Sense8 is a feast for the eyes.

I recently binge-watched the Netflix series Sense8.  I echo Superherofans’ judgment that it’s the hottest show of the year. It was the most effective antidote to the empty hole that the end of True Blood left in me. In fact, the award I once wanted to give True Blood for best cast beefcake may need to get ripped from Ryan Kwanten & Joe Manganiello’s hands and bestowed upon Sense8.  I’m a sci-fi nerd from way back, so the marriage of beefcake, eroticism, and sci-fi strokes me from nearly every direction.  I know Sense8 is particularly fantastic because from scene to scene I keep changing my mind as to which gorgeous hunk is my favorite.  The only thing that would turn this series into a full blown inferno would be some homoerotic wrestling.  I almost wrote “naked homoerotic wrestling,” but I don’t think that additional qualifier is really necessary with Sense8.  So much fabulous, on point, R-rated nudity in this show!  I’m about to spoil the fuck out of this show, so be warned if you haven’t watched it.

Alfonso Herrera (l) and Miguel Angel Silvestre (r) are now my favorite fictional couple of all time.

If there were a show stopper, I think it would have to be Miguel Angel Silvestre. He’s supposed to be the sexpot of the crew. He’s playing the steamy telenovela hypermasculine hunk turned mindblowingly hot for being partnered on the side with sizzlingly sexy Alfonso Herrera.  When Silvestre undresses in episode 2, prior to climbing into bed to get it on with his nerd hunk lover, I have a similar reaction to watching Manganiello strip naked in TB. Unlike Mangeniello’s character, though, Silvestre’s storyline treats us to watching Herrera slide his hand down the showstopper’s underwear and latching hold of the Monte Perdido beneath.  In a super sexy, over the top unself-conscious way, Silvestre’s wildly sexy lap dance for Herrera, just prior to them getting naked and fucking like porn stars, is a whole level of hotness that TB never approached. Regular readers know my fondest fantasy for tag team partner lovers, so sign these two up to strip to skin tight trunks and climb in the ring together.

Brian J. Smith’s pecs completely disorient me.

Just when I’m feeling torn between who I’m most infatuated with, Silvestre or Herrera, the scene shifts to Brian J. Smith’s storyline, and my crotch instantly aches for some whiteboy next door hunkiness.  Fuck, this guy is phenomenally beautiful! You could cut diamonds on this cheekbones, and I’d entertain myself for days with a pint of honey and those luscious pecs.  So I get completely sold on Smith as the it-boy of the show, craving more screen time for him, more skin, more everything, then…

Dazzlingly hot Max Riemelt makes jaws drop on screen and off.

…Max Riemelt takes over the script, and I’m dizzy and disoriented by his gorgeous face. And then they pan back and give us some shots of his sweaty ass pumping in the air as he fucks (a woman, ignore that), and then they linger long over his naked body swimming across a pool, and then he climbs out and there’s a close up full frontal of his cock and balls (because, in all seriousness, this is entirely part of the plot).  And I’m struggling to remember what the other hunks in the show look like, as I’m delirious with lust.

Never has a finer Schwanz been so integral to the plot of a television show.

So those are the headliners steaming up my glasses. The other male main character, played by Aml Ameen, is cast as an oddly naive, asexual character in comparison with the others. He’s adorable as fuck, but without seeing more skin or getting hand fed some hot erotic content for him, he’s totally benched thus far in the homoerotic wrestling inspiration (here’s hoping for a season 2, though).

Raul Mendez is a sensational heel. Take a little private time to watch his fight scene with Miguel Angel Silvestre in episode 10.

There are some additional hot hunks as secondary players deserving of mention and a place in a homoerotic wrestling throw down. Raul Mendez plays a fabulously written character crying out to be a pro wrestling heel as far as I’m concerned.  He’s fucking insane, sadistic, vile, and he’s got a rocking, ripped body. Mendez is the type of heel character that would make grown men quiver. Think Kid Vicious. Fuck, think Kid Leopard with a side of barely-holding-it-together psychopathy. Fuck yes, suit this guy up for the big leagues!

Kai Fung Reick isn’t above cheating.

Another all too brief bit player shows up early as an MMA opponent for one of the female leads.  Kai Fung Rieck is the actor. His pro wrestling character is basically already written, because in his MMA bout on screen, he’s a vile, vicious, cheating mother fucker with a ripped bod and calculated blood lust. When he’s moments from being forced to tap out in an armbar, no shit, his character bites his opponent’s leg.  High impact, super fast, and did I mention ripped, ripped, ripped?

The only thing that turns Herrera and Silvestre on more than each other’s bodies is tag teaming the fuck out of a couple of cheating heels.

With my principal infatuations in this cast, there are plenty hunks for a 3-way tag-team double elimination round robin in my imagination.  To start the competition, Silvestre and Herrera outmuscle heel daddies Mendez and Kai, but the vicious badboys put a major hurt on Herrera along the way. Double teaming, low blows, they’ve got the Latino heart throbs rocking until Silvestre finally manages to tag in and open up a can of whoop ass. He’s got balls of granite, so the heels lose their mojo when their ball jabs fail to make a dent.  They go down in side by side cock pins in the middle of the ring. Seriously pissed at the foul treatment, Herrera and Silvestre make them suck cock while the lovers make out over top of them.

