Truely Hot

The True Blood season premieres tonight, and I can’t think of a better way to cap off a Pride Day celebration (at least where I am). StayPuft helpfully commented to my recent mention of Joe Manganiello hotness that the True Blood werewolf is not only in GQ, but also in the coverboy for Muscle and Fitness (my very first pre-porn).

The video clip of Joe’s “celebrity workout” is hot. I don’t typically find it so hot to watch even hot guys putting in their time at the gym.  If they’re serious about their workout, it has all the sexual energy of watching someone do their taxes, as far as I’m concerned. But then again, I’m pretty confident that watching Joe do his taxes (like watching him workout) would be sufficient to top me off.

You can also catch a video of his covershoot for the pre-porn rag that launched my muscle fitness fantasies as a boy. This is one huge, incredibly fit specimen. I predict he’ll be making his third appearance in a homoerotic wrestling fantasy match before the summer is out.

And in the man-meat blitz that is the True Blood season 4 publicity campaign, there are also these very tasty shots from Men’s Health of Joe’s co-star, Stephen Moyer, looking harder than I’ve ever seen him in True Blood. Perhaps the superhuman physique of Joe’s season 3 debut has lit a fire under the smoldering Brit hottie.

A scenario I tend to be fond of in my homoerotic wrestling fiction is that of rival costars who have to sort out who’s packing more in a fiercely bitter wrestling match. These scenarios most often result in one cocky hunk hammered down to size and tagged and collared by the victor. Having sorted out who’s on top, they get on with a productive “working”(daddy-cub) relationship.

All I can say is that Stephen Moyer better damn well live at the gym and survive on protein shakes and supplements if he dares decide to take umbrage at the carnal appeal inspiring so many of us to boy down and worship at the feet of Mr. Manganiello.
Bring on the True Blood!

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