ripped model Cobus Jonker has a secret fantasy:
becoming a homoerotic wrestling heel!

Metellus also was the brains of the operation in getting word and picture to paper for a BG East fantasy match for Sidelineland in which rookie heel hopeful Cobus nearly manages to upend and unmask the infamous stud heel extraordinaire, Enforcer. Things don’t quite go Cobus’ way, but his debut was enough to raise some eyebrows from the powers-that-be. Could another Cobus match see the light of day in 2012?

Allusions to Slater

My final match of 2011 was one of those that consumes me. The concept for Cock of the Walk grew like a seed in my mind, quickly sprouting, taking root, and growing out of control until I dropped it fully formed in Sidelineland. The idea was an homage to Naked Kombat (RIP), featuring pornboy muscle hunks in submission ring wrestling. The first hot, hung hunk to give up is forced to endure not only the jeering of the crowd, but a post-match sexual humiliation at the hands of both his victor and the victorious manager. As so often happens in my imagination, maturity and grit conquer youthful cockiness, as Latino hunk Paolo beats the odds and fucks senseless the young, black muscle freak Slater.

New readers may not realize that my writing homoerotic wrestling fiction actually pre-dates neverland, and in many ways its at the heart of what draws me to keep this little blog engine chugging along. While I didn’t get to write as much this year, as I look back, many of my favorite moments have come from getting back to basics, letting my wrestling kink imagination fly, and sharing what turns me on. For everywhere my imagination takes me and all the countless hours of erotic stimulation in provides, I’m happy to celebrate some fine, satisfying moments in fiction this year. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Year in Review – 5th Favorite Moment of 2011

  1. Ah, Spike's thighs, his glutes…Jesus. This was actually a really productive year, even if it wasn't as much as you would have liked! And the Taylor/Jackman match was so great, and flowed so smoothly, that reading it, you'd never suspect it was written over months of spare moments!

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