Holiday Spirit

Is it the holiday spirit? Whatever it is, suddenly I have an abundance of wrestling fiction to post. This past week Bearhugs and I finished off a short story over at Sidelineland featuring four hunks, a playroom, and plenty of morally questionable wrestling-sex play. In light of my comments on simulated rape in gay porn last Friday, this particular piece of fiction may seem a little… inconsistent. The less charitable among us might even call it hypocritical. I remind you of a point I’ve made consistently and repeatedly throughout the year and a half that I’ve been building neverland: I see no moral virtue in consistency, and I happily and regretlessly permit myself to contradict myself at will… and I copyright the word “regretlessly.”

Next up, from out of the blue, robeboy dropped in my lap his write up of a sweetly sexy boxing match between pro-football heart throbs, Brady Quinn and Tim Tebow. I mentioned over at the discussion list for Sidelineland that this story takes me by surprise. I don’t follow football, and boxing seems somehow… demure to me. Yet, robeboy’s set up and description of the fight are a complete turn on for me. This is another reminder that reading other people’s fight/wrestling fiction is invariably a major turn on for me. I’m hoping for more generosity from the imaginations over at Sidelineland.

Yesterday, I managed to post, at long last, the Werewolf Rumble. I started working on that project forever ago. I received a lot of encouragement, prodding, and poking to get it done. Most of the anticipation seemed to come from those looking to see Taylor Lautner’s debut in the Producer’s Ring. Coming in a close second in the pre-match hype, Joe Manganiello’s Producer’s Ring debut also had several readers holding their breaths. As I mentioned on the Producer’s Ring discussion list, I actually find beautiful Britboy Russell Tovey probably the most motivating character for me in this threesome. With so many competing interests, I suspect that the match was doomed to disappoint many from the start (since one can never please everyone). Still, finally wrapping up the match and polishing it off, the Werewolf Rumble managed to sort itself (and me) out just fine for my own tastes. Two submissions and one decisive victor claiming the spoils of battle equals a happy Bard.

So I’m already halfway through another collaboration in the BGE Fantasy genre, and as soon as I’m done with that piece, I think I’ve got the missing piece of the plot that’s been holding up my chapter 3 in the superheroes saga over at Sidelineland. I also finally found my visual inspiration for a key character I want to write up for chapter 3, modeled on the stunning beauty of Jay Byars. Lot’s of juices are flowing, including the creative ones, and I for one am eagerly anticipating a happily erotic SolsticeChristmasKwanzaHappyNewYear! Here’s hoping the same for you!

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