The Casting Couch

Spanish language soap star William Levy –
too pretty to strip?
My first introduction to Spanish language soap heart throb William Levy came from Bruno’s excellent guest contribution to the neverland summer series, “Diverse Tastes.” Bruno recommended that pretty boy William was a most excellent candidate to make an appearance in the fictional homoerotic wrestling universe, Producer’s Ring, putting those luscious pecs and washboard abs on the line as he battles for fame and glory in no-holds-barred wrestling action on the backlots of an apocalyptic entertainment industrial complex.

D-Listed reports that in real life, Levy was considered for a part in a movie about male strippers, for which he most certainly appears entirely qualified. However, he has apparently turned down the opportunity, forgoing this opportunity at a major league introduction to non-Spanish speaking audiences. D-Listed has delivered a withering assessment of Levy’s decision and prospects, but let’s face it, D-Listed excels at delivering withering assessments.

Pablo Martin is Bruno’s choice for a hunk to bring William Levy to heel.

The good news is that the male stripper buddy flick appears to be on track to bring the likes of Matt Bomer, Channing Tatum, and frequent subjects of my wrestling fantasies and posts on this blog, Matthew McConaughey, Alex Pettyfer and…. wait for it…. the man currently sitting atop the pantheon of muscle gods in my fantasies, Joe Manganiello!

Joe Manganiello limbers up in preparation to tackle the stripper pole.

In addition to earning William the scorn of D-Listed for coming across as a too good for a male strip flick, this career move almost certainly fuels fodder for fulfilling Bruno’s recommendation that William needs to show up and get his gorgeous ass beaten six ways to Sunday in the Producer’s Ring (perhaps one way to Sunday for each aforementioned hunk in the stripper flick in addition to Bruno’s pick, Pablo Martin). I think we’ve got the making of a muscle jobber who thinks good looks and talent are all it should take to climb on top in the highly competitive world of top ranked entertainment. Happily, such goody-two-shoes never learn!

Hunks are lining up in my imagination to meet
William Levy in the wrestling ring.

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