Sensationally sexy Silvestre flat on his back, clutching his balls.

Match 2, it’s Silvestre and Herrera facing down Riemelt and Smith. The German-American connection is a mixed bag, with Riemelt a horny heel and Smith playing babyface hero. High impact, high flying wrestling from both sides, though Smith gets outmuscled and isolated. But Riemelt doesn’t bother to wait for a legal tag, dropping Herrera with a kick to the balls and bulldogging Silvestre into a pool of helplessness. Determined to bust those granite balls, the German stomps them relentlessly until Silvestre screams and pleads for mercy. Just to keep things above board, Riemelt drags his partner’s hotly muscled, wasted body across the ring and on top of Silvestre for the 3 count victory.

Riemelt for the pin!

Match 3, and the heel B-listers are fighting to stay in the competition taking on Riemelt and Smith. The heel daddies pick Riemelt as the linchpin, so they isolate the German and bash the fuck out of him, trapping him in their own corner, leaving Smith helplessly watching from across the ring. Kai rips the trunks off of the blond bomber, because that ass and that cock are so fucking notorious at this point. Mendez holds him in place while Kai drives knees repeatedly into the German’s gut. It’s looking ugly, until Smith proves he’s not such a Boy Scout after all, charging across the ring illegally and German suplexing the Korean heel. The heel daddies pounce all over Smith’s hot body, but giving Reimelt time to recover is their fatal mistake. Smith holds his own until his partner joins the melee, knocking Kai out cold in a figure-4 sleeper while dropping Mendez to his knees with a ball claw submission. The German-American team heats up the place with a tandem jack-off across the losers, sending them home wasted, sticky and humiliated.

Smith cannot handle the sexy!

Match 4 sees Herrera and Silvestre facing possible elimination against the unbeaten juggernauts Riemelt and Smith. The German-American team has wasted these boys once already, so momentum is on their side. Herrera and Silvestre have to beat them twice in a row to avoid elimination and take the crown. Herrera presses the advantage first, targeting Riemelt’s balls for revenge. Both teams tag in and out frequently, but it’s the face off of Smith and Silvestre that becomes decisive. Smith works the Spaniard’s lower back in a powerful bearhug, but when Silvestre grabs the back of his tormentor’s head and smother’s Smith’s face between his huge, hairy pecs, Smith gets disoriented and clearly aroused. Silvestre powerslams the stud several times, pounding his big, beautiful muscles relentlessly into his fading opponent. When Riemelt ducks through the ropes to interfere, Herrera is on him this time, dropping the German with a knee to the balls and tossing him out of the ring. Flat on his back in the middle of the ring, Smith screams a submission to Silvestre’s ball claw with the stunningly handsome hunk’s lips hovering just overhead.

There’s one last match to be wrestled. Both teams have lost one to each other. Silvestre and Herrera have the momentum, but winning two in a row is a tall order. Exactly how does this play out?  Let me know what you see happening next by commenting below. And keep in mind these guys are no strangers to full out orgies (see episode 6 again, and again, and again…).

Herrera (l) and Silvestre (r) bump and grind!
Sense8 leaves little to the imagination. But you and I are up to the challenge.
All in.

6 thoughts on “Sense8tional

  1. Hi Bard! My first time writing on your blog but a long time reader.

    Oh fuck this series was hot. I could…hmm…sense…where this series was going from the get go. Specially Silvestre and Smith. The weightlifting part was so intense. Brians smith “O” face is shown over and over. Very hot. And Silvestre, which means “Wild” in english is really a fucking wild man. Those two actors have so much chemistry between them, its clear that they had to fuck in reality.
    So I say that the final match is between them two because Brian is really pissed off that he lost to Silvestre and he wants to make up for it. So the final battle is Brian vs Silvestre, with Ryan on the losing end and taking one wild cock up his ass.

    1. I think you’re inspired, Roman. I totally agree that the Smith/Silvestre chemistry is sensational. Smith crashing again and again, frustrated and ultimately defeated by Silvestre, is an awesome picture!

      1. Inspired? Lol. well I love the wachowskis, even their “not so good stuff”. Its like they are expressing to us a continuous story that once they are done will tell a larger story. This series could only had been done by them.

        And yes crashing and crashing and crashing, yet wanting it more every single time. Then Silvestre shares the spoilers with his lover Hernando in a double fuck session.

        So Bard when are you writing this story out??

      2. Well, inspiring, at least! Love the ideas. If I formally add it to the cue of stories I’ve made a mental note to write, it will be too depressing, because the list is totally out of control. I’m just hoping a homoerotic wrestling muse will grab me (or you!) and compel one of us to write it.

  2. Hmmmmm now thats an intriguing thought. I probably could write a longer concept of the story. I have the same problem. I have like 15 stories that I have started but left unfinished which frustrates me. If you see my email fell free to contact me and maybe we can hammer it out together.

  3. Hi again, Bard. Thanks for giving us all a ‘heads up’ on Sense8. Actually, your “Sense8tional” post – very clever title, by the way – has BOTH of my ‘heads’ positioned ‘up-wads’! (Nope. T’aint a typo!) :p My man and I shall soon be diving in and binge-watching this newest, Netflix gem, too. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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