Year in Review – 4th Favorite Moment of 2011

Just to keep things interesting, last February I did my own homage to Squarehippies “Guess this Hairy Chest” series. The concept takes me back to one of my favorite old game shows from my childhood, Name That Tune. Based on just a glimpse, just a few notes, can you identify the whole work of art?

Can you name these sculpted muscle glutes?

In keeping with the theme of this blog and my infatuations, my game was “Name That Ass.” Readers were invited to identify the homoerotic wrestlers to whom these stunningly beautiful butts belonged. The game was tougher than I expected it to be. I honestly anticipated multiple perfect scores and people chastising me for making it all too easy. But even expert homoerotic wrestling connoisseurs could put their fingers on only a few of the gorgeous glutes.

Inaugural Name That Ass Answer: Joshua Goodman
(That’s Mr. Joshua to You!)

I readily admit that this year’s “Name That” quizzes probably pleased me more than anyone else. Obsessing over the perfect camera angle on the most mouth-watering bodyparts of my favorite homoerotic wrestlers is a labor of love, trust me.  However, several neverland readers played along and accepted the challenge to give it a go.

Homoerotic wrestler tats: Name this work of art!

It dawned on me at some point that I didn’t have to just obsess over asses, and so I also posted “Name that Tat” quizzes and “Name that Cock” quizzes over the course of last winter and spring. Spending so much time examining close up images of homoerotic wrestlers’ bodies was so much fun!

Recognize this wrestling cock?
Topher does!

My favorite moment in “Name That…” quizzes came in April, when regular reader and top tier homoerotic wrestling expert Topher scored the first perfect score, correctly identifying all five wrestling cocks and the opponents who faced them in the pictured matches. Topher was on fire, demonstrating a mastery of identifying hot wrestling cocks that puts him in a league all his own. Never let it be said that Topher doesn’t know his homoerotic wrestling cocks!

Tom Flex gives Guy Bolton a close up view of
his well-oiled cock
Name That

As a reward for the first Name That perfect score, Topher got a pic of one of my tats and the naming rights for the next Name That quiz. Always bringing his own unique brand of hot creativity, Topher asked for the next Name That quiz to take a close-up view of wrestling gear.  After a few more rounds of quizzes, I let class out for the summer as neverland took a hiatus from Name That quizzes for a while. There wasn’t much reader response to an early autumn Name That quiz, so I’ve let the gimmick lay fallow a while. However, considering how much enjoyment the quizzes provide me, I won’t be surprised to see more Name That quizzes in the coming year. And when it comes to reflecting on my favorite moments of 2011, Topher’s rock hard hold on the title of teacher’s pet is my my fourth most favorite moment of year.

Adam Killion is unimpressed with Josh Avery’s head gear.

Thanks to everyone who played along with a Name That quiz this year. I hope 2012 brings you a lot more homoerotic wrestling asses, tats, cocks and gear to enjoy, and more top marks to brag about.

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