Naked Inspiration

With so much personal news to share lately, I’ve neglected reflecting on much of the notable eye candy floating in the atmosphere this summer. I thought we’d hit the jackpot in True Blood’s episode 4 of the current season, when both Joe Manganiello and Alexander Skarsgård appeared in modestly videographed nudity.
Joe’s striptease alone required a change of underwear! And speaking of underwear, notice that Alcide doesn’t wear any? Of course you did. Sweet Jesus, this man, in this moment of physical fitness, is perfection. The ever so brief hint of pubic hair as he tugged down his jeans was such a delicious morsel of eroticism for a man already dripping with over the top sexuality.
Joe’s torso shot in the next scene of episode 4 was ripped from the cover of a fitness magazine. How can a thousand homoerotic fantasies fail to be launched at the sight of this 6’5″ specimen of divinity? As is my way, this is the body that appeared first in my homoerotic wrestling imagination in the Werewolf Rumble, facing-off in a 3-way pro wrestling dog fight against Russell Tovey and Taylor Lautner. Taylor ended up screaming a submission with his crotch crushed against a ringpost, and Russell ended up being hoisted over Joe’s shoulder and carried back into the locker room for a victory fuck. That’s what I call a win-win-win scenario!
The briefest glimpse of Joe’s muscled butt crack as Alexander Skarsgård crawls out of the water bending over in front of him made my heart skip a beat. I feared that this season of True Blood may have peaked early in it’s inevitable cresting of homoeroticism.
However, I was wrong. Am I the only one who watches the parental warnings at the beginning of each episode with baited breath? Last week’s episode indicated only “Brief Nudity” was to be seen, and typically a nod to titty-shots of the women. But out of nowhere, two-thirds of the way through the episode, Alcide creeps into his bedroom and quietly peels out of his clothes, trying not to wake his girlfriend. There’s just enough light on the darkened set to make Joe’s expansive upper back and gorgeously round glutes appear in stark relief against the shadowy background. Brightening the pic just a bit (as I’ve done with these pics) probably impinges a bit on the drama, but there’s nothing more compelling than Joe Manganiello’s naked ass!

Holy shit. I’ve said it many times before, and I hope to God to feel the need to say it again: True Blood has the hottest cast ever, and Alan Ball’s obvious delight in stripping them naked for us is nothing short of genius. Joe, in particular, is in such a state of physical perfection that I’m astonished to say that he even blurs my memory a bit of the naked ass shots of such notable beauties as Alexander Skarsgård and Ryan Kwanten. In my homoerotic wrestling imagination, Joe’s first foray into the pro wrestling ring didn’t turn out as well as his first. His tag team with Mechad Brooks suffered from some outside interference and a lot of lustful heart-and-soul from Gerard Butler and the standout, explosive performance of Henry Cavill. I’m thinking that Joe may be done with tag team wrestling, but there’s no way in hell that he’s not going to star in another homoerotic wrestling match in my imagination.

Who do you think Joe ought to wrestle next?

2 thoughts on “Naked Inspiration

  1. Even when Joe is in a gray tank top and jeans, as he was in last week's episode, he oozes sensuality. The man takes my breath away in every scene that he appears in. So who should Joe wrestle next? What about another cult show's resident hunk? I'm talking Josh Holloway from Lost.

  2. If Joes doesn't somehow get into a fight with Alexander, how about Teen Wolf's Tyler Hoechlin? Another fictional werewolf. Joe's also due to have an one on one rematch with Henry.

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