Homoerotic Wrestler of the Month

September has already rolled in, and I’m behind in everything. Most relevant to today’s post, I’m late in crowning a new homoerotic wrestler of the month. Somehow, I feel like I didn’t give Kid Karisma quite the fawning adoration that he deserved during his reign last month. However, if he continues to work that gorgeous muscle-ass of his the way he has been lately, I predict he’ll be one of the very elite wrestlers to repeat as homoerotic wrestler of the month.
August was one bizarre, topsy-turvy, wild month for me.  On the one hand, it seemed to be a month filled with homoerotic wrestling moments, including my pilgrimage to BG East and the profound thrill of meeting all of “the boys,” including Kid Leopard, Kid Vicious, and Jonny Firestorm. On the other hand, tragically, I didn’t actually get the opportunity to watch that much wrestling. So selecting a homoerotic-wrestler-of-the-month from among the newly released titles feels like a bit of a challenge. The upcoming releases for BG East don’t count, because they haven’t technically been released yet.  So the options from which I’m choosing are including just a few of the wrestlers who managed to catch my eye during the distracting month of August include: Jake Jenkins, Austin Cooper, Cliff Johnson and Nick Collins (mini-Jake!)  for their tag team tussle for Rock Hard Wrestling; DJ and Drake Jaden for their appearances in opposing tag teams for Naked Kombat’s August 3rd release; Jobe and Rio Garza for Can-Am’s Rio’s Revenge; and Michael Vineland and Rusty Stevens for the newest volume in Can-Am’s promising Pro Sex Fight series. There very well could be other worthy contenders that aren’t in this list, but this is just about all I’ve taken note of amid my travels last month. And my pick for the new reigning homoerotic wrestler of the month is…
I’m not completely convinced that the pro ring is Rusty’s most natural habitat, unfortunately. I think the less spontaneous format of the ring with the increasingly formulaic Pro Sex Fight scenario doesn’t display Rusty’s wrestling skills to their fullest. That’s all I’ve got to complain about though.  The return of Rusty to homoerotic wrestling is such an incredibly welcome second-coming, after the crisis of faith his announced “retirement from porn” threw me into last November. Somehow, the homoerotic wrestling universe seems to make more sense with Rusty back in game.

My selection of Rusty to climb atop the throne this month is admittedly more than just a little motivated by nostalgia. Rusty was my reigning favorite homoerotic wrestling pornboy when I started crowning wrestlers-of-the-month. After entertaining me so commandingly, Rusty’s wrestling career peetered out right around the same time that the competition was just heating up for the monthly title. As a result, despite Rusty absolutely owning my erotic affections like nearly no one else, he never got the nod as my homoerotic wrestler of the month. So even if his Pro Sex Fight work hasn’t been as thrilling as prior matches, it’s still entirely sufficient to kick the contenders in the crotch and leave him all on his own atop the heap.

Rusty’s match with STUNNING bodybeautiful Kevin Crowes was delightful, and I’m keeping my eye out for more from gorgeous Kevin. In August, Can-AmMax began releasing Pro Sex Fight 5, in which Rusty faces off with Can-Am’s reigning ring champion, huge and gorgeous Michael Vineland.  While Can-Am hasn’t release pics from PSF 5, that’s the performance that I’m crediting with earning Rusty his reigning title. 

Rusty isn’t quite as thickly muscled as we’ve seen him before, but he’s every inch a sexy, sweaty muscle god! And while I’ve picked on his ring wrestling, his mouth remains his most devastating and, frankly, his sexiest weapon.  His suffering is poignant. As Michael dominates, Rusty sputters and chokes in agony, selling the abuse wholeheartedly. But there’s nothing quite as sweet in my book as Rusty in control, physically dominating as well as psychologically overpowering. It’s those moments, in particular, that work like a push button, arousing me quicker than just about anything else can. When Rusty works Michael in the ropes, snarling and spitting and humiliating him in word and deed, he brings back to homoerotic wrestling a powerfully kinked quality that’s just been missing without him.

Welcome back, Rusty! You’ve been missed!

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