Art-Inspiring Life

From the roster of gorgeous guys who should mix it up in homoerotic wrestling (and who do, in my imagination at least), comes some sweet mainstream shots that inspire a fresh wave of celebrity wrestling fantasies in me.
Perhaps most noteworthy is the GQ spread featuring muscle god extraordinaire and always my number #1 werewolf, Joe Manganiello, showing off his bod and generating buzz for this weekend’s debut of season 4 of True Blood. A fellow wrestling kinkster made sure that I’d seen these shots of Joe yesterday, because I’m nothing if not transparent in my carnal lust for the mind-blowing hot muscle body of this massive hunk. This much muscle, this defined, on a 6’5″ body is simply inhumanly hot. 
Squeezing Joe into shirts and sweaters a size too small does nothing if not make my imagination fire double-time picturing him in a rip-n-strip scenario.

I’m fascinated by the littering of topless women in this GQ spread, almost entirely facing away from the camera, little more than architectural framing for the out of this world gorgeousness of Joe’s towering, incredible physique. There’s something almost more homoerotic about the vaguely disinterested and impersonal portrayal of the female body, juxtaposed against the riveting visual of Joe’s fantastic form. Sexualized portrayals of women in my hunk eye candy tend to make things go limp for me, but the composition in these GQ shots leave me completely engaged and aroused by Joe’s rippling abs and massive pecs.

And continuing the theme of rippling abs, massive pecs, and my homoerotic wrestling imagination, GQ also has a Chris Evans spread that revives my lusts for this captain, my captain. Chris is due out next month as Captain America, with some fresh new meat on those already sculpted, sexy bones of his. I pictured Chris as testing his homoerotic wrestling mettle against the similar career trajectory of funny man hot bod Ryan Reynolds, with Chris pulling off a surprising last minute upset that, let’s face it, really would upset no one at all.

Chris in bed and spread eagled is a winning photo in my book any day. Chris as an alpha dog only exponentiates the sex that he can’t help but ooze all over everything he comes into contact with.

And finally, from that homoerotic wrestling roster in my mind, comes these new preview caps of Henry Cavill’s astonishingly tasty looking pecs in Immortals, due out in theaters in November. Henry has found himself embroiled in an ongoing series of homoerotic wrestling stories in my imagination, first getting conquered and tamed by his co-star hottie, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, then getting “stolen” from daddy Jonathan by the amorous twosome of Sean Maguire and Gerard Butler, and most recently tagging with Gerard against the intimidating duo of aforementioned giant musclestud, Joe Manganiello along with costar Mehcad Brooks. Daddy Sean plays a pivotal role from ringside, but it’s Henry who proves he is most definitely not the weakest link in this battle of muscle and wits, capping off the cum from behind victory with a post-match eruption that coats Joe’s face and torso with the surprising passion of the English phenom.

Life and the homoerotic wrestling arts are constantly entwined, at least in my imagination. And, truth be told, with the generous skin and skyrocketing careers of made-for-gay hunks like Joe, Chris and Henry, I strongly suspect that the overlap of life and homoeroticism is increasing by the moment.

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